Maybe you should wait to call actual fascists fascists so people will take it seriously instead of thinking you just don’t like someone again

  1. There’s 2 kinds of people in the world. Communists and fascists. Anyone who tells you differently is obviously a communist or a fascist.

  2. Does no one understand what I am saying? I’m not saying they are not fascist. I am saying no one takes the threat seriously when people call everything they don’t like fascism.

  3. Does no one understand what I am saying? I’m not saying they are not fascist. I am saying no one takes the threat seriously when people call everything they don’t like fascism.

  4. This makes sense when you realize ideologues think in absolutes, they are pure good and anyone who doesn't 100% agree with them is pure evil and, by extension, the polar opposite of the outer extreme of their position.

  5. Don't forget both sides exploiting the use of pedo as an slur, yeah bro, keep calling your opponent a pedo, by the moment he ends up being a true pedo nobody will take it seriously.

  6. Not really. Just the fringes are that way, but the difference on the left is that their crazies aren't running the party. Right leaders are literal fascist at this point - just look at the MAGA nuts running for Congress and the MAGA cult led by a fascist.

  7. Yea.. i dont think most people even have a general understanding of what either communist or fascists actually are and how big a threat they actually are.

  8. There is a global rise in fascist, nationalist ideologies. Sometimes there are just a lot of wolves about. The word gets overused without doubt but let’s not pretend that this isn’t a trend. Didn’t one of the guys from pod save America write a book about this trend last year?

  9. i think there are many like minded liberals like myself who don’t give a singular fuck as to what anyone else believes in politically

  10. Most people know very little about history and politics, these are the same people who refuse to call out fascists. These are actual fascist so this meme is wrong.

  11. I’m not saying what is happening in Italy isn’t fascism. I am just saying people won’t take the threat seriously if the term is used to describe people you don’t like

  12. Idk why you're other comments saying this are so downvoted. It's a valid point. Idk what's happening in Italy because I don't know the politician or have an interest in it because of how overused the word is. I agree with you homie. Maybe it is facism maybe it isn't, but people killed the word regardless of the truth.

  13. Leftists who call anything remotely right leaning “fascist” are no different than the right wingers who call anything remotely left leaning “communist” in my opinion.

  14. Honestly, I feel that 99% of people who throw around that term have no idea what fascism even is, because if they did then they'd know that there are next to no people on the right/far-right that can be labeled as fascist. This isn't by coincidence either, because to be fascist you have to believe in authoritarianism (which is opposite to the central conservative belief for smaller government) and elitism.

  15. I feel like they in their minds think "fascism is when bad people are in favor of bad things while hating on good things being done, and I'm antifascist because I'm in favor of good people and good things being done" where bad is the opposition while good is their own side (mostly because disagreement in their own side is fascism too)

  16. I’m not gonna type out my explanation of what I mean every time. Read the comments and I make it quite clear what I am saying

  17. If someone who is leaning left is elected the people cry “Communist!” If someone who is leaning right is elected the people cry “Fascist!”

  18. can we keep this political bullshit somewhere else? i came here for good ol' quality shitposting memes, not boomer facebook cringe shit.

  19. I never said she wasn’t. I said people cheapen the meaning of it by accusing everyone they don’t like of fascism

  20. The problem is that she is very close to fascism, other than the backward and bigoted idea she has, the flame in the party logo is the same of the fascist, she reused differt fascist motto like "god, motherland, family". Among her rank there are declarated fascist that were filmed saluting Mussolini and shw never removed this kind of person frpm the party. Yes many abuse of the world "fascist" but in this case i don't think they are wrong

  21. Exactly this. The MAGA movement is nothing short of a neo fascist one. People act like Jan 6th didn’t happen. Literally tried to overturn the results of an election that didn’t go their way. If that’s not fascist then I don’t know what is. The fact that OP sees the new Italian prime minister and doesn’t see fascism is because too many people in the US have become so comfortable with it they don’t see it for what it is.

  22. We had a nazi party in my country who almost made it as a strongest party in parliament. Noone done nothing, even tho everyone knew.

  23. When I see a politician declaring small minorities, to be the fault for most problems in a country, I, at the very least see them as fascist leaning.

  24. Fascism is a very specific thing snd it’s different from just being far-right. I think there are elements of fascism in many far-right groups/ individuals and these groups would probably have no problem joining in with fascism if snd when it emerged but being a racist/ sexist/ homophonic ethno-nationalist might make a person a complete asshole but it doesn’t necessarily mean they are fascist

  25. seriously, that tale literally said that if you keep throwing word around for no reason, nobody will believe you when the real shit actually came

  26. If you think the fascism is going to return in Italy, probably the propaganda brainwashed your head. After 30 years of left gov, Italy only received corruption, economic loss, stupid laws, unnecessary bonuses for stupid things, a lot of promises and nothing was done….. Let’s see what Giorgia is going to do before crying. I think the world has more important things to worry about right now

  27. That said, don’t let fascists use this to hide. They like to say “we’re not REAL fascists”. Don’t overuse the buzzword, but also call it out where you see it

  28. At this point I don't think even the fascists can recognize themselves as fascists because nobody knows what's a fascist.

  29. Intense nationalism, flag waving and claiming only they are patriotic, vehemently militaristic, obsession with “law and order” but only for the in group, obsession with traditional gender norms, women in the home making babies and the home, machismo, action for actions sake, who want a strong man leader to take them back to a mythical golden age (doesn’t exist) of society when their in group was not threatened by equality. He will do this by persecuting the out groups and claiming that they are simultaneously both a mighty enemy that has permeated all of society and also weak and cowardly.

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