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  1. Better cut that arm off to complete the look. On that not how is what's left of that forearm so muscular

  2. Bingo. I’m in the best shape of my life (from the worst shape of my life in 2020), down to 9.5% body fat… high cholesterol is exactly the same as it’s been for the past 5 years. Could only be worse if I weren’t trying.

  3. True. The boobs are unrealistic unless you've already got them. If you lose fat, you will actually lose your boobs. However, you can grow a nice butt.

  4. If they work hard enough. You just gotta pump it, if you do enough work you can even grow the horns and bunny ears. Guys can also get taller and change their entire bone structure!

  5. The question is really "whose fantasy do these images appeal to?" And in both cases, the answer is men. These are men's fantasy images of women and men. This is not a case of men fantasizing about unrealistic women, and women fantasizing about unrealistic men. This is about men fantasizing about who they want to fuck, and about who they want to be.

  6. Not only that, they need to have gigantic boobs double the size of their head while having the rest of the body similar to a 13 yo

  7. Steroids are cringe af. Imagine having to take hormones because you don't trust your body enough to let it do it's thing.

  8. No amount of gym work is going to make you look like that; it’s either steroids or working out and starving/dehydrating yourself. 0% body fat is lethal.

  9. Ehhh even with gear it's impossible for some men to look like that. They just don't have the muscle insertions for it.

  10. thing is, you can work out your muscles but youre physically incapable of working out boobs and having a smaller waist

  11. boobs are made of fatty tissue. there is no way that going to the gym can help grow breast tissue. but to get a smaller waist, you’d need to lose fat. when losing fat, you lose it all over your body, so you lose it from your boobs aswell. working your abs is likely just gonna make em more bulky. so it’s extremely hard to have a small waist and big boobs without having the genetics for it

  12. Abs like that are unattainable, unless you dehydrate yourself to point where you’re about to die. That level of muscle definition is the same, you basically have to starve yourself from very basic necessities to function, so it isn’t sustainable in the long run. It’s an unrealistic expectation.

  13. Thing is it's a lot harder to exercise than it is to just not eat. The lesson should be that these comparisons are dumb, not that you've obviously got it worse.

  14. yes she is. sort of. around this one boy (underage obviously) she is very indecent. she isn't like that when with other people, however

  15. As a straight guy, what’s wrong with admiring attractive muscular guys? I for one don’t like them in a romantic way, but more that I want to become like them (besides, my desire for such physique is pretty intense considering I’m overweight)

  16. It makes me so sad that some men actually think that this body shape is possible for everyone, and that is just about exercise, food and sleep.

  17. Top left is uzaki from uzaki-chan wants to play Top right is lucoa from miss kobayashi's dragon maid Bottom left is baki from baki Bottom right is guts from berserk

  18. No men do not expect you to have ridiculously large boobs like that, honestly I don’t even like them that big they need to be much smaller

  19. Yep, that's the thing these memes always miss. The above is a male sexual fantasy, the below is a male power fantasy. If male superheroes/anime characters were designed to be ogled by women you'd see a whole lot more with big bulges between their legs and plenty of focus on their crotches/asses.

  20. I would have picked different thing for the top one, since it isn't really a trainable look. Also two different artstyles, top and bottom.

  21. Right, because everybody knows that you can increase your breast and ass size by going to the gym. What the fuck does this even mean? With the top photos, it’s supposed to represent sexually appealing figures, while on the bottom it portrays males at their “peak” physical performance. Wether or not women find this attractive is irrelevant since it wasn’t designed for that. Both of these are male fantasies.

  22. Yeah but do you realize that boob size is a genetic thing, but a person who works out and eats healthy will look pretty good on a long enough timeline.

  23. Not necessarily man if you work hard enough and long enough in the gym you can achieve almost anything that you may want for your physique to be

  24. okay so apparently now woman can grow their boobs. i don’t understand, if people hate plastic implants but then post shit like this to lead to insecurity, it’s immature.

  25. Thats because such characters are created for men. If women did only care half as much about muscly men as men do, they would care at least twice as much as they actually do.

  26. Difference is, you can (for the most part, ignoring genes or chronic disabilities/diseases) control how much muscle you build. A woman can't control the size of her boobs/ass to that extent.

  27. When I look at anime women with giant tits and a small waist, I immediately think about the back pain that they experience. I do appreciate big boobs, but at some point, it's excessive and makes me feel bad for them.

  28. Exactly. A friend just got implants, and for what? Constant pain and tiny bra straps digging into your traps all day? I’m so happy with my small boobs. They look great and don’t cause daily pain. Not worth it

  29. I love the fact that these memes imply wpmen just aren't trying and could actually look like that. Yall know you cant make ur boobs bigger without surgery or pregnancy right??

  30. To be fair though the “fantasy female body” is often not achievable through hard work and a healthy lifestyle, breast size and facial features are largely genetic, so most women will never be able to achieve those physiques.

  31. I certainly hope women don’t actually think that men want… like that shit isn’t hot, it’s just fucking gross.

  32. To be fair, it's 100% in your power to get a fucking sculpted body. It just takes a lot of effort, but it is healthy and you can probably do it naturally without steroids.

  33. Even with good genes, you can't really get a sculptured body, without taking steroids, having dangerously low body fat and/or dehydrating yourself. But if you work really hard and try to stay healthy, you'll still be pretty buff. Your point with tits still stands tho.

  34. as a dude you can understand that the girls part is reasonable because you can't just grow out titties, but with exercise and GOING JIM even i managed to look pretty sick.

  35. Anyone ever find it sad that the "hottest" male body is the literal best version of yourself, (strongest muscle, best stamina, least fat) while the "hottest" female body is a complete hindrance unless your hobby is giving birth and having kids? (big boobs = big back pain, wide hips aren't strong and use more energy, and overall much weaker) The worst part is you can't even work towards it (besides maybe working on your thighs?), or more likely, you can't change it without irreversible surgery.

  36. In reality by "this very moment" he means he might start tomorrow, maybe next week, possible next month, might make it his new years resolution, every year for the next decade.

  37. I'd advise you to re-remember what 12 year old girls in anime actually look like. If you genuinely think they are 12 you might be looking at too much Loli hentai

  38. I mean, they're both for the men to look at. Certainly, sone women like super strong, buff men, but the bottom images are always put in for men to look at what they want to be. It's still a male fantasy.

  39. The 1st one is literally a character based off the artist herself my guy. Idk what children you be seeing that looks like that but my man seek some help. Every child I see doesn't look anything like that aside from the rounded face(which plenty of adults have) children are usually dirty and kinda ugly ngl.

  40. I'm pretty sure neither of these characters are children. And I don't see anything about their design which would make you think they are children.

  41. Do you think strong people or muscular people were born that way? No of course not, youlll probably never look like that, but apply yourself work out hard , don’t hurt yourself, take rest days. And you will be putting on muscle .

  42. I've been exercising for 7 years now, and I hope to look the way I want to in the next 20 years of work. These things don't happen by going to the gym once. You have to keep showing up for yourself. Not for the gains.

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