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  2. They are failsafe. Due to an emp or a cyber attack, we could lose mobile communication or the internet, but these special landlines are protected against such attacks.

  3. I thought you can wire tap those lines? Or it’s just in movie? Also I remember those “switch boxes” on poles that can connect to your telephone?

  4. And reliable. I hate phones have just gotten lower and lower quality and less reliable on average the past fifty or so years. Fifty years ago, when you picked up you phone you expected to always work unless there was something catastrophic like an earthquake or a bad ice storm. Now, people look at their phones a lot to check to see if they have service.

  5. i mean one is a technology that goes big boom, the other is a highly advanced world network that took years and years of collective worldwide development and that needed progress on little thing like processors, transistors stuff like that, we put fucking big wires in the ocean between continents, and we put satellites in space to convey a highly advanced signal that litteraly transports voice and text at the opposite of the world, so yeah i hope one took longer that the other, but i still agree on priorities lmao (let's point out that without war making governments put lot of money in technologies, we would still use things like the apple II today)

  6. Sweats in German… no our entire glorious bureaucracy isn’t totally build on fax machines. Stop asking!

  7. I wanted to change my Vodafone password. They sent me the formular to my EMAIL, but I had to either send it back in a letter or a fax. Not to talk how every place that uses a PC, at least the many I've seen, uses Internet Explorer

  8. I don’t know. There’s different types of landline security and if one is compromised you can use another (in the Middle East we used a “red” line and a “black” line for specific reasons. Fax machines are also connected to a landline and not the internet. I think a coded fax is a more secure method than using the internet but I could be wrong.

  9. People are literally forgetting that Putin was a professional spy before he decided to become a head of state mafia.

  10. you know in the cold war the russians where laughed at cause they used old tech for their planes until the usa realised russian planes will fly after an nuke and its emp but not the american ones. similar here with the internet and fax or mobile network and landlines. Both of the old techs can still work if their mobile network / internet gets somehow destroyed. not even considering safety here

  11. Lol this is like the space pen story. Where ordinary pens didn't work in space, so the US development a special one that works without gravity, and the Soviets just used a pencil...

  12. He wants the world to know that his biggest secrets stay secret, and this is a secret message to people who noticed it to show how secret he is.

  13. Yup, they sure do. That and their hanko (signature stamp) systems are very dated and the new minister of technology is finally starting to address it. The last minister of technology admitted he's never used a computer before, this is a big improvement.

  14. Not to joke but I definitely think they do .. they have been selling arms to more than half of the world and lets not forget even America’s nuclear program runs on floppy disk

  15. Their nukes arent 40s level they have the tsar bomb. The landline is to prevent any sort of interference with the call

  16. This post is a portrait of redditors ignorance. Luckily lots of people are casting lights in those shadows. Hate Putin but don't talk bullshit.

  17. Well I believe it's because the old stuff is more secure than technologically advanced stuff. The technologically advanced stuff tend to be vulnerable to cyber attacks

  18. I did chuckle at this as well. But that doesn’t mean we should underestimate what a desperate man will do even if the tech is ancient they could still cause a massive amount of devastation.

  19. Ah yes great russian missles that helped russia get kicked out out of everywhere exept one sellout city and two regions in war since 2014 They talk so much about their super weapons but this is all bullshit, none of their great inventions are used on the field, and don't get me started on the times when rusia claimed they made an ai androids, the first time android being a man in a costume, the second - some random sex doll from china

  20. Listen its just cuz I don't spend money on useless new things only important military stuff like communication...... Hold up

  21. Land lines and anything that cant be hacked is a lot more secure than a smartphone or general purpose pc.

  22. Those are not fax machines, those are 'fuck machines'. He can write 'fuck' on a parer, send it to someone with that machine, and they will be fucked!

  23. I mean landlines are probably secure enough for them you would need a physical wiretap and a decryption key to listen in sooo

  24. He wants people to know he is still alive. There can’t be any other reason for his failed mini war and disagreements with China. He has five nothing flashy since annexing Crimea and shooting down a passenger jet.

  25. Ya know, up until very recently, the US nuclear missile systems used 8" floppy disks. Tech from 1977. And when I say very recently, I mean it was 2019 before they fully replaced them.

  26. Im not supporting any sides but a President has more to do that fighting a war, the govt needs sign off on projects, promotions, reports that don't need the top level security but everyone can easy use

  27. You guys don’t get it. Digital age everything is hackable. Dude is trying to show off that he still has the good old trustworthy

  28. Nukes don’t really have to be brand new to go boom. He ain’t right in the head. The world should tread lightly around this one

  29. The world was threatened by NATO deliberately approaching the borders of Russia contrary to the agreements. Thereby creating the threat of nuclear war. Smart Americans understand this, others think in line with similar memes.

  30. I hate Putin but as an IT guy, PSTN (traditional telephone) and fax systems that uses it are more secure than emails and VOIP. Even democratic countries like Canada and the USA still uses it for secure government communications.

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