They know it’s bad for them right?

  1. Well op is going for the "why are you choosing this being informed" assuming they are informed which, while isn't always the case, it also is in a good number of users.

  2. I think it has a lot to do with your life situation. If you're in a bad place in life and don't feel like you have anything to lose you are probably more likely to use them to try and escape your problems. As far as I understand past trauma/abuse is also a big contributing factor for drug use. Think about it like this, do you ever eat cheeseburgers and junk food even though you know it's bad for you? You know it's bad for you but you eat it anyways because it makes you feel good.

  3. 41 yo recovering addict here.... You are correct in a lot of your assessment. I took drugs for many many years starting in my teenage years recreationally until past traumas, current life events, anxiety, and depression got the best of me and then the drugs became the escape, and eventually the only way I could get through my day. Most addict's don't start out thinking hey I wanna become an addict. Some use drugs recreationally at a party or something and then eventually things snowball. It's sort of the same way some people become alcoholics. They drink for fun and then one day that's all they wanna do because it numbs some sort of pain or life situation they want to bury and forget about. I just happened to be one of the lucky ones who realized they had enough of their own shit and managed to pull myself out of it (with some help of course) and have been sober since 2017. I still eat cheeseburgers though 😂

  4. I know for those I know who battle addiction, they started young and by someone they cared about. My brother was hooked by his cousin/ best friend. They were just teenagers who let their curiosity get the best of them and now I don't havr a brother.

  5. They don’t actually make you feel good. I’ve had chronic pain for over 6 years and am on essentially everything in this meme by prescription and I still feel like shit. I’d rather be off all of it but medicine has no other options to date except higher doses or stronger versions of the same medications. I take enough medication to kill me every day and still can’t move. Where’s the feel good in that?

  6. Because people in chronic pain, both physically and mentally, seek anything to stop the pain for a bit. Add on the massive hit of dopamine, and a "just once to stop the pain for a bit" turns into "one more couldn't hurt", until you're addicted. Don't turn people's genuine struggles into a mockery of them

  7. I’m in chronic pain and only take my meds as prescribed, when prescribed because they do almost nothing and I’m on dangerous doses. Enough to kill me any day only to get told the only option is to move to a stronger uninhibited medication. I have a rare condition where I hyper metabolise opioids and have adverse effects to a lot of medications so for instance a 12hr dose lasts my body 4hrs and I’m back in withdrawals. I still only take meds as prescribed, when prescribed with no gain except to keep withdrawals at bay for now.

  8. I took 90 in 9 months and that was on a sliding scale. By the end I was forgetting words in the middle of sentences because the synapses had been destroyed, so my brain would follow the typical route and then there'd be no connecting link. Don't let anyone fool you, that shit will destroy your brain.

  9. I'm going to say the things that you're not supposed to say... but most people who do drugs experiment with them on scant few occasions, have some fun, and then go back to their life.

  10. Because extremely large amounts of dopamine are released when you take certain drugs. And dopamine releases control basically every single thing we ever want to do.

  11. They’re fucking awesome is the problem. Seven years sober now and don’t miss the rock bottom of it one bit though.

  12. I've had to stop my self from smoking to much weed are you kidding? You don't realize how addicting shit is untill boom. Your out

  13. So in order for something to be addicting forming. It will cause withdrawal symptoms which can feel like the flu. You don’t get that from weed. That’s why it’s not technically addicting. It can become habit forming. There is a difference.

  14. I know this sounds super obvious, but there are people who are just gonna get hooked on this shit if they ever get exposed to it because of their biological predispositions. You never know if it's going to be you, and it only takes one time for your life to be forever made incredibly difficult. So just... don't try. It's not worth it.

  15. When you've snorted coke, or injected heroin/meth, popped pills, huffed puffed and sucked anything you could possibly imagine as a drug, then you'll truly know why they will ruin their lives, waste all their money, and kill themselves to get this stuff.

  16. The people that take them usually have pretty shitty lives to begin with, I personally haven't done any drugs in my life besides alcohol but even then I don't drink it all that much only on special occasions so I'm not really the best person to speak on this subject a addict would be a lot better at answering your question.

  17. OP definitely says “Just stop being sad” when someone says they’re depressed or “just buy a house” when they see a homeless person

  18. They help me escape this stinking fucking shithole reality. You’d do drugs too if you woke up one day and society had become a heaving cesspit of self indulgent, regressive troglodytes pining after Instagram followers and fake validation on the internet.

  19. Every day of my life is a struggle. I suffer from anxiety and depression, both clinical. I've lost friends and family and so many things. I've struggled with poverty since I was a child. I've almost taken my life several times because of how crushing my world can be to me.

  20. Ok so if drugs take your money then wouldn't not spending money on it help you? I'm sure drugs cost alot and if ur struggling financially then drugs might be causing a bigger issue. Honestly I don't know your whole situation but if there's nothing to smile about then find what else makes you smile without using money on drugs. I'm not a therapist I just don't like seeing people struggle but I wish u the best brother and Christ loves you to. I know you here alot of blah blah Christian stuff but hitting church up once and Giving it a chance wouldn't hurt. But again I wish u the absolute best and hope u absolutely succeed in life.

  21. So many medications are derivatives of opium. Even heroin is less pure opium. So many people don’t realise how many medications are just lesser of the same evil!

  22. One of the things these drugs do is alter your capability to receive serotonin and dopamine while sober (some can even do it for months) so you become clinically depressed during sobriety even if you don’t have the mental health disorders that usually LEAD to the addiction in the first place. And if you do? Buckle up sister.

  23. I have done weed (dabs, edibles, you name it), xanax once, mushrooms once (those were very fun) and drank lean once (it was alright I guess, wasn't for me). I have also drank a significant amount of alcohol and smoked a significant amount of cigarettes in my life.

  24. its because of this type of thing, ie "drugs have never done anything good" that people don't know truths from war on drugs made up over exaggerated shit

  25. Well some people do pride themselves in being sober, straight edge and teetotalers. Nothing wrong with at all.!!

  26. Oh buddy, this is a much more complex reason than or I can understand, you really need to spend time with a current or recovering drug addict.

  27. Of cause we know. But they are fun. And as long as you know what you are doing you can prevent addiction. And most drugs aren’t too bad on the body when used in moderation.

  28. It’s not about more than being bad for you. I think it’s really wholesome that a lot of you don’t understand why people use drugs and I hope none of you ever get to that point. It’s about pain.

  29. If only the pharmaceutical industry didn’t push the legal versions on people and then the insurance industry cut them off after they became addicted.

  30. Rock salt, Panadol, soy sauce and the pill will ruin your life? The only real looking “drug” there is maybe diazepam. Maybe like this meme people should stop snorting and injecting marajuana!!!

  31. Not better for your friends and family that you're gonna steal from and lie to, inevitably leading to the state having your kids and everyone you know giving up on you.

  32. Yes, some people for some reason give you their money so you can give them things you say that will ruin their life.

  33. I used whatever I get my hands on back in the day and never got addicted to anything aside from alcohol in my life (which I started pretty early in life).

  34. A lot of it starts with addictive prescribed medication that runs out and doesn't get a refill... They have to get it somewhere because of their new addiction.

  35. I just don't want other people's choices to become my responsibility. The policing and imprisoning of people by way of the war on drugs is a big part of how it's become my responsibility.

  36. As an 18 yr old kis who was prescribed opioids bc i broke my collarbone like a month n a half ago i got addicted after the first pill i wanted more and more and thats because once you take that first heroin shot or opipid in my situation you chase that feeling wanting it more leading up to an eventual overdose.

  37. You realize you don't get out of life alive right? And I'm straight up not having a good time during it.

  38. A lot of addiction is started with a prescription right from a doctor. Pharmaceutical industry intentionally got people hooked because they saw an opportunity to turn peoples misfortune into profit. Most people are just seeking pain relief and a decrease in side effects from major injuries and procedures.

  39. You wanna know something fun? They won't necessarily, most drugs won't and most people that try them out won't get addicted. They can though. Are you going to stop playing video games, drink coffee and consume sugar as well? Cause those things are also bad for you and could ruin your life!

  40. If you don't like drugs, I want you to look at all the music you listen to. The movies and TV you watch. The art that hangs around the walls you see.

  41. Although I am against recreational drugs in general. I understand that making them illegal won't actually change anything. I feel like the only real way to fix the drug problem is by fixing the root cause, which usually has something to do with people being in pain, either mentally or physically. We generally just need better safe ways of getting help, because most of the currently existing safe ways either don't help that much, or are too expensive for most people.

  42. Boy there sure are a lot of comments on this post, people must have a very civilized discussion with grounded and well informed arguments

  43. It is fucking terrifying how easily one can fall into the deepest pitfall of their life, like what the fuck man, stuff of nightmares

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