T*p W*ter🤢🤮

  1. Sh-hhh don't let them know about the cities that have better tap water from mountain melt reservoirs than them companies bottling the river water filled with ag runoff in the same area

  2. Of course they do. All bottled water does. Do you expect them to make their own? Physicists in a lab combining hydrogen and oxygen in a lab and straight to the bottles?

  3. Not necessarily. Where I live the water is really hard and you can taste that. Or the pipes have been bad in every place that I lived there yet. I still drink tap water but I had to get used to it or rather forget how water can taste like.

  4. here in México City you cant really drink water from the tap, its not healthy, but we dont really Buy bottled water; theres a truck that sells water jugs for about $2.5, or you can go to refill your own jugs

  5. Also if it's a plastic bottle you're gonna insert some BS microplastics that sometimes even make it into your fkn blood

  6. I can cook with it and make coffee, but as much water as I have to drink for health reasons, my face breaks out from all the chlorine. Oh well. Better than it was.

  7. Bottled water is just a waste of plastic and money, unless you're from an undeveloped country or some weird country that has dirt water from the tap. Sometimes tap water has a little taste, but most of the times it's the best thing in the world.

  8. Bottle spring water except Dasani, however if you have good filtered tap water and you live in an area with clean water, tap is just as good if not better

  9. This post is the perfect example of a person without any critical thinking xd. U are buying tap water thinking it's some kind of mountain potion but it's tap water u could have for free xd.

  10. The taste of tap water can differ from region to region. In my area, it's not too bad but the tap water found at school is better (school is in a different council).

  11. If you are anti tap you either live in Flint or just privelaged enough to constantly spend money for bottled water and generate kore demand for more plastic

  12. I've got some bad news for you. Bottled water is just tap water in a bottle. They're not going out to some majestic spring to bottle it by hand, they're just putting tap water in a plastic bottle (which takes more water to manufacture than would be put in the bottle). Also, tap water is extremely cost efficient compared to bottled water. We're talking bottled water being at least hundreds of times more expensive to you than tap water. And finally, at the risk of sounding like a health nut, yes bottled water tastes different... It's because chemicals from the plastic leak into the water.

  13. Since the tubes leading to our apartment are shit, I drink filtered tap water, we have a minibar with a coal filter, it does the job pretty darn well.

  14. If you’re concerned about your tap water get a filtered pitcher. Most bottled water IS tap water! It’s cheaper for you and less plastic that way-bottled water that is exposed to heat at any point gets bonus chemicals from the plastic.

  15. I can taste the chlorine in both. The only water I find enjoyable is the tap water from my parent’s house. They live in the country have their own well system, so no chlorine

  16. Honestly Room Temperature tap water is the way to go, you really get all those minerals and it really adds to the experience. But if you must go bottled I recommend Voss or Smart-water… definitely not Aquafina or Dasoni

  17. Unless you live somewhere like europe, tap water is fucking disgusting. Germany's tap water is filtered better than North Carolina's bottled water.

  18. Tap water gang (this may be becouse I live near where you all get yours bottled (I'm talking the stuff which says whelsh mountain spring water and costs about £4 per bottle))

  19. Tap water because I dont want to go out to by the scrunchy packages. Plus from where I’m used to, its amazing, coming from the ol’ colorado mountains

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