Post Game Thread: Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets

  1. Vikings are kinda Dolphinny in their ability to mess good things up (so it’ll probably be close for a while), but yes Jefferson will put up 200+ yards against these corners next week.

  2. Well, to all the folks on this sub who wanted Skyler, hope you liked what you saw. Dudes clearly needs to develop. Hopefully teddy, or better yet, Tua comes back next week.

  3. Oh no just plug the 7th round pick in…”he’s a franchise qb”…”best qb on the roster”…smh idiots.

  4. I’m old enough to remember when people wanted Skylar to take Teddy’s spot. And even a few weeks prior when he was going to take Tua’s job.

  5. Absence of QB has been felt. Offense has no flow without him. Skylar looked like a 7th rounder out there. Not the worst we've ever seen, but not what we needed. Get healthy, get wins. Take the L and move on fam. Phins up!

  6. Skylar played like a 3rd string QB. Didn’t really help but also didn’t lose us this game. Defense is turkey shit.

  7. Honestly, I think the kid has potential but was shitting himself inside. Conservative plays due to lack of confidence, and reps on snaps with that squad. We may never know! No big deal, we will rise.

  8. I never want to hear Tua slander again. COMPLETELY different team without him. We've seen it with Jacoby, Teddy, Skylar.

  9. And yet I'm still seeing awful takes in the comments demanding we replace Tua and blaming this loss on him. Some haters are hopeless.

  10. Ive never slandered him but I worry about his durability. We can’t have a qb that misses games every year.

  11. Is that three games in a row Ingram has taken a face-masking penalty? Maybe instead of the usual veteran rest this week we work on some of that veteran rust and have him tackle in practice.

  12. I can't get mad at Skylar. Dude is a rookie who got thrown into a really shitty situation with Teddy going down on our first offensive play. I am disappointed that we abandoned the run in the second half. We were successful there and then it just disappeared.

  13. Shitty ass loss not because of the actual team but because of how winnable it was against all odds. Thought it'd be a close game. Thought we could win a gross ugly one with Teddy just barely doing enough. Instead he hurts his elbow and gets a head injury on the very first play of the game giving up a safety. Talk about shit luck. I'm not mad at the D giving up late in the 4th. I would have too after that Skylar fumble. It was a 19-17 entering the 4th Q not a pathetic beatdown all game.

  14. Fuck me, I really hope Tua's first game back isn't Sunday night football. If he is even sneezed on they will shut him down. Better if anything happens it happens against Minnesota in an afternoon game no one is watching.

  15. I'm not going to blame any QB who gets thrust in with zero reps, especially a rookie. I don't think you can say if he's anything special after this or not. Now if he looks like he did today after a full week of practice as the starter then I may agree with you

  16. Well. This has been a pretty awful last 10 days of being a Dolphins fan, eh? Hard to imagine a much worse sequence of events after the Bills win.

  17. Tua beats the Bills and Ravens where his replacements lose to the Bengals and Jets. Tua is the future. Hope he is back by next weekend.

  18. We can make all the excuses we want but at the end of the day we played awful, take it on the chin and learn from the mistakes, onto Minnesota

  19. FUNNY how Teddy passed concussion tests and was still ruled out with a concussion? the UNCs are terrified of making a bad call against us..

  20. What a shitty game, but it happens. Lots of bad luck. Oh well, Jets were the better team today, we just need to bounce back.

  21. Look, say “cope” all you want, but no team is winning when their star LT, star CB, starting QB, and backup QB, are hurt. Jets deserve the win because they were the better team by far today.

  22. Meh. That game was there for the taking. I’m not making excuses about that game, we threw it away with embarrassing play. Got to make tackles. The jets were better without being particularly good, aside from Hall.

  23. All seriousness - the NFL needs to do something about MetLife field. Every year players complain about the garbage field/turf and every year teams suffer way more injuries than normal on that field. Shit is fucking terrible for the league.

  24. The Johnsons have said they have no problem putting in grass. Mara is the one stopping it. We all agree, it's awful.

  25. My take away is that our defense line sucks. Like no good pressures or sacks. Also we have sucky depth. Look at Buffalo their depth is so good that they can still beat teams with players out. we cannot. Yes we were down to our third stringer but it's concerning to see we cannot tackle or get sacks on defense.

  26. I demand an investigation into the NFLPA/"independent concussion spotters" and why Teddy wasn't allowed back into the game

  27. The whole fucking process is a mess at this point. Luckily it’s all theatrics and in a few weeks nobody will care.

  28. Wilson had 210 yards passing. It was not the the Howard injury that cost this game. Our front 7 struggle to stop the run and struggle mightily to create pressure on qbs. If you can't stop the run you're going to get abused.

  29. Igbo experiment should be over. He should be demoted to practice squad. He's never going to amount to anything

  30. Eh, the Jets beat a rookie 3rd string QB. If Miami was at full strength and still got blown out I’d be upset but with Tua and Teddy out along with both starting offensive tackles and both our starting CBs it was tough enough to begin with. They’ll be back next week when they get healthy.

  31. Bright spot - this should sufficiently shut the anti-Tua / “Teddy and Skylar are both better” crowd up.

  32. Injuries aside, that's back to back defensive meltdowns in the 4th quarter. Noah is lost, he's an active hindrance to actual football players.

  33. I’m most upset at myself for believing this Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown team wouldn’t ruin my weekends anymore.

  34. Just went against us from the first minute. Everyone at fault for this loss. The Jets although, didn't look that great for the first 3 quarters they looked like they wanted it more from the get go. Skylar it's tough to point fingers at him. He looked like a rookie 3rd string QB. Defence played badly in the 2nd half, lots of bad penalties. McD also needs some criticism playing some random scrubs at critical moments cost us. End of the day if Tua doesn't come back quickly this season is going to be a what if season.

  35. Everyone harping on Skylar the kid was a 7th round draft pick, has no reps with 1st team gets thrown in game at our own 2 yard line... and leads 2 scoring drives.. The kid only has a few months in the league, He actually did good for what he was thrown into. The defense on the other hand Boyer can't run Flores offense, we get blown up week after week on the outside running cover 0 and he can't adjust. With a good D especially against the Jets it's entirely possible to win that game with 19 points. Letting them put up 40 points is an obvious problem.

  36. What’s disappointing is, regardless of who’s playing QB, this was the type of game where you look at the defense and say, “go win us this one”. Which they should be able to do against this Jets team. Failed miserably. Just F’ing terrible.

  37. I’ve been gone. Checked the score in the third quarter down by two. Not too bad, hopefully they can pull out the win…what the hell happened?

  38. Conner dropped a first down catch on 3rd and long. We missed a long FG and the jets drove for a TD. Next drive, Skyler decided to loiter without intent in the pocket and eventually the Jets stripped the ball and set up another TD.

  39. the skylar fumble sealed the game and defense couldn't stop the turnover score. It was kind of just whatever after that no matter what final score ended up being. That was game over.

  40. and we’re back in the same place we’ve been for at least a decade… O line that is sus, and holding the defense can carry us while they are so exhausted they can’t complete a tackle.

  41. No question Tua is better than Skylar, but we also need to do something about this Oline’s pass protection and our suddenly porous defense or Tua’s return isn’t going to matter.

  42. Gesicki is just eating up cap space at this point - he's not suited to McDaniel's scheme of relying on the TE to block - he got waltzed all the way back to the QB on that sack. He is a liability for us when he's out on the field if he is expected to block. Not down on Gesicki, just disappointed that he doesn't fit in this offense and he's eating up cap space getting shoved around (TD in Ravens game not withstanding). Not sure if McD will adapt or if the scheme allows for a mostly pass-catching TE.

  43. We’re not winning any games with our QB3, but there were still a lot of other issues after a 10 day break. We need Tua back, but the defense needs a massive improvement as well.

  44. The defence is what has been holding the fort for the last few games with backups. But they’ll break if it goes on for too long in a game.

  45. This team is showing we lack depth if anyone goes down. NFLPA getting paid off didn’t help. Our O-line is awful, Our kicker is unreliable, Defense can’t tackle whatsoever. Sloppy play all around. Refs waiting to call anything on us. Very curious to see the comparisons in penalties as it feels like we had twice as many.

  46. We had twice as many because we couldn’t keep our hands down when making a tackle. We actually got gifted a couple pass interference calls and one that they could have called on us but didn’t. Refs were the least of our issues

  47. One day I will look back on the first quarter of this game and laugh at how literally everything went comically wrong

  48. Stop with the doom and gloom. This team is exactly where I thought we'd be best case scenario after the first quarter and we are still on pace to win 9+ games.

  49. Tough to agree the defense is worse without Flores. It is obviously worse without Byron Jones, and Xavien Howard, though.

  50. We didn’t lose to injuries, it was 19-17 going into the 4th. The Jets straight up beat us. Our front 7 has to be better at stopping the run and inversely on the other side Mike should've stuck with the run more.

  51. Can anyone tell me what exactly the concussion protocol is now? I didn't see any concussion signs from Teddy on the field and they said he passed all the tests, so why was he ruled out?

  52. The spotter pulled him out. It will be interesting to see if any other QB was pulled by the spotter this week...

  53. Even with the injuries we came into the game with, I think we could've won with qb2. Either way, gameplay was filthy especially after extra days of rest. Lots to work on in practice this coming week, like tackling. I still think we'll be fine this season if we stay healthy.

  54. Honestly expected a loss here with everything going on. Was going to put money on the jets but just couldn't bring myself to do it.

  55. Will it or has it come out as to what reason Teddy was pulled? I understand it was because of the new guidelines but what exact criteria did he meet?

  56. I’m just upset. We all know this teams potential, but these injuries are absolutely killing us (mainly offense). We should be beating teams like the Jets and Bengals.

  57. Pretty sure Tua haters didn't want to get a questionable back up, have him injured on the first play and then get our ass beat fielding our 3rd lol

  58. I’m confused how Teddy had to get checked and ruled out while Wilson took shots to the head and apparently everything is a-ok?

  59. I thought I saw him mouth "smelling salts" on the sideline after that touchdown run. Still, even though he beat us, I wasn't overly impressed with his play. It was pretty pedestrian, but that may be by design.

  60. We need to find an NFC team that needs a somewhat one-dimensional but excellent pass catching tight end.

  61. Bills fans gonna be like: “DoN’t BlAmE iT oN InJuRiEs”, as if missing a secondary is the same as going down to your QB3, having both starting OTs out, and our two best playmakers couldn’t practice all week and barely made it through the game. Acting like the situations are remotely similar is asinine. Injury bug is fucking is hard right now.

  62. This is bills fan level energy man. Every team gets injuries. We need more depth. You can’t expect to win with a 3rd string QB but we gave up 40 to the jets.

  63. The score is not an accurate representation of how close it was. That dropped first down and missed FG shifted momentum. OL is dead last, and no matter who's back there will fail. Running game should have been the focal point. It was abandoned. And defense can't tackle for shit. If you want to blame Skylar, go ahead. But let me stop you. He had all this going against him and did well. He will practice with the 1s this week, and the game plan will be better suited for him to run and use his strengths. He is a VERY different QB than Teddy and he will need a solid practice for the next game. I am not discouraged at all. Tua will be back after the next game and we can make the wildcard.

  64. Going to have to eat crow on the Skylar vs Teddy argument. Tough to come in as a backup like that but we need either Tua or Teddy back next week for a chance. Score wasnt indicative of how close the game was but that happens. Dropped pass by Conner on the missed fg drive changed the game

  65. It's a loss and you move on. I would rather players hurt now then at the end of the season. Hopefully, we'll get healthy. Defense though looked horrible today.

  66. Defense has taken a step back this year. Also 2 games in a row where it’s close entering the 4th but the opps run away with it

  67. Why the hell was the defense giving up that many points after a 10 day break. They should be well rested even if X and Byron are both out, completely inexcusable and must be publicly addressed.

  68. I’m on the Boyer has been bad train, but there’s not much he can do. Ogbah is absolutely useless. Phillips has done absolutely nothing. Ingram has been pretty good. The defensive effort is there, flying around the field and making tackles, but they’re not generating any pressure vs some really bad o-lines. If he’s not blitzing we are getting torched.

  69. I’m annoyed at this game but it is what it is, this is still a good team. We’ll get reinforcements next game and hopefully Tua back too. At 3-2, we’re still right on track for our goals this season even if this loss stings

  70. I was really hoping Teddy would come in and play well and allow us to slow walk Tua back. Now it’s emergency mode to get him back

  71. We need to get healthy QUICK if we want to take advantage of the manageable schedule in front of us. Tua and both our CBs are dearly needed.

  72. Injuries aren’t going to magically fix themselves next week so it’s gonna be some more tough games ahead.

  73. Issues that need to be addressed are missed tackling, run game, pass protection and can we get all of our receivers involved and not a select few.

  74. this proves that if Tua is out we need to play Teddy instead of Skylar, no matter how many nephews think Teddy is trash

  75. Ehh, Sklyar had time on lots of throws but he couldn't seem to pull the trigger on throws. Maybe guys weren't open, but it seemed like an eternity on a few plays - probably more related to still learning the offense and speed of a regular NFL game. Would love to see the All-22 to see if guys were open and he just wasn't capable of making the progression reads

  76. Did we sell our collective souls in prior lives? Are we destined to being mediocre and constantly having our hopes dashed? That feeling of seasons past us starting to creep in peeps, help me

  77. I remember a long time ago when we were 3-0. And the 49ers pick was looking like a top 5 pick. Those were the good days haha.

  78. Tell me magic 8 ball, are we going to look like the laughing stock of the NFL on Sunday night vs the Steelers?

  79. I could have lived with losing to the Bills or Ravens. They're good teams. But getting blown out the Jets? Man, this is a tough one to swallow.

  80. Was at the game, it was my first NFL game since Week 17 of 2014 (when we also lost to the Jets :|). Had a ton of fun, and it was so nice to see the team in person again, but my god did it ever look like the offense was missing Tua out there. Credit to Raheem Mostert though, heck of a game for him. Minnesota next week will not be easy by any means, we need some of our injured guys back.

  81. Is it me or did Skylar look like he didn’t know how to throw a ball, it looked like late piss poor thrown wobbly balls that were easily telegraphed

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