Week 4: Around the League

  1. Fins what do you think the next dynasty team will be after Brady? My guess says it looks like the Cheifs but I am not sure.

  2. In their defense delay of game should’ve been called on one of the plays where the patriots scored a TD, at least based on the play clock on the field.

  3. I can't help to think the Tua situation is caused an increase in concussion evaluations today...

  4. Seahawks Lions game was awesome. TJ Hockenson is everything we wanted from Gesicki. I wonder how much of it has to do with his raw ability, and how much his HC being a TE player and coach. Great game though. Would've liked to see the Lions grab that one.

  5. I've never in my 39 years of life, so around 30 years of watching football, have ever seen as bad of a coaching call as john harbough (sp?) did today when he didn't call to kick the FG to at least take the lead on 4th and goal. Just stupid. At least make them score a TD to win or a FG for overtime. That would be a fireable offense. Worst call I've ever seen. Ever.

  6. That feels pretty extreme. Analytics even says going for it is the move, so I think the hindsight goggles are way too strong here.

  7. Marcus Peters was fucking livid with him - showing he doesn't trust his D to at least keep em out of the Endzone for a TD (which they ultimately did)

  8. Have noticed a difference in reception, though. When Miami did it, saw a lot of "Miami lucked out that the Raven's collapsed" and now most the comments I'm seeing are "Wow, the Bills just fight hard and find ways to win"

  9. Pats offense sucks with Mac Jones. Why am I being forced to watch a Hoyer-led Pats offense against one of the top defenses in the league?

  10. Honestly it looks like the Jets are going to put up a good fight against us. I am not confident Teddy can actually win this one.

  11. Bills actually are worse than the Fins. We beat them and we beat the Ravens by bigger margin than they did.

  12. You could give up 1 yard, you could give up 3 yards, the one thing you can’t do is give up 2 yards. Ravens give up 2 yards.

  13. Allen just got sacked and held his head. That’s a concussion. Get him out of there or take all the Bills draft picks.

  14. Yeah I was just looking at the schedule earlier. Realistically I think we can be 8-2 or 7-3 going into the bye week with or without Tua. Every game is very winnable but I’m sure there will be a surprise loss or 2 along the way.

  15. Man I know Detroit is missing some key players on offense but there D is atrocious. Can’t wait till we play them.

  16. Watching the Bills (2-1) vs. Ravens (2-1) and remembering where both of their losses come from makes me happy. Not their fault they both had to play the Dolphins early.

  17. After the game, Tyreek put on his helmet went after a bengals player. But a couple people held him back right at midfield. Anyone know what that was about?

  18. I think this was about something a Bengals coach said. Hill in some interview or on his twitch (can’t remember where) said he has nothing but respect for trash talk from players, and that hearing shit from opponents participating on the field is fine… but a coach said something he considered disrespectful and that set him off.

  19. No one freakin listened to me. I told everyone the Bills should not be crowned so early. We laid the blueprint and now the Ravens are pouring gas on the dumpster fire.

  20. I saw one say “it’s like we lost 2 games in Miami, cuz we still haven’t recovered” like come bruh lol

  21. Weird, I was told by the media that ANYBODY could throw for 400 and 6TDs against the ravens secondary.

  22. They scored 17 points on 90 plays against a defense missing starting dt, starting cb and one cb playing thru groin injury. They beat two mediocre teams to start the season and everyone thinks they are the shit.

  23. Can the bills play anywhere that isn’t orchard park. They know the Super Bowl is in the Arizona sun right

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