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  2. Sure they are, got all different kinds for every taste / whatever kinds of meals you want. As far as I know even vegetarian sausages are beginning to taste alright.

  3. Yes, I am. My flat that I share with my flatmates is heated with gas. I will probably invest in a few blankets and keep the room at 17°C to save some. Also cold shower only.

  4. I think if you don't understand the language and you link it to the world wars (what you shouldn't do) then yes

  5. No. Its just the image you have because the only german you ever hear is from documentaries or 2nd world war movies

  6. Jo Diggi bin deutsch (sorry für den Schreibstil ich wollte nur was schreiben was Googleübersetzer nie so schreiben würde)

  7. Guten tag. Ich bin Heidi. Guten tag Heidi, ich bin Peter. Who wonst du? Ich wonne in den Alpe. That's the the 1 year of German we got in Sourh Africa/s

  8. Well our economy is better but the other countries are more focused on the people who live there and that’s that what politics should do

  9. We hold up well with the rest of Europe, we got the usual "our politics suck dick" and the East of Germany is a bit underdeveloped and we got a problem with Far Right radicals in Saxony and Thüringen

  10. No, almost nobody expect for some extremists on thr far right (mostly Rechsbürger, translation: "citizens of the empire") disputes the border at the Oder and Neiße rivers today.

  11. Have you ever met some one who still thinks Hitler did the right thing or agrees with his ideology. And also are you a virgin and if not how you lost you're virginity. (You probably are :,-) .game or sports you're good at .

  12. We've certainly all met some crazy guy (always dudes) who agrees with the ideology from back then. It's very sad to hear/see after all the harm it has done

  13. Very very few actually support Hitler nowadays (less than 1%) but a lot more have similar rhetoric and political tactics just applied to a different group. 10-15% of the voting population max

  14. What do you think about the farmer protests in the Netherlands? Heard it got attention in some other countries too like germany.

  15. I personaly think that they are kinda dumb. These farmers knew for decades that stronger rules will come, only their lobby prevented them to come earlier. There was enough time to prepare. If you dont adapt to future, you will get f*cked by it.

  16. In germany we like to combine wird's so you know exactly what it is. For example Krankenhaus (Hospital) means something like "house of the ill". I dont know why we combine them because i think in some other languages i think it often is x of (the) y and in german IT really is yx

  17. I dont like Indian food, its way to spicy for my taste. My favourite kitchen is the german kitchen, especially Thüringer Klöse with Sauerbraten or Gulasch, very underrated. Its not really spicy as its mostly just salt and pepper but the Meat has a pure taste and the sauce alone could be a dinner. The thick brown sauce has a very unique taste, mostly because its cooked bone marrow. If you even get the chance you should definitely try it. Germanys kitchen has a long tradition and its the best you can make with local products here.

  18. A lot of pork and Beef, less spices, not so spicy. And a lot of hearty food, meat, potatoes, that kind of stuff. Tasty, but fills you up quickly.

  19. If you're serious about it, I would recommend the Pimsleur courses. They are not exactly cheap but if their German course is on par with their other courses, it is definitely worth it. The course consists of 30 minute audio lessons that try to mimic real conversations and teach you words and sentences in the context they are actually used in. I am using it to learn Japanese and in half a year I have learned a lot more than in 3 years of school. I think you can try the first lesson of each language for free, so you can check it out and see if their concept works for you.

  20. As an an American I would appreciate hearing your perspective. From your vantage point how f*cked is the US?

  21. There is no country that is more dystopian than the US. Capitalism in it’s purest form, where everyone has endless freedom. But also where human rights are beneath profits. You pay 5 to 6 figures for an ordinary medical treatment in a hospital as well as for normal education. The working class makes such little money that they couldn’t afford health care if they wanted to & it’s far more cheaper to eat fast food compared to a healthy diet. On top of that everyone is voluntarily exposed to gun violence believing the Illusion, that a gun protects you from anything. Politics is extremely influenced by Lobbyism of massive cooperations and propaganda works better than in every other country.

  22. Don’t you dare listen to all of these morons! The USA are BY FAR the best country in the world! Nothing even comes close! The fact that you would even ask such a stupid question (and moreover get dumb answers like that) just goes to show you how brainwashed people are by the media. Be thankful EVERY DAY, that you get to live in the greatest country the world has ever seen! And yes, I am German! Realtalk over

  23. Are you aware that my 10th grade english teacher’s friend’s ex husband flew to germany and stole a bunch of nazi stuff, smuggled it back to america, and decorated his house with it?

  24. Very few that are open supporters of Hitler or his rhetoric (less than 1%) but if you put today's German population into the 1930s situation, I would say like 10%

  25. Really not many. Maybe 0,5% would like Hitler back. But nowadays people are called Nazi just because they dont support the very leftist ideology of the government.

  26. Okay at this point I could make a joke about like 90 percent but let’s be serious: these people who agree with hitler still exist here and that’s terrible. But just a few of them share their opinions loud (let’s say 0,0001% of all German) the rest is hiding this opinion behind patriotism and racism, these are way more (and yes being racist doesn’t mean you a Nazi, I would say 30% of all German are racist, but the part which likes hitler is about 1% I think and luckily these are hated by the whole rest of us. So I don’t think we will let them do any shit to the world anymore)

  27. Wir sind beide keine Fremden der Liebe Du kennst die Regeln und das tue ich auch Volle Hingabe ist, woran ich denke Du würdest das von keinem anderen Kerl bekommen Ich will dir nur sagen, wie ich mich fühle Muss es dich verstehen lassen

  28. Sadly jews are still being treated bad. Jewish people that walk around with Kippahs might face discrimination especially in the east.

  29. Your country and your culture and your history got and gets humuliated by western societies and why your ppl still support them ? Also why your country still pay indemnity to je..... ?

  30. It would be nice if they take Bayern. That’s a state in Germany which no one likes but we are known for their behavior

  31. Nothing you get drunk on Friday and send usless shit to anywhere around the country. That is why we order from Tuesday through Thursday. So you don't fuck it up.

  32. So i always wondered if Germans had like guns around their house. Gun for the bathroom gun for the basement gun for everything and there would be a personal gun for the room which was a rifle or something.

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