no one's ever made it this far

  1. When you absolutely have to bright light every deer in a mile radius because just having a monster truck isn’t enough small dick energy.

  2. Imagine being stuck in front of this guy while trying to leave an event and they have their brights on just because why not

  3. The tactic here is to avoid the lights. They combine to form a highly powerful laser so as long as you constantly switch lanes you should avoid the sunrise in your back windshield for enough time to escape.

  4. 😱 How many light switches does he have to toggle in order to turn all of it on? No way it's all on one switch. The truck would self destruct.... 🤣

  5. This is the gadget truck to fight the shadow monster at the end of the Z-grade monster movie that only got released on Tubi.

  6. At least I would know it's there, about a week ago I got tailgated by a car that I straight up could not see because they where that close, only reason I could see them was because I had seen them earlier and so was trying to figure out where they went. Managed to safely pass the car in the slow lane and pull over before they hit me. They then got pulled over by a cop car.

  7. If this pulled up behind me, I feel I would be completely justified in stopping my truck, getting out, and beating this person to death with my bare hands.

  8. At least they got a big-ass mud flap behind the rear wheels. By far the most considerate thing about this monster!

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