Can't decide

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  2. Also, when humans wear ties we don't cram them up under our chins. They sit at the bottom of the neck. Shit's not complicated, y'all.

  3. I like how everyone is glossing over the faulty reasoning on this. Obviously the dinosaur can bend its neck to reach its feet.

  4. Nope, option 1, because a) it doesn't hang in the mud and b) it's the wife anyway who ties it. Obvi, duh!

  5. Definitely 1, what if he had a meeting in a small building, and had to put his head through the window

  6. The bottom of the neck would be 2. But also it should be 2 because ties cover buttons on shirts. If that dino were wearing a dress shirt and his tie were way up under his head it wouldn't be doing it's job.

  7. Especially when you think about how a suit would be made. It would be silly to make a shirt and jacket that went all the way up the neck like a sleeve. It would just crumple down due to gravity. The only way to have it look nice is to have it rest on the shoulders at the base of the neck.

  8. I would only say option one if I was riding the Dino consensually and we agreed on a safe word

  9. 2. You don't put a tie at the top end of your neck, do you? I always found this meme incredibly stupid, even as far as memes go.

  10. The necktie was invented in the mid 1600s, while the traditional design didn't appear for about another 200 years.

  11. Why not both. I think we are missing a crucial 3rd option. The tie so thick, is covers the same amount of its neck as a normal tie covers a human’s neck.

  12. If you actually stop to think about how humans wear ties then it becomes obvious that 2 is the correct answer.

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