Crazy that its almost been 2 years already

  1. Bought a ps5 about 3 months ago. Told a couple friends how hard they were to find. And if they find one, they might as well just buy it. At least 5 of my friends all found one the same day or the day after in different stores. On their first attempt to look for one. I felt like a fool. Each said that the employees said they had about 10-15 each in the back.

  2. And for that reason, I have honestly stopped caring about the ps5. I guess sony was like “ what if me made a console but didn’t let people buy it, wouldn’t that be fun”

  3. Not related but the esports league our school is in mainly uses ps4s for non Nintendo console games. Even this year still haven’t made the switch. Makes me feel like it’s going to continue being difficult to buy one. I just got an Xbox instead after trying for a year to get a ps5 at retail. 3 of my friends have done the same thing.

  4. Ik, ive been noticing Microsoft has actually been getting Series X in stores for purchasing, still never seen a PS5

  5. I haven't seen either console in the wild. Walmart, GameStop, EBT games, nowhere but online. Don't make this some weird console war.

  6. Definitely. I have seen them at Target. My sister also ordered one from Walmart and got it days later and she isnt the type to use stock trackers or anything like that.

  7. The shortage and scalping made me give up on getting a console this generation. My Xbox One died so I play games on my Switch, PS3, and PC

  8. Series X is readily available on the Xbox site, I bought mine a couple months ago directly from Microsoft without any issues. If that’s something you’re still interested in, anyway.

  9. The only reason I want a PS5 is to try the new controller, otherwise there’s just no point. I can play everything on the old consoles or PC anyway

  10. I literally have 2 ps5 controllers and no ps5. You should buy the controllers anyway and hook it up to your pc, it’s worth it

  11. Definitely depends on location. I’m in upstate NY and ive seen them in Walmarts and targets just sitting in the cases. Also Best Buy near me has them every week.

  12. Lmfao the PS5 launch has been a collosal failure which is such a shame cause I don't want to fix my PS4 but I can't find a PS5. I don't buy this cOvId mAdE tHe ChIpS hArD tO fInD sO PrOdUcTiOn SuFfErEd. They've had a decade to prepare and get their supplies adequate. No excuse.

  13. Thanks for the reminder not to give up - just randomly looked at target app for the 12,000th time over the last 18 months and they actually had one. Gonna go pick it up soon

  14. Don’t know about you but there’s multiple at the target in my city. Not the hard to get or find, people would rather complain than spend a day or two trying to find one

  15. And I still refuse to buy one from scalpers. They just use computer programs to scan the web for new drops and buy them in seconds... fuck that

  16. So has Sony been losing a ton of profit because of their issues getting new units out into the market? That crossed my mind yesterday thinking about it.

  17. Check your local Walmart, we get them in about 2x a week and get 15-20 at a time but the store management just wants the sales, they don't care to who, so the first reseller who walks in and says "I'll take them all" gets them.

  18. I walked into a sky zone that had one for tickets. I asked if we could straight but it and she said she would consult her manager. The answer was no 🥲.

  19. There are apps that send you a notification when a ps5 is available online. You can go to the ps5 just by clicking on the notification thats how I got 2 ps5. And I could've bought like 30.

  20. Console wars. PC: I almost have 3000 series. Sony: I almost got a ps5. Xbox: I have a brick. Nintendo: Gaming tablet that’s basically a steam deck you can play on a tv and stores actually have them in stock.

  21. 21 million sold though, so obviously they're out there with a little effort. Everyone is pretending like scalpers are the only way to get them, but 21 million people didn't buy them from scalpers... Set a stock alert and it'll probably take you a week or two.

  22. Imagine not using hand me down Playstaion 3 and 4s and buying newest Xbox’s and Playstaion’s

  23. It’s Sony keeping stock low. The electronics shortage is pretty much done, just look at the GPU surplus we have now.

  24. I recommend getting a laptop. I got a Lenova Legion 5. It's portable, looks good relatively cheap for a gaming laptop, handles every game I've thrown at it, and you I've seen them as low as 800$ at Walmart.

  25. If people wanted the PS5 they coulda had one by now. I got one almost right away. All I had to do was sit at my desk for 36 hours straight and refresh 3 browsers with 7 websites constantly. Got mine at retail. If you want one, show some effort and go get it. “JUST DO IT!!” - Shia LaBeouf

  26. It’s funny, I’ve reached the point in my life where I’m only really casually playing games. I can’t see the value in buying a graphics card for the prices they go for these days. It would have been the perfect time to switch into a console… And yet, I can’t buy one.

  27. Alot of you little shits were to lucky to not deal with the 360 launch. I had preordered mine almost 6 months before it came out and had to wait a fucking year to get it after release.

  28. It’s definitely more accessible now more than ever. When I was ready to purchase, I went straight to the website and it was shipped to me 2 days later.

  29. It really isn't that hard to use hotstock and get one. Sure it's usually just the Horizon bundle edition but it comes with 2 controllers. People who say the ps4 is fine compared to playing the same games on a ps5, don't own a ps5 lol

  30. Damn I’ve had it for 2 years? I’ve had a harder time trying to find a better graphics card for my PC that isn’t $1k

  31. It's insane how in years of memes existing, people still post unfunny shit that isn't even a meme, in a fucking meme sub

  32. I got one imported. Scammer prices still but atleast it went to a working person. Tbf not sure you can do that amymore

  33. Or a car, or many things requiring certain chips. It's not some vast Sony conspiracy, it's that the world is f'd supply chain wise.

  34. Should there be a PS5 slim/pro next year ? It will be 3 years and that’s when consoles got a refreshed

  35. I still remember watching the reveal with my friends we where excited even tho we knew we won't be able to by it

  36. Trying to release when demand was peak and output was at its lowest was such a bad decision by Sony and Microsoft

  37. Its kinda crazy. I have mine almost a year a when i decided to buy one i had it at home in 3 days. For normal price.

  38. I've never seen one in a store. Or the Xbox. I also refused to buy one from a scalper. In my 50+ years alive being a gamer, I've never seen this before. Now I'll probably just wait for the PS5 Pro and if I can't buy one of those from a store either than that's probably it for me.

  39. PS5 and Sony has better exclusives, i will admit. Xbox has the Gamepass which is a great deal, a friend of mine has been PS for ever, they saw the Series X at the local walmart, and they were blown away with the haul Game Pass provides

  40. Bruh they're basically the same thing different flavor. Stop the console war lol. You're just spending more money on a gimmic that takes away your toys when you stop paying

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