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  1. Firefox gang. A dude at worked laughed at me when i said their app ran like shit on firefox. “Who even uses that garbage”, well i so buddy and plenty other that care about not dunking everything in one mega corp. App and idea got cancelled two weeks later. But I digress, firefox gang!

  2. OP: "Don't use these browsers, use an alternative that isn't chromium based" Also OP: doesn't give examples

  3. Then use Brave. You don't even need an adblocker, since it's built in. Also they didn't have a huge privacy problem like Opera.

  4. Time to quit Internet for good, abandon all electronics, and move to the dugout jn the middle of the forest, so no company can track me and steal my precious data

  5. You are not wrong. During the week I use a Nokia phone and only switch to smart phones on weekends. It helps me not get distracted and I can focus on work/life.

  6. Until the ATF goes Ruby Ridge on your ass (if you don't know what I'm taking about please look up Ruby Ridge, not enough people know how awful the government is).

  7. I dont own any smart devices. The smartest device in my house is my PC and I keep a loaded gun next to it in case it makes a sound I dont recognize /s

  8. Brave and Opera make their own choices and add enhancements, so it's not the same. They both have built in adblock so that's not going away ever.

  9. Although the logo is similar, chromium is an open source project and is worked on by a lot of developers. It’s the features or the lack there of that separate chrome from the rest. Brave is one that a lot developers love

  10. Chromium is the root of the issue. It is the thing implementing Manifest V3 that leads to the Ad and Tracker Blockers issues.

  11. Everyone keeps saying FF is slow, but I'm not sure what they mean, what y'all running it on for the perf difference to be noticable?

  12. On mac I find Firefox much faster than Brave. I might have a bug, measuring with the performance tab had Brave 2-3x slower than chrome and Firefox in some cases

  13. Wdym? Firefox runs like butter on my friends computer (which is from 2012) and on mine its instant!

  14. Tbf, the bigger problem is google getting the monopoly on web browsers. Also I think it’s not as good as ublock specifically in terms of web ad blocking.

  15. Adguard is a paid software while most methods to block ads are free. Also as far as I know it's not the fastest.

  16. Why should they use adguard (I do, but why should others). Ad blockers have worked quite well for the past 10 years or so, so there was no need to switch.

  17. The reason that it is problematic isn’t the source code itself it is the interpretation of standards and the defacto possibility to push for changes that are not conform. Due to the complexity of v8 or similar changes are hard to identify and patch out.

  18. I don't know about them supporting the goog by using chromium, but Manifest V3 (the update in which adblockers will be removed) will affect all chromium browsers.

  19. Chromium is implementing Manifest v3. Chromium uses Blink. It is furthering Google’s interests, and they are driving development.

  20. yeah me too, I don't get why people hate chromium based engines, it is open source and, as long as you don't use Google search, Google earns nothing from it

  21. Hasn't this partnership been cancelled for negative feedback from users ? I'm not sure, especially since information regarding this announcement wasn't announced and shared en masse.

  22. People are fucking stupid. Google has about as much connection go chromium as Android. It'd open source and third parties have almost full control of their browser and its code. Edge adopting Manifest V3 is like Samsung and Google Pixel both getting Android 12

  23. FR. I got downvoted for recommending Brave to someone who has used Chrome for forever but still wants adblocking, because it’s based on Chromium, which doesn’t fucking matter.

  24. Yeah, I don't give a fuck about using YOUR favorite browser. I'm going to continue to use brave. I like it and it works. And that's all that matters. The Firefox crew really needs to calm down. You're not helping bring people to your browser. You're just pissing people off and pushing them away.

  25. Ok I'm extra dumb rn cuz I'm high so please bare woth ne but like how do I un-use Google? Y'know like how do I use Firefox or whatever the best alternative is on mobile?

  26. Android, like chromium is open source, they don't get anything from it and with android you can remove all the Google services which aren't open source (but usually come with android for convenience) and replace them with alternatives.

  27. If Android was on the brink of being the ONLY operating system on the market then yes, buying iPhones would be beneficial. If only one company controls the entire market with no competition, that means they can do whatever they want - and they will do everything to maximize their profits with disregard for the user experience. Because what are the users going to switch to if they're unhappy? Well, they can't switch because nothing else exists.

  28. brave is much more superior in hardware finger print blocking and overall ad/tracker blocking compared to firefox. never gonna stop using it.

  29. There will always be a browser or addon able to block ads, and it seems to be a rule of nature. Just make the switch when necessary. Most won't, that's why Google wins.

  30. I am currently using opera gx browser's in built ad blocker on pc and it works fine for me. If i see stop working then I won't mind switching to Mozilla. The only problem i keep facing is to transfer all my passwords and bookmarks from one browser to the other.

  31. Firefox uses Googles index. Brave does not. Brave is also dedicated to not having a bias for their search results. Almost every search engine has sold out in some way. Pick a ideal and use the best browser for that ideal.

  32. ddg is chromium based on mobile and the mac browser is webkit. better than vanilla chrome but I'd suggest a Firefox based browser

  33. The only real alternative is Firefox which by the way mostly exists because of Google paying them "to be the default option" when what they're doing is probably keeping alive a walking dead to keep antitrust cool considering Firefox is the only alternative to Chromium left, apart from Safari but that's another complicated story of limitations and unfair monopoly

  34. Problem is that that there are only like 2 well working web engines. Webkit being borderline but since its apple they don't really care to develop their webengine beyond the bare minimum.

  35. I'm using Vivaldi since it was released, chromium based, but first thing I did was adblock, after some time, they updated Vivaldi with built in ads and trackers block, so now I have double adblock.

  36. ok so? I genuinely dont get whats wrong with that. I like using chromium engine best and so do many others. Whats the thing with monopoly though if they're the most popular one.

  37. Firefox Market share is about to explode again. Everywhere you look there's a chromium based browser but Firefox stays true to their project.

  38. I'd like to use something else than Opera GX, but it's so convenient for me, especially the built in VPN and net limiter

  39. I remember going from Firefox to Chrome way back in the day and how scary of a feeling it was. Now it's time to go back home it seems.

  40. Is that browser known only in states or what? I heared about it for the first time this week

  41. Just switched to Firefox yesterday and it's not that groundbreaking to switch, so just do it. You can merge all your data and bookmarks easily too

  42. It's gonna take time, but every tech-literate person who installs a browser for a friend or family will slowly convert the world to Firefox. This is how Chrome proliferated and it is how it will die.

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