Nothing against LGBT people, but I'm tired of the press going for the ''controversial'' topics.

  1. I personally think the most startling thing when researching Qatar’s unworthiness for the World Cup was learning of the treatment of rape victims. Qatar has laws which prohibit sex before marriage, so women that come forward about being raped are sent to prison under those laws.

  2. A member of the Mexican embassy (a woman) was raped in Qatar and they had to smuggle her out of the country so she wouldn't go to prison. This happened very recently.

  3. I feel like calling it "LGBT rights" or smth like that make it seem alien to a lot of people. They are human rights. But what did tout expect from a country that killed thousand of slaves to build stadiums?

  4. From what I have seen it's about 70% coverage of deaths/workconditions/exploitation 20% fifa corruption and maybe 10% captains not beeing allowed to wear the "one love" armband

  5. “Natural causes” they basically have to work long hours in stupidly high temperatures and live in places that have one kitchen per 600 people and don’t even have showers. Many died because of the jobs or conditions related to it but Qatar claims that most deaths at their sites were “natural causes” and that only like 17 people died on the job or something like that

  6. The fact that those issues aren’t the thing we should be talking about, the women’s rights and homophobia are not news, it’s Islam, they’re not the most tolerant religion ever

  7. Fucking hell dude. Do you go to breast cancer marathons and complain about testicular cancer not getting attention?

  8. They are not "protesters", they are protesters. Also, did you not see the Iranian team refusing to sing the national anthem in deference to the fight of women in Iran (no point of prostesting qatar for the hijab thing since there are no restrictions on women's headwear there). In addition, have you not seen people all over the world boycotting Qatar? There is a reason they had to hire "fans" to come to the stadiums. Just because you don't follow the news doesn't mean they're not out there. This whole championship is a gigantic, massive fail on so many levels it's ridiculous, and it's all anyone have talked about for months.

  9. I’m gay by the way, and i’m not saying that LGBT rights aren’t an issue. But i’m tired of the media using our community for clicks and profits because everyone has something to say about it and ignoring even more marginalised groups because they just don’t generate the most traffic.

  10. "nothing against lgbt people but" you know all of these are issues right? Don't put down one, lift up all. Otherwise it's just performative distress about another topic because you hate the current one.

  11. One of these is a human right's issue, the other two are an issue of religion. The 6500 dead are therefore arguably what's important here, because you're not going to rewrite an entire culture's religion... unless you're some kind of raging islamaphobe, habibi 👀?

  12. Talking to people about the world cup, the (pretty much) slave workers in Qatar is my first point about Qatar not being worthy of hosting the world cup.

  13. This was how many people died doing construction in the last 10 years or something like that. Not 6500 people building stadiums. If you’re going to complain about something, get your facts straight first, it will have more impact.

  14. Being arrested and imprisoned for being gay around the world is still something we should all fight to fix. As well as the LGBT+ people who are killed/raped/beaten just for being who they are. But yes continue on about how it's a non issue

  15. I'm pretty sure getting arrested, beaten and thrown in jail with the possibility of receiving a death sentence is a bit more than feelings getting hurt.

  16. Yeah see the press is mum on it because the guys who own the press are putting a plan in motion to work us all to death.

  17. Only 2 people died in building the stadiums and not from work overload the 6500 deaths are from the entire country but somehow the media can't bring real news these days

  18. People are apparently just realizing that outside of Western countries many forms of slavery are commonplace.

  19. I'm tired of it as well. It's a shame when anything bad happens, but come on... It's not the only problem in the world. Child poverty, homeless veterans, children dying in mouldy social housing...

  20. A good horror movie plot would be the ghosts of the dead workers awake and start terrorizing /possessing everyone at the World Cup and the only hero Qatar can count on is a gay protagonist.

  21. I hate this meme format so much like damn the second someone talks about one problem suddenly the other ones are forgotten. Yea no they’re not

  22. I just don't get why some people can't discuss these topics in a peaceful manner and at least try to improve them in a positive way without people causing so much fucking controversy over them 🤦.

  23. they covered it from the moment construction began and the event still happened. its been years, qatari slaves never had a chance cause humans are garbage

  24. How about all the countries that put in their bids just for Qatar to rig the whole thing and buy out votes?

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