Weblow big clouds sorry for the mask got a job&fam

  1. Got dammit Dylan! You think that I don't recognize those tattoos ? Can't believe you would post this on reddit!!! I had no idea you were a tweeker! We can't be friends anymore!!!!

  2. If you can keep your shit looking as clear as possible it won't smell. Like at all. The trick is the same as it is in cooking. Heatbit gradually and slowly. Yeah you'll lose a bit till its fully rdy but your bowls will stay clear longer and leave no smelly trace.

  3. Think anyone can explain how tf I avoid burning my shit? Lol please no smart ass comments saying snort it, eat it, bump it, shoot it.. Id rather smoke but I suck at it. Tips please from anyone

  4. Dim room, no fans or air circulation, put .5 in the bowl. Hold lighter below bowl far enough away it heats glass but won't n't touch it. melt shit slow as fuck. It takes a few minutes if u doin it right simultaneously roll the pipe back and forth so that the top hole faced 10 and 2 o'clock over and over somewhat quickly but so quick as to sling the shit out of the bowl. If using a bong you need to whip the bowl rapidly side to side, however you gotta do it you gotta make sure to constantly have air blown thru the pipe or drawn thru the bong so it won't scorch. As SOON as it starts to melt and I mean as SOON AS IT STARTS TO MELT, take the flame away. Let it sit there and recrystallize. Let it completely cool, Repeat till it's all melted and Remember to turn and blow/draw simultaneously. Also you want to try to get the shit evenly distributed in as thin a layer as possible. After a few of these cycles, you should have a thin spread out layer of hopefully long , straight, jagged, feathery looking lines if it's good. Tiny almost identical squares and rectangles in the bowl and some little circles patterns in the stem if it ain't. Or just throw it in a vape made for THC concentrates. I hit mine everywhere and no one knows Jack shit it's actually super fucking discrete.

  5. Don’t apologize for the cover-up. You’re one of the few smart ones lmao. But you should probably cover your ink because that itself can easily identify you.

  6. Well you should probably cover your sleeves if your concerned . Just trying to help ya out but if you got a job that you wear long sleeves I guess that wouldn't matter. HIT IT! lol

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