You’ve only had to wait 3 years?

  1. If I remember correctly he did upgrade to a better mic in the past, but his bad mic was so good he continued using it (I might be wrong though I saw this long ago)

  2. He does it on purpose, its a voice acting voice basically, so people don't recognize him outside of videos

  3. Unlikely since he gets death threats from locksmiths for "Revealing the secret." which is sad. Worse are the various gps trackers he's received in his P.O. box trying to locate him.

  4. There's one video I remembered that he tried to change to a better mic and his voice was completely change with it. His real voice was really good to listen to

  5. He deadass entertained the fuck out of me for a fat min lmfao I’m glad he’s still around and people know who the fuck he is lmfao

  6. 15 years, and Delirious is still one of my faves. And I love how basically in a decade and 5 years later. His mic is still shit

  7. I think he once said in some interview that the only way he'll do a face reveal is if you pay him 1 million dollars

  8. And then there’s Vanoss who showed his fave once or twice but people don’t care about it. But really, the crew is awesome

  9. I'm so proud to be a part if this great big community. You're never gonna take this away from me. I'm in the Delirious Army.

  10. I respect the man's privacy we know his name, his age, his best friend his wifes name we have seen his child and I think his height. Personally all that info has nothing to do with us at all.

  11. I know it would never happen but would be cool to see the Rad family of RadBrad, been watching that guys content for years and I think he did a face reveal really early on when he hit either 10k or 100k subs? Now he’s nearly at 10mil! Super proud of the guy. If fans haven’t seen it yet I highly recommend you check out his first video of The Last of Us Part 1 for ps5 he did a really cute time capsule for his daughter, melted my heart…

  12. A lot of those arn’t real, it’s like when people tried to say Dream was that overweight kid we saw in the photo when there was drama.

  13. I just don't get the point. Why do people care so much about face reveals? Does someone want to? Cool. Someone doesn't? Cool. I don't get the obsession of trying to find out the identity of someone who has clearly wanted to be anonymous. Someone does then people rip into them? Why? Most of the people commenting most likely look about the same, or worse.

  14. i thought H20Delirious accidentally revealed his face when he was walking next to his pool? Like the reflection? i could be wrong though

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