Anyone else feeling like this?

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  2. So many people these days main games that are an endless treadmill. You're playing to get better, or to make your character grow stronger, but without an actual end.

  3. Yeah I played games all the time in the PS2 and PS3 days. I buy a system now and play it for a week, then it collects dust and I usually give it to one of my cousins kids. Just not into playing games anymore.

  4. I was feeling this way recently. Took a bit of a break and started doing other things then came back with a game I hadn’t played before. Made the world of difference

  5. So I bought an Xbox for myself. Dad of two small kids hadn't really been gaming for a while. Last played WoW classic right before the pandemic. Got it because I wanted to play elden ring. Played a few hours and was like huh I really don't feel like playing this.

  6. The first time I read this, the punctuation I filled in on the last line was, "Do you mate? Do you?" It took me a couple more reads to realize it was "Do you, mate. Do you." Lol

  7. Congratulations on your upcoming birthday :) I know this comment may be a little unrelated, but I was wondering if you have any book recommendations? I enjoy reading a lot, and I’m always looking for new books and series to fall in love with!

  8. This is me. Buy the new cod. Feel depressed I can't win and drink whiskey in the dark and look at reddit..

  9. Don't even need to go outside. Just find something that you don't usually do, even if it's staring at the sky, or at people passing by. Just let your brain relax and enjoy the lack of information to process

  10. When this happens I find that its best to either switch the game I'm playing or go and do some other activity, it might just be that you need a little time so that you can forget the frustrations of the game and come back to enjoy the fun parts again.

  11. For me, is that I had a rough childhood and games were my escape. It was almost always single player games. Then in highschool and college I got to play with friends ( Mario party, cod zombies, smash bros, etc. ). Then as an adult it’s become a social thing. A way to keep in touch during a pandemic for instance, or just a get together (in a way) every other night or so. Recently, my group of gaming friends has fallen off. It creates a deficit that is hard to fill with Randy’s so it is truly sad.

  12. You’re also building tolerance to the neurochemicals that make it enjoyable when you play all day. I started playing video games a lot less and I enjoy them a lot more.

  13. This is way too familiar to me. I always think of things I want to do after work but 9 times out of 10 I'm just too tired when I actually get off work. Stupid factory making me tired...

  14. Not for everyone lol I can't stand having to spend time with anyone. I've basically ignored all of my friendships away because if given the choice between cozying up with my stuffed animals, watching a movie and playing Minecraft or having to share that space/moment with another person, I will always choose being alone and in peace

  15. I’m gonna be the one that says .. I’m pretty sure losing joy in playing video games in and of itself [does not] constitute “depression”.

  16. It's also called getting older. Whether you like it or not, you never stay the same person all your life. Jingling keys used to be the height of entertainment for your babyself. Why should the same form of entertainment that you loved as a 12 year old be as effective when you're 32?

  17. It's been slowly coming on for me for a while. I have no desire at all for the new generation of consoles. Zero. Zip. I open up the dashboard on PS4 and scroll through the hundreds of games I have, a good chunk that I've never even played, and it all feels so pointless. I scroll and scroll, maybe I'll finally pick one, but I'll close it out and turn off the system within 5 minutes.

  18. I recall doing this in the past and because I was trying to use a new strategy, I wasn’t good at the game. So I went from being bored with it to being so infuriated at myself and the game whenever I lost.

  19. This. I played online shooters quite a bit back in the day and had a good time at them. There came a day when I realized every time I played them they just made me mad and anxious. I didn't have much time to play them and when I did, it was an overall negative experience. I switched to open world games (Witcher 3/RDR2) and I was able to relax and enjoy them. Just the exploration elements helped me calm down from a busy day at work.

  20. With the way CoD and Halo are right now- and the fact that I don’t have any friends, it’s pretty obvious to me why I don’t enjoy video games as much as I used to. I mean, I’ve played CoD and Halo for about 12ish years now, so extreme burnout could be the reason.

  21. Try dark souls (maybe, if it sounds fun to you). I also have no friends but found much comfort and self-satisfaction in working my way through that game by myself. There’s a big online invasion/co-op system that is great even when you don’t know anyone you’re playing with, but I only played online with a free trial, so 99% was just a solo adventure. The atmosphere is dark and grimy, but succeeding is cathartic.

  22. As my tv is occupied by my kids watching cocomelon or disney movies I get only like 2 hours of tv once they go to sleep. Then I have to compete with the wife over tv use. Gaming just doesnt appeal much anymore if it's not on phone and even then it loses its flair quickly since I dont get the time to enjoy any game.

  23. Dude...same. you should try evil lands(if you like rpg), I've never liked phone games, my husband showed this one to me a while ago and now we play almost daily.

  24. Take some time off from games and let your brain reset,that way when you play again it’ll feel fresh

  25. Brother, it’s because you weren’t meant to spend your life staring into a screen for hours on end. You were meant to get out into the sun and aspire for more in this world of flesh and blood and color and joy and suffering man. It’s a brutal place. But nothing in the mindless repetitive reward circuit of a virtual pacifier can compare to it’s best moments.

  26. It's bc you're depressed. Your regular routine is too repetitive and unsatisfactory. You need something new to stimulate your mind and give your existence a new, or more of, a meaning/purpose. Alcohol, weed, and other mind altering substances often contribute to this downhill effect. It might be hard changing things up at first. But it will ultimately be necessary for you to live a happier life. I'm not saying to stop doing things you like. Such as gaming, having a drink, smoking a bowl, watching tv/movies, etc. But they shouldn't encompass your entire life. Just my opinion. But I am also speaking from experience. Hope that helps👍🏻

  27. If you keep doing something again and again, you will always grow tiresome of that thing. Do something else then come back to play, it really does feel different. And it is.

  28. Had this happen before. Depression hits sometimes. Just stop playing. Find soemthing else to do for a while that makes you feel whole again. Your enjoyment for ganes will come back

  29. Last time i felt like this i were playing the same game several hours per day, I think it's just natural to get tired in such circumstances. Try giving a break from this to recover, idk.

  30. I felt this way a few months ago and just started playing Casual Games like Slay the Spire. But thankfully I got out of that "depressed" moment I had and am really having fun playing MW2 and Overwatch with the boiis like old times.

  31. Bro, had a time when I couldn't play any game at all because none of them were any fun to me. I just sat there and tried to enjoy what I have always enjoyed but just couldn't... Felt really bad generally in these times. Maybe try something new and talk to friends or family if you generally feel bad.

  32. People change over time. Change is a good thing so long as you accept it. The games you loved back in the day may not be fun to you anymore. Congratulations, you've grown as a person.

  33. because you're realizing the sense of accomplishment you get from video gave achievements doesn't actually amount to anything tangible.

  34. This was me a year ago. I just couldn’t really get into games as much, even ones I was excited for. I had other hobbies but gaming just wasn’t the same. I bought a ps5 a year after launch mainly due to it be rare and thinking I could get back into gaming with it. While at first it was fun the games I got just weren’t hitting. Then Christmas time 2021 I got Demon souls Remake. I had heard these games were tough and thought “ehh let’s try it”. I struggled and thought of quitting but I stuck with it and I beat the game. Later I got Eldin ring and was hocked. After Eldin ring I bought all From Soft and I got my love of gaming back. I just finished the final game Sekiro and honestly love all of them. I think getting switching up games and having a gmae with a challenge really helped bring back my love for the medium.

  35. Moderation is key. If you play video games once in a while it's really fun. If you play all the time, it loses its luster and feels gross.

  36. Had a friend tell me GTA Online feels like a job now. Back then, it was impromptu races, robbing gas stations, and juat mayhem. Now you gotta manage businesses, fetch quests, and grind (or pay).

  37. Honestly I am liking games less and less as time goes on, but I don't thinks it's from burnout. I play older games like Ocarina of Time or Super Metroid, and I love it and have so much fun to this day, but nowadays, games are being made more for money, and not for people's entertainment. They are getting less and less effort put into them and also, just a nitpick of mine, they are getting too easy. Old games would take me a VERY long time to beat sometimes, and now they take just a few days. Games are being made for 2 year olds now. Anyways, thanks for reading this, stranger.

  38. games are largely a waste of time and effort but I still do it a lot because I'm afraid of trying new things and this is comfortable even if it doesn't bring joy anymore.

  39. Same bro. Just started collage and my frinds dissapeared. Nothing is fun anymore. Feeling like the lone wolf all the time. Alcohol is my only friend rn. Also a bit drunk hope it makes sense XD

  40. I’m sad with them because I’ve lost a lot of friends and I have depression. That keeps me very unmotivated with my hobbies. I still play them a lot, but I find myself immersed into just one or two, and not really branching out to have fun with others

  41. Its cuz u need to get the premium season pass and buy a cool new skin. Sorry u have to buy the ingame currency first. Make sure to buy the Recommended amount to maximize your fun. Whats that?? Its mathematically designed so no matter what u buy youll have a useless amount of ingame currency. Its ok cuz now u can buy more. See, FUN.

  42. Ye man, had this problem for a year now, nothing seems to satisfy me anymore, even new things lose all their luster quickly. Idk why, maybe there's smth wrong with me, or I'm not doing the right things

  43. By the time I was a freshman in highschool I stopped gaming because of this feeling & then I realized a few years after I graduated I was just playing what everyone else was. Started playing games I enjoyed as a kid and figured out I like playing alone so I only play 1 player games now. Just gotta find your niche.

  44. Burn out bro. Invest your time in some other things for a week or two. Play 0 games during this time. Then come back.. You will see a huge difference.

  45. I haven’t played my PS5 since I got a puppy almost a year ago. I want to play but I don’t really feel interested anymore

  46. i think games of today are still good like pavlov vr, vrchat, gta 5, for me its just the users online that have gotten soo bad from insulting, to kids online in 18+ games , cheaters, teamkillers and toxic behavior in general.

  47. Depression realizing no body cares about you and as soon as your miserable life is over you'll be forgotten and that vidioe games aren't the escape they used to be.

  48. I'm still not sure that it's not the quality of games. Going to setup my Ps2 to see if any of my old favourites can captivate me

  49. Newer AAA games have traded complex level design, puzzle-solving, meaningful collectibles, and interesting power-up progression for dopamine-drenched vast spaces full of checklists to do the same shallow gameplay over and over again to see a counter tick up 1 point (and once you get all the counters in an area your mega-counter goes up!). Cheap hits with no substance and your brain knows it even if you get tricked into thinking it's "fun" because the "ding!" or "pop!" makes the monkey brain get good juice.

  50. no. when i start feeling like i'm going to feel this way i do something else with my free time. modern games are designed to trick you into thinking you need to be playing them even when you don't feel like it. don't fall for it.

  51. PvP ruined the fun. PvE and MMORPGs are still a great time. PvP has it's place but if that is the only game mode, prepare to have a toxic time.

  52. Take a break. Detox. Games are fun but ya gotta do other things too or they lose their appeal. Kinda at that point too.

  53. Your dopamine and other neurotransmitters are fucked from 10+ years of consuming a steady dripfeed of porn, fast food, internet gratification, and either a safe but unrewarding job or a sense of waiting because you live with your mom.

  54. I feel it when I play multiplayer games. They were fun because I was playing them with friends. With friends either not being on a lot or not playing the same games as me, that shit just ain't as fun because the sweatlords have just completely taken over. Single players games give me so much more enjoyment anymore.

  55. As cliché as this sounds when youu are not enjoying your games anymore and still find yourself playing them is a major sign of addiction. Take a break do ANYTHING ELSE, go on a walk, read a comic, watch tv, gaming isn't the end all and be all. Remember games are meant to be enjoyed if it's not fun why are you still playing it?

  56. Zelda games are my favorite games of all time and I can play them all the time….. my frustration is there are not really other games like them. AND before people pile and and are like “yeah what about….” I have tried a lot of the contenders and they aren’t really even close. That said, I would love to hear suggestions of games like the Zelda series

  57. Same. Bought rdr2, last of us 2 and elden ring on release. Couldn't get into them and had to come back to them after a few weeks. Absolutely loved them of course but I think my addiction to online multiplayer is fucking up my ability to enjoy these. Maybe it's the same for you. I'm so used to grinding Apex Legends that I can't get into a story driven game properly.

  58. Your dopamine levels are shot. You're either smoking too much pot, masturbating too much or are currently experiencing side effects from some medication. That or youre depressed.

  59. I feel this so much I have been playing so many games to try to see if it was just me just finding the games I used to play very easy but no matter what game I try I get bored of it fast I am currently downloading a demo because all the games I have aren't that fun and don't make me happy anymore

  60. Right there in the depths of despair with you man. But it's not just us - games are less fun these days - compare the og Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to the latest iteration. Og didn't have any grind, any cheats (AFAIK?), everyone used the mic in a way that just worked, awesome lobbies, great banter, you actually got to call in kill streaks from time to time.. Just awesome times back in the day.

  61. I was like this but then I started enjoying games again. The cause for me was that life was hitting me hard and gaming was only a form of escape and not something to enjoy anymore. I’m in a better place and I am enjoying gaming again

  62. Fire Watch is an underrated single player game with rich storyline. If anyone feels like trying something new, I'd highly recommend.

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