No, No. He's Got a Point.

  1. This is heaven & hell we're talking about, not a human judge & jurry. Actual all knowing god decides who goes where.

  2. I don’t think you’ve read the Bible if you think that, lol. I’m not even a Christian and I know that’s a VERY inaccurate version of the devil.

  3. Yeah the devil is doomed to suffer eternally in hell and is taking it out by trying to tempt as many to go with him as possible knowing that each one is a pain to God to punish.

  4. It’s not Satan’s job to torture people he was just the first one down there and ensures everyone else is having as bad of a time as he is

  5. It's pretty interesting to think about how free will is why it's so bad. God could stop a lot and does so unseen but getting in the way of free will is a no go. I do understand it, but man does it cause suffering

  6. I don’t know. Satan has power to give the world to Jesus but Jesus was like naw. He also manipulated the weather to kill Job’s family and even affected Job’s body with illnesses. He is described as the sum of wisdom so he’s beyond genius. He’s also an asshole for starting all this shit

  7. Satanism is being normalised as we get closer to the coming of the antichrist whom the whole world will worship

  8. Satan does not punish the bad. He baits people into doing bad things so he can accuse them so that they get punished by God. Big difference. Satan rewards bad things so that they become habit. Thats why the people in control are the shitiest. And thats also why God has so much mercy on us and does not just strike us down immediately when we commit crimes against him, because He already knows that it is not entirely our fault. It is our responsibility to admit our mistakes. But God openly accepts the responsibility to keep us away from making mistakes if we listen and let him help us.

  9. Yeah and he fought for humans to have free will which means God is a supporter of fascism which means christians would support Hitler ultimately leading to the Pope raping little jewish boys

  10. No. God only let's him punish the people he wants him to punish so even thou yes he is punishing bad people he is doing it bc God told him to,satin literally wants to punish all of us 24/7.

  11. contrary to popular belief Satan is not in charge of hell, he is getting the same weeping and gnashing of teeth the sinners get.

  12. Might depend on the things you did that got you down there. If I steel an apple and get send to hell for a torture section that last a 100 years, doesn't sound fair to me

  13. Satan isn’t in charge of hell he’s just the most famous person in hell, god controls both heaven and hell

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