1. "hey man, I don't care if you join or not, but I'm gonna call or text you every few days and ask if everything is okay, and like, then I'll tell some military stories"

  2. When society has evolved to a point so absurdly close to absolute purposelessness, it doesn't even sound unbeliavable any male figure could enticea large group of disenfranchised men by telling them to clean their rooms.

  3. When I found out about JP I was so impressed with his logical approach to things that I started questioning some of my most "liberal" opinions. But at some point he started adding a moderate but very direct attack against leftists and liberals to the end of every single one of his conclusions and ideas. I didn't care much since I just don't like politics: I was fine subtracting that last part and capturing his logic only, but I did notice that pattern growing steadily.

  4. I had a similar arc of following him. At first I loved the knowledge he had on psychology and his advices really worked. Heck I even started cleaning my bed every morning. But as we go deeper into the wormhole, we see the man we loved falling apart, we can see his biases, we can see his blind spots.

  5. Very well said! I remember my barber recommending Jordan Peterson to me years ago. I checked him out and after a few videos I thought what he was saying is pretty apt, maybe a little derivative and obvious, but not bad advice. However, his demeanor always bothered me?

  6. Jordan "Forced Monogamy" Peterson has always been a grifter. He is not intelligent or profound, and he says so himself. He rakes in money by telling people what they want to hear.

  7. He is a conservative spiritualist that pretends to be a neutral intellectual. It's wild that he gets away with it.

  8. Yeah the 2016-2019 Jordan Peterson was great but now he just seems to push political beliefs over everything which is unfortunate

  9. He caught my interest with his lecture about Hitler. Like the logical thing to do is postpone the destruction of the Jews until after you win the war. But that’s assuming hitler was rational and winning was his goal. What he did instead was accelerate the destruction of the Jews at the expense of the war and that indicates if he is rational, his goal is to cause as much chaos in as short a time as possible.

  10. Judging by how many ads I see featuring Jordan, I gather that he's part of the professional class of smart-sounding political hacks who thrive on controversy and ginned up culture war bullshit.

  11. He's not a smart man. He just uses big words gained from education and preaches it like it's gospel. He's very VERY good at "preaching" but he lacks any kind of understanding of nuances subjects.

  12. The Right, ideologically, think there's a natural hierarchy to life. That rich people deserve to be rich because they're advanced and poor people deserve to be poor. No social mobility, everyone adhering to the natural order.

  13. As someone who has and still does recommend him to people looking to better themselves, i completely agree with you. I don't know if it's for the money, or straight up cognitive dissonance, but he breaks his whole framework to push conservative natives. I personally am willing to look past that since i think his self improvement teachings can be very beneficial for a lot of people. I also really enjoy listening to his philosophy (when it's not political, which is rare these days).

  14. That's such bs though, everyone who pushes that narrative is still buying land on the coast or winter homes. If half of the elites believed this they wouldn't be funding so much expansion in Florida and the like that are going to be under water in 10 years. We should treat the Earth better but I question the"science".

  15. I’ve never really liked JP. I think he just likes to sound smart and then people extrapolate what they want to hear from his ramblings. Not to say he’s not smart. He at least used to be quite intelligent, but his mind has been addled by years of either drug use or conservative grift money. Probably both.

  16. I was turned off of him in 2016 when he spouted ill-informed nonsense about "Bill C-16 compelling speech", which was, I'm pretty sure, the first time the public gave him any interest. He told professors of constitutional law to their face that they didn't know what they were talking about without argument; didn't give a shit about logic, reason, or evidence at any point. And I've somehow been less impressed every time I've heard about him since.

  17. I totally agree with you on your take on JP. I sort of give people in Canada and California a bit of a pass for being knee jerk right wing, because those places have been sort of insane in the last few years

  18. Read Bjorn Lomburg’s book False Alarm that’s where he is getting his ideas on climate change from

  19. Do good, be good, and work to make this world a better, happier place for more people in it. Even if that doesn’t mean changing things for everyone in a dramatic way, you can make a lot of lives better by doing little things for others and yourself.

  20. It definitely is, that place is really idk heavy on you when you think about the numbers behind the pillars

  21. Algebra does actually have a lot of use in a lot of fields, however I’ve yet to understand the use of calculus or precalculus, especially considering it’s required

  22. Hate when these motivational speakers go out of their depth and start speaking on every other issues known to mankind like they really know what they're talking about.

  23. “*sob * can’t you just give the nice guys * sob * just a little bit of pussy * starts weeping uncontrollably *”

  24. I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I like Jordan Peterson. You don't need to like every aspect of someone to respect them and what they give to society. I respect his commitment to bringing some form of direction to young men.

  25. This used to be my opinion of him as well, but if you look a bit closer at the timeline of his career and what peers say about him it paints a very concerning picture. There may be a couple good pieces of advice but it comes with too much bs to be worth listening to

  26. Always good to go find out early on a date a man is a jorden peterson fan. Made the mistake to go on a sexond date once when I didn't know who JP was and the guy started talking about the need to take low iq people out of society by any means necessary to stop the downfall of western civilization.

  27. I'm reporting him to the liberal police. Can't have anyone supporting and helping men be better people

  28. There is nothing wrong with supporting men or helping then be better people, but JP does not do that.

  29. He literally preaches transphobia and a perceived hatred of going outside of gender norms and such. Both very harmful to men, as well as 'no longer men'

  30. Funny how he seems to have disdain for soft sciences but is a psychologist. A Jungian one at that..lol Also, he should shut the fuck up about Climate Change, he has no idea what he's talking about or is paid off.

  31. As a Trans person and as a person who used to watch "intellectual" Jordan Peterson. He is very much not for other ways of transitioning. But more or less saying conversion therapy is the answer. Basically "you're not Trans you're delusional let me fix that by badgering you in a church until you repress your transness"

  32. I think he's alright for the most part, but he pretty much only says logical positions that seemingly everyone should already be aware of and then he's propped up like he's some sort of Aristotle.

  33. Three hours of shotgunned weak points and either over simplified or intellectually dishonest straw-manning. But it's convenient for someone set in their beliefs to link this as a stack of evidence.

  34. I don't get why people are watching him. He rambles pseudo intellectual stuff or rather he barely says anything but he makes it sound illectual by using a lot of intricate words and phrases. As Einstein said: "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

  35. 'The less I understand the smarter it must be' tactic. Works pretty well on redditors and in humanities academia.

  36. Dr. JBP is fine for self-help and therapy. Anything else and he is, by his own admission, out of his depth. But that hasn’t stopped him from spewing bullshit so nah, hard pass on the purpose you’re selling, I’ll use homegrown.

  37. Another social engineering propagandist, will say anything to advance their mind control and leading the masses astray. Another narcissist showing off with his string of big words, and attacks on Liberalism and Protestantism. Definitely one not to be trusted.

  38. But he IS a protestant. Criticism and attack are two different things. He's attacked the Left but liberalism and the left are two different things....

  39. Jordan Peterson is a hack and a fraud. He's a derivative, ideologically intransigent windbag who loves the sound of his own voice. His only purpose at this point is being another, 'debate-me-bro", right-wing stooge arguing in circles to provide soundbites for fascist. Steer clear.

  40. Man’s a cry baby, when your biggest role model throws a tantrum about not being able to disrespect someone openly you need to rethink who your role models are

  41. "Yeah dude this dude JP ain't shit because he cries when he thinks about all the people who have shown him graduated for changing their lives."

  42. "trust me dude, the fact that i am a drug addict doesnt make my advice worthless, please dude i begging you, hear me out i have no friends"

  43. From what I have seen of it the Petersonian world view is about as nutritious in the long term as crack

  44. Jordon Petersons ideas on psychology and how people today really don’t think about taking responsibility and doing anything of value or even being capable of doing anything of value, is really not just interesting but based and truth and I know a lot of people dislike him because he’s so calm when he speaks about everything, and he has very strong views. I think he has so much wisdom that for the amount that he rambles he actually has worthwhile ideas behind his form of speech and it has to potential to improve many lives and it already has. He’s a good person.

  45. dude i just glanced at it at first and was like “no” and then i saw him peering around that corner and i’m gonna have fucking nightmares

  46. The pseudo-intellectualism in these comments is wild. Want purpose in life? Dont be a shit head and drive everyone away from you and you will be right

  47. Lol. Jordan Peterson is kind of a gross, pervy, smoker toothed old bastard who spouts a bunch of word salad... But he's not wrong. Yo problems, yo fault. Fix yourself or I will fucking step on your face on my way to see some sunlight.

  48. So I’m assuming you were fed this information from unpleasant people like feminist and lgbt activists?

  49. I HATE how religious he is. It's super annoying. He's probably poisoning a whole generation of young men with his religious nonsense.

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