court is agerned

  1. Assuming they mean the penis, it’s actually phallectomy. Screw whatever idiot named that sub, the inner Med Term student in me is having a myocardial infarction

  2. Huh. I could have gone without knowing about the process of cutting off one’s phallic shaft but leaving the testicles intact. Quite odd and unsettling

  3. Which BTW, don't go to either. Both are useless and stupid. To solve your morbid curiosity, one is people unsubscribing from their dick subscription and eye blech is for all of the other fucked up stuff.

  4. Yeah…if you can't even spell, I already know I don't want to go blindly browsing any sub you post.

  5. Studying Latin and Greek to prevent seeing stuff because you understood what it is before seeing it is not so overrated anymore, is it?

  6. *sentenced, *adjourned. Not only are you suggesting terrible subs, you also need to purchase a dictionary. That isn’t just a misspelling, that was a fucking abomination.

  7. For those wondering, it isn't interesting. It's not even the sort of "ewwww..." And then you continue watching. It's like gorefield level "BRO WHAT THE FUCK MAN WHY DID I GO SEARCH THAT" like, the other people aren't even over exaggeratng right now

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