Food for thought

  1. You need to read following message in full. We will NOT reply to modmail messages similar to “what is reason my post was removed?”

  2. Its weird. Bc a pineapple does NOT come from a pine tree. But an pine apple does come from a pinetree. U see the difficulty of that? (Non english native)

  3. When I was a teacher assistant the kids called me Mr A because I had a difficult last name. Well one 7 year old kid called me Mr Pineapple, which at first I thought he was an idiot but then I realised as he was from a different country, pineapple to him is anana's with an A, and it started to teach me to not judge everyone the same, not to judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, you know. Like what I thought made this kid dumb was actually him being smart in a different perspective.

  4. This one takes me back to the time that I brought a whole pinapple to a marathon because my gf accidentally spelt bananas wrong.

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