Game Thread: Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets

  1. i heard dogs talking skyllar the future yea ok lets remind u this offense run throw tua accuracy period. we got nothing else ok!

  2. Tua turned into a God for one quarter. That was a fluke. An anomaly. An abnormality. We were losing for 3 quarters. We barely hung on to beat the Bills. Then we lost to the Bengals and got BLOWN OUT to the Jets. We are 3-2 and could very easily be 1-4

  3. What’s worse is seeing the Pats blow out the Lions with their 3rd string qb. The lions had scored 30+ in 3 of their games this season. Don’t want that team getting momentum.

  4. You know, for all the ups and downs we have with the team, I want you guys to appreciate this subreddit and us hanging out every weekend. Win or lose, we are all out here just having fun and talking smack. I hope everyone has a great weekend and I’ll see everyone next week! Go Fins.

  5. Bridgewater sucks and is soft and the dolphins training staff needs to be canned. Welcome to earth, fins fans. We sick. 3-3 coming in 7 days

  6. We’ve got to eat this L boys. Sure this and that happened but none of it matters to the scoreboard. Let’s hope we can be better prepared next week.

  7. My dad and I were joking after Teddy got hit on the first play and we’re like oh no he got tackled we better send him to the locker room to be evaluated for a concussion and then they actually did it and said he couldn’t return to the game, despite of course passing the evaluation.

  8. I felt like we should've went for it instead of the long kick, Sanders struggled last year in crunch time. A jet sweep to hill/waddle or mostert up the gut. Could've been a way different game.

  9. Great point would have been up one with Jets having to go at least 80 yds that gave them a short field which they turned to 7 , then a TO short field again for 7 , then TO on downs short field again for 7

  10. It's not an excuse it's a legit reason. Theres things we need to work on (tackling, play calls, etc.) And theres things out of our control (concussions). Just because you acknowledge a fact doesnt make it an excuse, but theres also no reason to be alarmist and scream the sky is falling because this isnt what our team looked like healthy.

  11. Oh please, those are reasons why we lost, not excuses. Any team on their 3rd string QB and 2 all star corners out are going to struggle to win. I get your hard ass mentality but it's not that big a deal to acknowledge the weak spots today

  12. The silver lining is that it’s just one game. We had a phenomenal start including a tiebreaker over a likely playoff team, now just have to regroup get health and focus on winning games.

  13. There is tho. If we lose with everyone healthy, it means we are probably just terrible. If we lose with a lot of our best guys out, it means once they come back we will be much better.

  14. You know, this game just sucked all around. I hate the Jets especially when losing to them the way we did. But I'm a Fins fan no matter what happens. I hope Tua comes back next week, all these issues get fixed and other players come back and maybe we get back to winning. Go Fins!

  15. Yean cant wait til he comes bsck & wait for the inevitable next time someone blows on him & hurts another part of his body.

  16. Offense seems like it can't move without Tua. Defense seems like it doesn't work without Howard/Jones. Until we get healthy there, might be a bumpy ride.

  17. Our defense is built with having strong corners that can lock down their man allowing the blitz to get home. Without them it's just bland

  18. We're fucked. Just tank the season. How can you expect our third string QB to salvage the season? It's not his fault. He got thrown into the fire because 1st and 2nd string are made of glass.

  19. On the bright side, we have one of the potential easier schedules this year. Once our guys get healthy, I like our chances.

  20. It used to ruin my Sunday when things went bad but now I get it’s just a game and life goes on. Don’t let it ruin your day. See you next week. Phins up

  21. Gotta give credit to the Jets. Good win for them. Hopefully this wakes us up and we blow out the Vikings at home next week

  22. If you told me we would start 3-2 at the beginning of the season, I’d be happy. Now it’s just depressing.

  23. It’s who we lost to that hurts. -_- I would have been okay with losing to teams that actually matter.

  24. “Sometimes you're flush and sometimes you're bust, and when you're up, it's never as good as it seems, and when you're down, you never think you'll be up again, but life goes on.”

  25. I honestly don't think Thompson did that bad given he's basically the third string, the O Line kinda sucked and he didn't do very much positively, but he wasn't a huge detriment either.

  26. Injuries in the secondary are compounded by us not creating pressure or sacks with the dline all year. We got beat by their running game they didn't throw it all over. Our front 7 are not good and the pass rush is bottom 3 in the league.

  27. Is illegal formation a dead ball foul? Just wondering if that should have been blown dead instead of standing there watching our QB run for his life.

  28. Can't wait for Tua to finish relearning how to talk and feed himself so he can get back out there for us, the deserving fans

  29. I mean, Skylar is responsible for multiple interceptions and a fumble that ended up on the one yard line. Yes, our defense has played atrociously but the Jets absolutely would not have scored as many points with a healthy Tua.

  30. Points off a goal line fumble by QB3, safety from QB2, not sure if Skyler's INT led to points. Missing top 4 CBs. Not surprised by this game at all.

  31. The true mark of a loser is coming in to the game thread of the opponents team who is decimated with injuries and on a 7th round 3 rd string qb and we still almost had you. Get fucked loser.

  32. Maybe an unpopular opinion rn but cmon y’all fins up! We aren’t a healthy team right now. Physically. Probably even mentally. Take the L. Regroup. Pray for Tua’s return. Don’t give up! Emphasis on Tua’s return.

  33. Exactly. The things that have happened over the last 2 weeks affects the entire team from a mental standpoint. I refuse to believe that the Dolphins defense is 40 points bad and that the Jets are that good.

  34. maybe shedding the 7 off the jersey made gaskin light enough to actually break a couple tackles. right there was better than any carry he had last year

  35. Honest question here. It’s clear we are so much better with Tua. With injury worries and such do we give him the big contract he will require when the time comes?

  36. Long season ahead of us… hard to overcome injuries and referees. Just stay healthy and let’s get it back in line next week… go dolphins

  37. I think the worst is that besides the 2 drives before and after the half the Jets were in control throughout...

  38. I was worried all off-season thst we didn't get enough OL help and everyone said we're fine. This looks like last year's OL

  39. Another year with a defense that can't tackle and a shitty secondary combined with an O-line that collapses like the Russian army.

  40. They need more weapons than just Mostert and Tyreek if they want to be an elite team this year. Seems like Mostert single-handedly put points on the board for them today.

  41. Yea that's true everyone knows health, especially concussions to most preventable injuries through conditioning, are what separates the big dogs! Some dumb dumb takes here today

  42. Maybe when Tua comes back it'll be the Cinderella story we've always wanted.. Team wakes up and we go deep into the playoffs.. Or.. Maybe same ol dolphins. Take you pick..

  43. Imagine watching today and still not realizing how valuable Tua is to this team. Tua's precision and timing makes the entire passing offense function.

  44. NFLPA needs to launch an investigation into how many of y'all have sustained concussions through the screen and weren't benched from posting, some of these takes are ATROCIOUS

  45. If you aren’t all aboard on tua train, you’re basically rooting for this game right here. This is the outcome without tua. Root for whatever you want, but the 2022 dolphins team needs tua probably More then any other player.

  46. I guess this is just practice for next game. It sucks having practice with one qb all week to just lose him immediately. Like i said last week, lets hope practice with Skylar for a week can help us and then if he goes out then fuck me

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