All this for their damn Adblock

  1. I used to love Chromecast. Saved me firing my PC up some times, but is so addy now. Is this 5 in a row a real thing?

  2. With chrome removing support for Manifest V2, a lot of ad blockers won't be very effective on chromium based browsers. Maybe 1/10 ads will be blocked.

  3. So annoying. I am using my AdBlocker on Pc, but on my PS4 I just can't watch a video anymore without 5 octillion ads, it's insane.

  4. Would it be worth refreshing to try and get fewer ads or an initial skippable to skip them all? Might avoid sitting about for minutes at a time even if it doesn't work

  5. Nickel and dining seconds of people’s lives for product placement that 1% of viewers will actually purchase.

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