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  1. I have heard it’s a great show. I never did watch a single episode even after tremendous peer pressure.. but turns out all of them were happy that I didn’t watch it after they saw the finale. I wonder what was so horrible in the finale.

  2. The first 4 seasons were peak fiction as they were still following the books which were very well written but after that there wasnt any source material so the directors had to create the story which in turn made the cluster fuck that is seasons 7-8 which includes bad writing horrible charecter development and the most annoying scenes in the show and in the final episode there is one scene without any spoilers that goes against a character’s entire character arc within about 10 minutes

  3. To be honest I think that all the people that did a complete 180° on the show after the 8th season sucked are just dumb.. I don't wanna be a dick but the ending being bad doesn't mean the whole show is now also bad. The first 5 seasons of GoT are and always will be a fucking masterpiece, and the ending doesn't change that one bit.

  4. From what ive seen and understand is this. The author is taking his time and they had to basically write the ending themselves. I dont know which season but the downfall started exactly when the books stops according to my friends who are fans

  5. People who brag about not seeing popular TV shows need to get with the times. The new hotness is bragging about not using social media.

  6. Ugh, that is becoming really annoying, the worst are the armchair psychologists which circlejerks on Reddit (lol, the irony) about how social media is evil as Nestlé and how they are destroying our society/democracy/brains.

  7. I have a friend that does that for most mainstream things then brags about avoiding them. I think people just like to be unique in any way, but I guess that's life for all of us in a way.

  8. Some people don’t do things specifically as counter culture, which is still a group of people being effected by the larger culture just in the opposite way, so twitter guy is making both a random and incorrect comment.

  9. Honestly I thought it was a video game for the longest time. I have never seen it and have no clue what it’s about.

  10. So sad when people buy into this hater mentality instead of being social and having fun like everyone else. It's ok to have fun guys. You deserve happiness lol

  11. Someone can just not care, I don’t care about fantasy stuff and I won’t sit in front of hours of that, obviously I won’t brag about it but I won’t watch hours of stuff just to “be social”.

  12. That's the problem with all of these damn subscriptions. Shit gets expensive, and then some (many) act incredulous if you didn't subscribe just to see what everyone else is watching.

  13. My boyfriend keeps practically begging me to watch it but now i can't let myself watch it because of how bad everybody says the ending is. I'm sure it's a great show, but why would i want to watch it just to join the circle jerk of how bad the ending was

  14. They just like me frfr. just heard that it's good but the ending is trash af, like the last 3 episodes or something. Lots of incest? That's all I knew about the show.

  15. Ha, I actually almost made it by never watching it, and also somehow managed to avoid all spoilers too. A friend of mine offered me free Hulu (back when you could add HBO to Hulu before HBO MAX) under the condition I watched GOT. Ended up watching it around the time the last two seasons were set to air.

  16. I mean the original post is presumably a person who's already seen it talking about people who haven't, not someone insisting "I HAVEN'T SEEN GOT" like the bottom half implies.

  17. Never saw it, just wasn't interested Edit: Only saw like the first two episodes of Walking Dead too, I just don't like TV all that much as a whole

  18. I used to be a non-got watcher like u. But then I saw the last season and wished i’d never started watching it too

  19. I've only seen a few episodes. After three or so I stopped. Not because it was bad, just didn't have the time.

  20. My mom told me I was to young to watch and then when I was old enough I couldn’t be fucked so yeah I guess I am immune to social pressure

  21. All of the people who didnt watch it are ether old or SUPER effecter by sociaty but juat it the "yiure probebly an ass" way

  22. I first saw it when I was asking my mom something. Saw the show asked what it’s about, and asked if I can watch with her. She said she didn’t want me to watch it cuz there were titties in it. So I never did. All I know is that the last season ruined the potentially great ending of the show for a lot of people, and that was enough motivation to never watch it for myself. Why would I watch it if I go into it knowing I’m likely to be disappointed at the end

  23. I've only seen random clips cause my dad was watching it, I believe there was one of the mc getting her boobs washed or something

  24. I did not watch it for the simple reason I was reading the books and realized that the four books that were out at the time was nowhere near the finish of the series.

  25. I’ve watched season 1 a bunch of times, but have never made it past season 3. People are always bewildered by this when I tell them

  26. Instead of watching GOT, I watch 3 imps from hell kill humans for money and theres this horny owl that haves [REDACTED] with one of the imps

  27. Me who lives in a third world country and can't watch Got, breaking bad, or any other great shows out there : you called?

  28. My dad treated got like the plague because he’s super ultra religious, so when I was young I was pressured to not see it. Now I hear the ending is bad so I don’t really care anyway

  29. Never watched game of thrones, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. And to be honest I am quite proud of that

  30. Cant believe vegans are still getting hate in 2022. Also more people haven’t watched game of throne than those who have. Classic case of survivorship bias

  31. It's not even peer pressure. If a large group of people keep telling something is good, it is nothing but natural to check it out. It only becomes peer pressure when you keep watching because everyone else is watching even if you didn't like the show that much.

  32. is it really that special? i didnt even care, i dont even watch netflix, i just chill on prime, i never even watched breaking bad even with all the WW memes. Guess im built different ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  33. I saw the part where the kid got thrown out of a window since my dad was watching it. Good stuff. Game of Throwns was pretty accurate as well.

  34. i've seen 2 episodes................i wouldn't call it really good or anything but i can see how people can enjoy it if you dont think about anything.

  35. I feel like even less people have seen Breaking Bad or Stranger Things, everyone keeps telling me to watch them...

  36. I figured I'd wait till the series was finished but herd the last season sucked so never got around to it.

  37. I had no idea what Game of Thrones even was until it was basically over. I thought it was a single movie. I only recently learned that it is based on the book “A Song of Ice and Fire”

  38. I haven't watched a single episode. I remember during the original shows run, everyone was telling me to watch it. This changed when the last season came out and everyone said the whole show was trash and that I shouldn't watch any of it. House of Dragon will be interesting to see if people like the ending or not. If it ends well and people still like it, I consider watching an episode

  39. Have never cared to even know what its about, still continue not caring, and probably will do so forever

  40. Never watched it. Never will. I hate when people say “but it’s historically accurate” when I say I don’t consider a show (or book) that not only has rape but contains rape as part of the fabric of the effing fictional world. Lots of stuff is historically accurate that you don’t see nearly as often, it no, always gotta include those rapes. And other reasons I didn’t watch it, but that one bothers the crap out of me. Outlander is also a big no for me.

  41. This is how I feel about Harry Potter. Never read the books, never saw the movies and I definitely don’t feel like I missed out.

  42. I saw 20 minutes of the first episode. Eh okay. I've got better things to do with my time than being disappointed by an ending that took 7 or so seasons to get to.

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