My AirPods Pro was stolen tracked to this location (apartments) any way I can get them back? 😭

  1. See what time they usually move from there and once that’s worked out wait out the front and follow the signal to the person you’ve seen leave the apartment block. May need to a few 100m Then confront them. Worst case double leg them and throw in an oilcheck for good measure

  2. If that doesn’t work, hit the chokeslam and apply the figure four leg lock. You could also do a sharpshooter at this point, but the figure four will make conversation about the missing AirPods easier.

  3. Set them to ‘lost mode’ and leave your contact details so that if anyone connects to them they can message you also so no one else can use them. Good luck. If they do appear to be on the move and you’re you are close, play the sound

  4. Call apple support, tell them about it. The will list it as stolen and next time this person is in for service, they will flag that serial number

  5. If you're confident they've been stolen then I don't think there's much you can do - as I'm sure they told you, the police don't have enough evidence, time, motivation etc to get search warrant for an entire apartment building.

  6. I used to live in one of those apartments, there’s an alleyway between Coventry and Dorcas between apartment complexes. People sometimes chill here, some homeless even sleep there sometimes. Might be worth checking.

  7. You could wait it out and see when they move, maybe they move to a McDonald’s at some point. Then your gonna have to confront them which could be tricky…

  8. Unless ur willing to have a bit of a fist fight and potential broken noses, really sorry mate you just have to let it go. its just airpods anyway.

  9. Why don’t apple do something about this? Like block them from the person using them. Seems to be a very common issue. You buy the AirPods but they are truly never yours. Crazy.

  10. I remember remotely locking an Apple laptop someone had stolen and refused to give back. Pity they don’t offer something similar.

  11. Put up "Lost airpods in this area please keep an eye out" sign with a screenshot showing them. Then add your preferred contact and like a $10 reward for returning to you. Put it on the poles/doorways.

  12. Track them, play a sound on them, get a pic of the persons shocked pikuchu face. Make a clothing line and a PR campaign consisting of a professional video of you taking the shocked pikuchu photo, it goes viral and your clothes line is as successful as the hills hoist, get rich, use the profits to buy a new pair and give them to the robber in exchange for your old pair.

  13. My iPhone was stolen and tracked to a house, vic police went and picked it up for me, but they told me if it had been an apartment there would be nothing they could do :/

  14. You can ask their concierge/building management to give it a crack but as others have said, you seem to be in a pickle here.

  15. I lost my phone once and was told find my feature wasn’t to be relied on as it’s off by up to 500 meters , unfortunately not much can be done

  16. Depends how much effort you want to go to. You could go door to door posing as some sort of survey person with a big prize if they are suitable for the survey - and the survey just happens to be about airpods!

  17. Get a Cop to join you and then knock on the door show them the tracking status …. They are obviously yours.

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