wrong and needlessly specific answers only

  1. The fact that I know exactly what you're talking about just goes to show that I've spent waay too much time on Reddit

  2. Why is everyone suprised that they get this reference? The meme was easily the most popular for a month, and was one of the most popular for in the next month after. Not only that but its not even that old.

  3. Pshaw. Liz Truss vs Elizabeth II and you expect me to believe this noob vanquished a lvl 70 Undying Queen? If it was a Highlander deal The Queen would turn Truss inside out, devour her soul and wear her skin like a --

  4. It's Canada's plan to combat inflation. Now all our existing coins with the queens face on the back will have gone up in value since they will no longer make them anymore.

  5. Me- I just went on vacation to London and in Buckingham Palace I said “I hope the queen doesn’t die while we are visiting London because that would suck” we just flew back yesterday. I think I jinxed her, and I owe the royal family a soda

  6. Internet passwords. Now those are some tricky things. I like to use some letters, some numbers, but sometimes they make you use characters. Oh boy am I always forgetting those. Then I try it later and it's wrong. So I have to try again. It's usually wrong the second time too. Then by the third time. It's usually locked the account which means I have to sit there for five whole minutes. And I'm just counting. The seconds. One, two, three.... Four minutes fifty-nine seconds. Five minutes. So then I reenter the password that I thought it was. Wouldn't you know it, it's still wrong. So I hit the forgot my password option and I type my username and the system says it's wrong. Turns out I never had an account.

  7. “No memes about deaths” Did they just mean memes that show a real death or are the mods just asleep for the day?

  8. This isn't a meme about a death. It's a meme about fake theories surrounding the death of the immortal queen of memes. The immortal queen of memes will rise again.

  9. She clearly sent her soul to the next stage of “human” consciousness since she was tired of all Earth’s shit and is now in the process of taking over the multiverse in the forth dimension.

  10. Don’t you know the Queen didn’t die and she just shed her mortal flesh and ascended to godhood

  11. The Queen is not dead. She was merely wounded by the last knight of the Knights Templar. The royal family must bury her in her "tomb" so she can shed her mortal form. For the next week after that, the Queen shall roam the streets in her true form, an abomination so terrible that your mind cannot process what it sees, so it sees nothing. During this time, she will devour the souls of any person she sees, so ravenous in her hellish hunger for souls that it rivals that of a ginger. The Queen shall then find a new host and begin the cycle anew, waiting in her cocoon for the next few hundred years to pass before she re-emerges as Queen Elizabeth III. And so now we wait for Elizabeth to return, but next time she reawakens, there will be no Knight's Templar to keep her power at bay. She will bring about the end of the multiverse, and all will perish in the hell that follows.

  12. Guess David Icke was wrong after all. Bet there are lotsa people feeling pretty foolish right now. Oh, who am I kidding they’ll say she’s still alive and this all a part of the global agenda. smh

  13. Well it was herself of course,she was living for billions of years so she got bored of this world,but don’t worry she started another world already

  14. My friend. when me and my friend was talking he brought up that apparently the queen is dying few seconds later my brother came through and told me the queen was dead and my friend believed he jinxed it.

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