How are they not dead of food poisoning is beyond me

  1. Depends on the variety of rice, but people usually wash rice not because its dirty, but because it removes most of the excess starch (if the rice had bacteria it would be boiled away in the cooking process anyways)

  2. The starch isn’t what concerns me. It’s everything else the rice has been in contact with. Like bugs

  3. I was in the army. Not sure what exactly went into the army chow in the middle of the desert. But I can only imagine not washing my rice can't be any worse lmao

  4. if you use a rice maker than your water amount will be perfect and the boiled off water can't drain. your rice will then have the trapped starch.

  5. It's not to remove dirt, it's to remove extra starch from the outside of the grains so they don't stick together as easily. It just makes the rice more loose and less clumpy. Also reduces the likelihood of burning it.

  6. It's mostly from sitting out. Misused rice not stored properly can give one wicked food poisoning if you didn't know this look into it for future reference incase you eat the 24hr old counter rice one day

  7. Im from a third world country where our rice is actually straight up dirty, but I know thats not the case for most developed nations, my guess is that OP is from a place without clean rice aswell.

  8. Every Asian mother in a 50 mile radius has been alerted to this post and is now rushing to the nearest non-rice washer to fight them to the death.

  9. nah man, i'm for real, idk about you guys but where I'm from rice bags are full of little bugs and dust and god knows what

  10. I have typed out and deleted like 5 responses in this thread attempting to point out this very thing. Unless you’re literally washing your rice in hot soapy water you aren’t killing anything. Cooking things in clean water to proper temperatures is how you kill bacteria in food.

  11. This is just an Asian culture ocd thing. All it does is remove extra starch dust. If the rice was stored improperly it could have weevils in it but those are better sifted out, not washed

  12. I’ve heard a lot of it is cultural too. In western nations most rice is processed, cleaned, and stored in commercial labs so it doesn’t carry the same degree of debris or dirt than more naturally packaged rice in eastern nations. The rice is even packaged in tight plastic in the west, rather than fabric bags/breathable containers. This argument has also been applied to washing chicken. Something necessary in many places, but not as needed in America.

  13. the reason I heard IRL was it tastes better but I've literally never felt or tested any sort of diffrence in flavour or texture to unwashed rice

  14. As long as you buy from a decent place, your rice is fine to eat without washing, and sometimes required depending on what you're cooking (risotto, for example, needs unwashed rice).

  15. So many idiots in here thinking that the point of washing the rice is for cleanliness, and not quality of the finished product.

  16. OP has replied many times referring to his rice being dusty and having bugs in it. Try reading further before commenting

  17. I mean, the OP did specifically wonder how we aren't dead of food poisoning yet implying that it has everything to do with the cleanliness.

  18. Food poisoning? Anyway, I think it depends a bit on the type of rice and what it's for as well. Like for some dishes, like risotto, you actually want the extra starch.

  19. This comment section baffles me. One does not was rice to clean it, you wash it to remove the starch on the outside so it doesn’t become sticky. In some cultures sticky rice is what you want, for example, sushi rice is unwashed so it can stick and clump up but in turkey you generally wash it because rice is preferred as individual grains. Its a matter of preference, not sanitation unless you have literal dirt on ur rice

  20. This guy would lose his mind if they found out how paella and risotto are made. You wash the rice, you ruin the dish.

  21. My south indian ass is very much confused. It's an unwritten rule to wash rice 3 times before cooking

  22. Uhhhhh, it isn't uncommon not to wash rice... I make rice all the time, I only sometimes wash it. Hell, some dishes (like risotto) cannot be made with washed rice.

  23. look people. if you're just washing the rice all willy nilly every time you're just being a sheep. the rice has starch. do you need starch or not? consciously make a choice to have or not have the starch. bettering the range of your rice abilities.

  24. Why would I? We have something called health regulation, it's stored in a sealed plastic bag. And I boil it.

  25. Wash rice? How the hell you supposed to wash it? I just throw it in a pan with water and cook it for 10 mins.

  26. I mean the rice they sell now is very clean, no need to wash them. Its not like they have rocks or soil like in the past

  27. What do you mean by food poisoning? You boil or steam rice to cook it so there is no way anything that could harm you would survive.

  28. Washing rice has nothing to do with cleaning it, it's entirely about removing starch and with some rice you should never wash.

  29. Billions eat rice without washing it every day without issue and food poisoning isn’t caused by the rice but by other ingredients you cook with it (like chicken). Do you wash spaghetti noodles before cooking them? What about the flour used to make said noodles? No, you don’t.

  30. Lol. Waste your time washing rice if you want. The extra starch doesn’t change the texture enough if you’re using a rice cooker. Who skims their rice while it’s cooking??? Plus, if there are any contaminants that aren’t neutralized by cooking, washing it isn’t going to help.

  31. You wash it to remove the starch, you pigeon. Sometimes you need the extra starch based on the dish you’re making.

  32. If you’re cooking risotto you need that starch to male it creamy. If you wash your rice, you won’t get that magic

  33. I would also really recommend to not eat unwashed pasta! Please keep your stomach clean for he can not do it by himself! It’s not like there’s acid in it or smth

  34. You don’t need to wash rice for it to be healthy. Or not in the way OP is describing. Extra starch will just change the consistency of the rice. I mean you boil rice ehh? So it should be fine for consumption. Some people just like sticky rice. Really depends on the dish being made

  35. Mfs in the comments willingly accepting the fact that they eat bugs and actual feces in their rice.

  36. We all have this thing in our guts called "bacteria" that prevents outside bacteria from turning our guts into liquid shit. Maybe you need to take a probiotic?

  37. You wash the rice to get rid of starch, running cold water over it doesn’t get rid of any bacteria. Then it’s in boiling water so the bacteria will be killed

  38. If you die from food poisoning for not cleaning rice, then chances are your ancestors will look at you in disappointment

  39. People eat at McDonald’s every day too and that’s actually bad for you. Cooking unwashed rice isn’t going to harm you.

  40. But my rice comes in plastic bags im not supposed to open until its cooked and the instructions never mention cleaning it. Ive never heard of cleaning your rice before cooking so this is interesting and new to me .

  41. I’m not a fan of washing rice, everyone I do it’s just a big headache, and I have to fix my washing machine after =[

  42. I recently looked into this and from what I remember washing rice is much more of an intensely cultural practice as opposed to a practical practice. It’s something frequently done in eastern countries but not so much in western ones.

  43. Not washing it makes the rice more sticky, and I prefer it not sticky so that's why my family always washes the rice.

  44. I almost never wash rice, whole grains or beans. I inspect them as I pour them out and prepare them for any extraneous matter. The exception is basmati for biryani. You rinse the rice a few time to remove excess starch so the grains are as long, thin and not clumping as possible.

  45. Well, you should not wash risotto rice. If you do you wash away the extra starch that makes it more creamy in the end.

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