Seriously you idiots are getting riled up about a face reveal that everyone should agree is fine.

  1. Honestly I think a face reveal was a bad move on his part given how his fandom has such a terrible reputation. Ever since his fandom started, he’s basically become the villain to a lot of people on the internet, so putting his face out there is only gonna make it worse.

  2. Also because I don’t even know of the guy, but there was so much hype surrounding his face reveal circling the internet that I was made aware of it.

  3. Sadly yes. I don't get why so many of his fans act more like haters than fans. I like his vids too, but I still try and not be a dick to him or people that don't watch him. I honestly don't know how some of his viewers call themselves fans when they harass him or others online, they are just as bad as the haters, probaply even worse

  4. He is a "villain" for god's sake. He tried to cheat his way to fame and money. He is not a villain villain, his actions were not hyper evil but they were still bad. You don't need to be a mass murderer to be considered a bad person. The fandom has nothing to do with it. If he hadn't done the stupid shit he did, or if he at least tried to make up for it it wouldn't be this way. At the end of the day what did he do when cornered? He continued to lie and to try and save his rep, when he should've just apologized and retired, that's what a person who felt bad for his actions would do. He didn't give a shit about honesty or morals though, the important thing to him was to keep his naive fandom of 4 year olds by his side and to continue making $$$. He is an insult to the speedrunning community and deserves this, he brought it upon himself.

  5. Man has accumulated so many stans and haters in 2 years that stepping outside will be like walking through a mind field.

  6. Honestly, I wish people would. He never should have done it. This is why h2o delirious hasn't done one. Because if he did, this stupid shite would happend.

  7. Yeah well I want to change the internet…. If I actually can (I probably can’t but worth a shot right) (also people getting offended about someone showing their face dumb)

  8. Oh look at me I don't know this well known person/movie/series, I am so fucking cool and you are all losers simply for knowing him/it.

  9. he literally looks like every generic guy idk what the rile up is about. i know he’s done some shit to cause the hate towards him but god damn

  10. No one hates him. Actually, no one gives a single fuck about him. Every face reveal is met with jokes, and every joke is met with backlash, no matter the creator.

  11. I don’t even know him and didn’t even give a single fuck about him. Thing is, internet loves to make insignificant thing a BIG thing

  12. Think I've seen more memes about not caring than memes about caring which says a lot about the people making these memes.

  13. everyone says they don’t care about the face reveal, but at the same time they’re noticing it and also hating on it most of the time. it’s so confusing i don’t think people are smart enough to notice it’s harmless and wasn’t meant to be hated on or have bad intentions.

  14. People hate him because they hate his fan base but tbh it just makes them seem just as bad as the stand they hate so much. Like a reverse stan... A shater or something idk.

  15. It's not about the face reveal itself. It's about that people make such a big deal out of it. please people.. it's just some dude.... stop making random people famous

  16. Even if everyone in the world liked him, people would still say he looks like Rumplestiltskin from Shrek: Happily Ever After. Not everyone is hating, people just like to laugh, and many find his face funny enough.

  17. he’s neither attractive nor unattractive, he looks like a default video game character. Male Preset 4 or some shit

  18. I don’t want comments saying “if you don’t care don’t post” cause I think it’s cool that Dream did it because of his friends. Plus I like his videos, I think there pretty good and his manhunts are legit exiting. If you hate him, take this hate elsewhere so this comment section doesn’t become like other posts I’ve seen about this.

  19. His old manhunt videos were good because it was actually original content. Now it's just milking the shit out of the idea by making "6 hunters grand finale rematch rematch finale"

  20. I'm torn, honestly... On the one hand, no idea who the fucker is so I kinda don't care, but on the other, if you're such a narcissistic piece of shit that you think you can make some kind of event out of 'finally showing your face' then you absolutely deserve what you get when everyone one the internet collectively asks you to unreveal it. 🤷‍♂️

  21. Dude looks pretty normal ngl either you live in fantasy land or you've been isolated your whole life to think the dude is the ugliest person you've ever seen.

  22. Seriously. I do not give a shit. The only thing that makes me begin to care is that everyone is so worked up over fucking nothing.

  23. Tho apprarently dude made a good move, everyone talked about him today. If it gets him just a bit more popularity, then isn't it a win?

  24. ok seriously all i ever see is memes complaining about memes that shit on dream and never memes that actually shit on him, its so fucking annoying.

  25. More about the guy doing it than anything. Not the greatest, not the worst, really not my place to say. There are reasons he's hated, but many take it too far. All we can do is NOT MAKE MEMES ABOUT IT SO IT CAN DIE OFF AND WE DON'T HAVE TO HEAR ABOUT IT

  26. I have noticed everyone has been a lot more aggressive on the internet recently compared to the past and its honestly scary

  27. He specifically revealed his face as was his plan for his channel starting to die off. Y'all took the bait and his plan succeeded. Fucking sheep can't leave shit alone.

  28. You guys remember that scene in The Lego Movie where the robot said Emmet’s face was so generic it matched every other face in their database? That’s how I think of Dream.

  29. The hate has nothing to do with his actual face, he looks ok, he's just ugly on the inside. A cheater, a liar, a borderline cult leader, what's there not to hate? Nevertheless, the average Dream stan is probably too young and naive to understand that they are supporting a bad person and that nobody actually hates him because of how he looks, people hate him for what he did.

  30. Just give your two cents, and move on. If you want to end up hating a guy who did a face reveal then log off of your computer for like a day and rethink life choices.

  31. I think the hate stems off from Dream's fans. I never have watched the guy but based off from some memes in this sub referring to his fans, I guess they are quite toxic thus the hate was projected towards him instead of his fans?

  32. I do not care what he looks like, I do not watch his content but he does look like Walter Jr or Runplestilitskin

  33. People hating on him because they all say he’s ugly but to be honest he’s actually on the more attractive side. I’d give him like a 7.5/10 and the way people are acting it’s like he’s a 3

  34. Uh, I’m pretty sure he did the face reveal as a calculated risk, he obviously knew If he revealed his face he’d get a ton of views because it’s such a big deal to his community. On the other hand he should have known he could get a lot of harassment just because there are people who hate him. I’m saying I don’t think his intentions were all that pure

  35. He was running low on the trends list and he wanted to be relevant again so face reveal. Money :)

  36. his new haters should try showing their faces to the internet, it’s very difficult to have the confidence he had to show is face to the entire world.

  37. AHEM!!! The point of the memes ‘bout his face is that no one cares, that’s the whole meme! That no one cares, that aside the toxic MF looks like a malnourished albino rat ma dood XD

  38. I'm pretty sure we hate the fans that's shoving the face reveal down our throats and acting like it's world shattering news... Not the face reveal itself. I don't even care enough to watch it...

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