Choose your Fighter wisely. Who would win

  1. I mean... Gandalf is a Maia, an angelic being who has been in the world since it was created. He is a servant of a God. Gandalf killed a demon from the ancient world, and fought the servant of the most powerful being that has been in Middle Earth. Gandalf came back to life after he died. He also wields one of the Rings of Power and a sword made by elves in the first age. I think I know who I am choosing.

  2. on the other hand, gandalf never casts any particularly impressive spells meanwhile doctor strange has an infinity stone that lets him control time and can transport himself and others to different dimensions

  3. I'm....still confused which your choice is. I hope it isn't Galdalf because he has to be the weakest and lamest "magical" immortal angelic being I have ever seen.

  4. wut magic is capable of for merlin, dumbledore, and gandalf is very inconsistent but yea i think merlin is equally likely to be the weakest, as he is to be the most powerful due to his many interpretations

  5. magic in all these character's stories is very poorly explained (if there's an exception tho id assume dr. strange has an explanation). because of this you cannot really determine very easily who is more capable

  6. Considering you gave the eye agamoto to Dr. S he has the clear victory. Even without it, he has the advantage with the mirror dimension.

  7. Guys its strange mainly because he would find the one universe where he would win and tell Iron man then he will hold up one finger

  8. Idk the other 3 cuz I never watched their movies but ima still go with Dr strange as long as the other 3 don't use geometry 🤣🤣🤣

  9. I'm pretty sure in harry potter they said Merlin was the most powerful wizard ever, so therefore he would at least be more powerful than Dumbledore

  10. I mean the choice is between an angelic being that has literaly died and come back to life and a bunch of humans with magic powers. Easy choise IMO.

  11. Merlin is a shyster who manipulated nobles to put a impressionable youth in charge of a huge empire. All his "powers" are smoke and mirrors. Verily!

  12. Gandalf is a literal demi god or whatever majars where But my name is Artur which is the polish spelling of Arthur so it's a really hard choice

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