Dear god…

  1. I’m an inverted y axis bro. Have been my whole life. I wondered if I was reincarnated and I used to be a pilot. I was always good at flight simulator but I got all fucked up when n64 came out and I started moving around in 3d. My kids think I’m handicapped.

  2. Honestly when it's an aircraft. I think the majority does inverted y. But this meme was probably more about aiming in first person

  3. I only use inverted y, when playing games with flight. I can't manage any other way, when trying to fly a plane or helicopter in a game. It just feels wrong. Otherwise, it's standard, and it'll fuck with me if it isn't.

  4. I started gaming with flight sims in the late 80s. On aircraft you push down to go up. First person games literally did not exist at the time. The reflexes were already there, so why relearn if you don’t have to?

  5. Even your use of “push down to go up” had me wildly confused. I think you mean you “pull up” to go up.

  6. This is the way. You don't want to be drafted to fly the plane because the pilot is dead and twitch into a crash by reflex.

  7. I'm born after 2000 (2001) and I play like the game puts it. If it's inverted I'll play inverted, if it's normal I'll play normal.

  8. Same. It is the most natural and intuitive way for me. Tilt your head forward and you look down. Tilt your head back and you look up. As in real life, so too in games.

  9. Truth. I can't wrap my head around not inverting it. I think what probably happened is that the first flying games on the original NES (Top Gun, Stealth ATF) were "push up to go down" and my brain just formed that way.

  10. Im old, and always play inverted y, no matter the genre. My kids complain so i had to switch to non inverted. I can switch back and forth easily now. Still prefer the old school flight sim approach though...

  11. I used to play on both inverted for about 20 years - but only because of PSX and PS2 era where most of games were using inverted setting as default. I reprogrammed myself recently because some games do not offer change of camera to inverted anymore

  12. I always use Inverted Y Axis , Never Inverted X axis ; reason, right stick is to simulate your head direction, bow down to look down

  13. if it's an aircraft, I'll do inverted Y. anything else I won't. I know a guy who uses inverted X though and that's some bullshit

  14. I play with an inverted y-axis. I don't think it has anything to do with my mental illness, though.

  15. I have a friend like that. He plays minecraft better than anyone i personally know and beats my ass even after 6 months of not playing.

  16. You control the camera, not your character's eyes, so of course the Y axis need to be inverted (camera needs to go down to look up)

  17. Wait, which one is inverted? Is that the one where pushing forward on the stick makes you look up, and pulling back on the stick makes you look down?

  18. The best way to think about it is put a straw in your hand. Point the straw to your left. While straw may be pointing left, your hand is point towards the right. On a console, the pads are like your hand. Your hand/pad is to the right, which makes the straw point left.

  19. I can never remember which way I find more natural. I’ve been playing the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga lately and have gotten all confused I’m the flying sections and have tried it both ways and neither feels right and then I’ll forget and have a bit of break between flying sections and come back and be all over the place again. I blame 90s games where you had no control over that and it was different from one game to the next.

  20. Makes sense. When scrolling on reddit on phone, your thumb moves down to scroll up. And thumb moves up to scroll down.

  21. Some games feel better uninverted but I usually prefer inverted. Honestly I just have to play the game one way until my brain is used to it. Honestly though I will almost always do it wrong at some point and get frustrated so it doesn't matter which way it goes. Just my damn dyslexic brain.

  22. I remember when 3d games first came out and the y axis was 'inverted' by default and often unchangeable. Just stuck with me I guess.

  23. In battelfield saga i play the helicopter with inverted y axis, tactical R3/O and left handed axis, still the best pilot of my squad

  24. I don’t get why people are saying that one is better than the other. Can’t you guys just realize that the controls are set one way and just play it that way? Half of my games don’t have the same axis inputs as the other half. Just the default.

  25. I’ve never played a single flight sim, but I’ve just always used inverted y axis. In every game that uses the y axis for camera movement, I change it to inverted. Though I’ll never invert x axis. There’s an even more special place in hell for hr people that do.

  26. I started using inverted Y axis when I was playing School Of Dragons, because that was the first time I was flying something, and everytime I landed, the dragon would start walking backwards, which was so unnatural

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