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  1. I don’t mine, I play multiplayer, so I get my stuff through imperialistic conquest and bartering

  2. Yeah, like I could kind of almost see his argument if he said dirt or, like, andesite that has no crafting purposes, but even then, I can get cobble out of a tiny no-maintenance generator, it's literally the cheapest material available.

  3. You can make a cobblestone generator making it way easier to afk farm, or just farm in general not to mention that it's not flammable and more durable

  4. “Durable” bruh i fucking hate when my mob farm’s wood starts rotting and it succumbs to gravity

  5. I've just realized this is probably talking about minecraft, but for my terraria boys: 30 bombs can get you a stack of cobble in a world if you're using them wastefully, whereas there are a finite amount of trees in the world and the only way to get them back is by using acorns which takes time to plant, time to grow, time to harvest, adequate space for the trees, and for whar? A few platforms?

  6. Whoever made this meme never actually played minecraft. You mine so much stone when gathering the metals you need for crafting. Wood gathering falls off, unless you make a farm for it. I never liked to throw stuff away so I always had a large # of chests full of cobblestone.

  7. First of all to chop a tree down is much harder than to mine for cobble stone which you already got a ton of from mining for resources.

  8. Wood is not cheaper. Cobble stone is one of the easiest resources to gather in minecraft. Wood needs to be regrown, Trees sometimes grow really big so you need to waste time dealing with that.

  9. Just look at the list of the things you need wood to make. I’m constantly having to go out of my way to get wood for builds, but I almost always have an excess of cobblestone.

  10. Cobble farms are way faster and easier to build than wood-farms. And you can link 4 quad-layered cobble farms to go in one explosive chamber. And you can do other stuff while it blows thinks up, instead of staying there planting saplings

  11. Wood takes a longer amount of time to fsrk, while giving more quantity than a cobblestone generator which only gives one, the cobblestone generator regenerates so quickly that it becomes a more useful block to build with.

  12. cobblestone it much more abundant than wood especially late game, plus there are chances for fires with wood

  13. Cobblestone can’t catch on fire if something goes wrong. Plus with wood you have to either wait for a sapling to grow or bonemeal the hell out of it. Cobblestone generators can crank out tons in a very short amount of time, especially if you use a redstone clock + piston combo to automate the production process

  14. To get one cobblestone you need to mine 1 stone, to get 4 wood planks you need to only mine one wood block.

  15. Cobblestones at this point are synonomous with with any crude inventions and farms. Since the older days of 1.112b and most likely with versions before it. It's just one of those things that permiate through.

  16. If your on about MC then you get cobblestone playing the game but wood you need to directly look for

  17. you dont actively gather cobblestones unlike wood... Be you're mining for diamonds, clearing land or digging for tunnels and basement, you get shitton of cobbles

  18. You'll have plenty of cobble from mining and you'll use wood for your pretty places on top of those 2 big ones wood is a much more valuable material as it is required in many crafting recipes

  19. Yes wood is cheaper but everybody has cobblestone laying around from mining or digging a hole etc. for wood you have to make an effort and actually farm the material

  20. I always have way more cobble than wood, it’s just much easier to get because it’s everywhere underground. I usually have around half an inventory of cobble on a good mining trip

  21. Stone is much more abundant on a whole world scale, and you get a ton of it through mining. And since mining is quite literally the name of the game, you’re gonna be doing a lot of it.

  22. That and wood is flammable, cobblestone is a byproduct of all your mining, and it’s just more convenient to gather because there’s so much of it around

  23. What? Cobble is 1/100th the cost of wood. I have 10 double chests full of cobble. I have less than a stack of wood readily available.

  24. Because cobblestone is everywhere, easier to get, and isn't flammable. Wood isn't really a cheaper alternative when you have to either go from tree to tree getting a few blocks at a time, or start a farm of them. I hated gathering wood so much in my last survival map that I just went ahead and set up a tree generator. Had easy access to cobblestone long before I could get that set up.

  25. Farming wood is annoying, 1 log is 4 planks, but if you factor in the time it takes to take down a tree and get to the next one as opposed to just stripmining, wood takes longer (plus you can find ores while mining for cobble)

  26. Difference is that even after using only cobblestone for my farms, I still have a double chest full of cobblestone and exactly 1 log, that I am using to display in an item frame to identify the log chest that is currently empty.

  27. OP clearly has never tried finding diamonds before. Unless I mine a mineshaft I get cobblestone much quicker

  28. Bc there's cobble generators wich are usually faster than sapling growth and most people don't use all of the cobble they mine

  29. You can AFK mine cobblestone, to AFK mine trees it requires a large complex contraption, wood is also flammable so if there's any lava or lightning strikes or anything the farm goes down, cobblestone is also more blast resistant so if creepers accidentally explode there will be less damage

  30. Cobble is blast resistant if you’re building with creepers or something similar and fire resistant if you’re potentially working with fire or are at risk of having your farm struck by lightning

  31. Kinda wondering if OP has actually ever played survival Minecraft. You can amass TONS of cobble just by trying to mine for diamonds. you actually have to go out and collect/replant wood, but with cobble you can just WM1.

  32. Wood can be turned into sticks and sold to villagers for emeralds while cobblestone you get naturally by mining and stacks up quickly.

  33. Cobblestone is objectively easier to acquire, in fact by the time you intend to start building mob farms you should have a double chest filled with the stuff.

  34. I think it's because if lightning strikes it it will catch fire and with such a big area there's a good chance that lightning will

  35. wood is more valuable, and has more use than cobblestone. cobble can be obtained in large quantities even when you're doing something else (looking for ore etc.)

  36. Me and my friends used netherack once for a creeper farm which I think looks cooler and is easier to get because you can gigadrill

  37. If it's a mushroom style esque (the 2014 special) or just way up in the sky, wood can catch fire from lightning. Stone is also more durable and all the wood is going towards sticks so I can strip mine for 3 hours

  38. Cuz i go mining for iron and diamonds, cobblestone and cobbled deepslates just lying around everywhere

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