my friends argue about it alot lets settle this forever

  1. Eveytime time there is new windows, you should wait year or two before upgrading to it. The first year there is most problems.

  2. Yeah, I'll switch when there is less debate. Same way I got off Windows 7. When it become obvious that I was on a sinking ship and Windows 10 was finally the right move, I did it. Not something to stress about really.

  3. EndeavourOS would be a great alternative to manjaro, it‘s arch based too but has not all the bad things like manjaro does

  4. I'm gonna be honest. I'd rather use Linux than Windows. But this is an exception. I'd rather use Windows XP without drivers than Manjaro.

  5. Seriously, whenever I mention that I use Manjaro, people just go "manjarNO hurr hurr" like holy shit let me use my OS.

  6. And functionality removed. That's my main complaint. Everything is hidden behind an extra menu and other things you straight up cannot do. Some were returned after people complained but it's still overall a worse product.

  7. Windows 11 is the only OS that takes advantage of the newest generation CPUs that have efficiency cores. In Windows 10, efficiency cores are treated the same as any other cores. But in 11, 13th generation CPUs are fully exploited to their fullest capacity.

  8. But only the LTSC version that's stripped completely of bloatware, designed for the medical community, point of sale computers, etc. It's got a 10 years of security support. Been using it for a year now and it does everything the standard version does (with a couple of simple tweaks), minus the bullshit.

  9. I think it's a well-known phenomenon at this point that every other windows distribution is worth running.

  10. Windows 10 for sure but I heard some really annoying cases that when you restart your computer it automatically installs Windows 11

  11. Yeah, I take cybersecurity as a class, as we use a Windows 7 machine to run all of our viruses. It’s not safe whatsoever, and you need to upgrade. Your computer is literally at risk of getting a ransomware virus that released in 2017. Upgrade, forced updates aren’t bad at all. Stop whining.

  12. I use windows 11 because my laptop randomly updated to it, but seeing I'm lazy I'm not planning on downgrading seeing I can't really tell the difference except for the layout, I think I cried when I first saw the layout

  13. It was pretty bad, but the current version runs like butter and I myself have only noticed a performance boost after upgrading

  14. I prefer windows 10 but all the prebuilt PCs or laptops use 11 now so unless I’m building one myself I’ll have to use 11 at some point.

  15. XP was the first Windows OS that I didn't have to install every year due to it going corrupt... Respect.

  16. Just got a new gaming desktop with l, still trying to figure out if I will like windows 11, otherwise in a few weeks I may just buy windows 10 for it

  17. I have Windows 11 and it’s alright. I could use it or 10. All my PC really does is run games via Steam 90% of the time. I should try SteamOS.

  18. I have seen no advantages to windows 11. They just changed the icons to be larger in my task bar. I don't like it. They modified the words to icons in the context menus. So instead cut / copy / paste they have cute little icons. They centered the start menu. That is all I can tell that is different.

  19. Windows 11 is fine for me but I'm waiting until 2025 to migrate my 100 users from Windows 10. By then I might be able to skip it and go straight to 12.

  20. My i7 7700k from 2017 is apparently not advanced enough to run Windows 11 so I’m forced to stay on 10.

  21. Windows 11 - I actually got a noticeable performance boost and Task Manager closes games that freeze, I had problems with both in 10

  22. 11, definitely. People keep talking about perfomance issues and bunch of other problems, but personally I haven't noticed anything. It'll be perfect once they add the "Drag files into apps by dragging them to the icon on the taskbar" back in

  23. There is no reason to upgrade in this case either. Windows 11 is like vista was. It's literally just an unfinished skin for Windows 10

  24. Until Windows 11 allows me to reposition the Task Bar to the left side of the screen like every other version of Windows has hallways done, I ain't upgrading.

  25. After 6 years of win 10 i upgraded to 11 and its not bad at all. I enjoy win 11 as it is breath of fresh air to me.

  26. They're pretty much identical. I upgraded a couple months ago and honestly aside from the audio mixer not being a standalone thing by default there's pretty much no difference.

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