well hell

  1. Isn't that like... their defining feature? If you want a penis-less femboy there is something out there - you might've heard of it - called a w-o-m-a-n

  2. Femboys identify themself males. If you don't wanna be gay, then get with a trans girl and you would be slightly less gay.

  3. Just say it loud "you're a girl" and every time he's about to correct you, scream on top of your lungs so you can't hear him.

  4. It's fine to be into dick if that's what you like, but can you all keep your fetishism localized to your porn accounts, please? I see these posts spread like cancer and they just aren't very funny

  5. The way i think about it, its like when you get an onion ring in your fries. Its just a little extra something that improves the whole thing

  6. Nothing wrong with being gay but the mental gymnastics that you’re going through to label this as straight is ridiculous

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