breathing in the same direction = homosexual

  1. You're telling me that two straight guys can have a close emotional relationship where they are willing to talk about their problems and support each other? That's impossible they're obviously gay. /s

  2. People asking if my gf and I (we're lesbian) are sisters or close friends even when we're being flirty or whatever. Every fucking time omg...

  3. Yo i'm kinda interested on why lesbians are "less gay". Is it because of harems(in era were woman were slaves-sorry) and how we view them?

  4. I'm in the army and I've seen people hug, lift each other, all but kiss each other, and have thought every time "ah they're just friends". Not even best friends. It's neat here.

  5. How is this format still around. I don't know where y'all live or how old you are but irl I haven't heard that "seems kinda gay" bullshit in years.

  6. what? best guy friends are always gay with each other, it’s our other friends we are like that with

  7. honestly i kinda enjoy everyone assuming im gay on the basis of 1. my crush probably won't suspect shit and 2. gay people dress nice

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