1. Completely agree. I wish more people had turned up to this instead of the white privilege parade vaccine mandate protests.

  2. JW, was there another protest today in Melbourne? Cos I'm sure there was a post(in this reddit group i THINK!) saying what a shit turn out it was and that it was a bunch of dickheads, so surely it cldnt be for this cause......this cause is worthy af, that poor lovely woman, f*+k police brutality

  3. Why do we need to see this 'protest'? How does walking around Melbourne affect the mullahs in Iran? Do you think they care what happens at the other end of the world?

  4. Where can I keep in touch with the Iranian community in Melbourne? I keep hearing about these protests but keep missing them! I would like to support the movement...

  5. I feel uneasy when it comes to donating money to charities in a very very corrupt country. What's to say that the money goes to what its intended for? :(

  6. ايرانيا ملبورن رديتور مثكه كم نيست! خوب آپ ووت ميخوره كامنتا و پست ها!

  7. Nothing. Grandstanding, virtue seeking, idealism, delusion - pick one. Iran/Australia doesn’t give two hoots about what these dorks have to say and all these protests do is distract from meaningful and tangible change that genuinely has a positive impact. Imagine everyone here donated $10 to a woman’s shelter in Iran or possibly supporting their local community for women impacted by domestic violence and religious oppression. They won’t do that, they would rather print out a hashtag on A4 paper and stand in the sunshine to show people what they are doing.

  8. Did they arrest the thug police responsible for beating her to death? They need to be locked up and held accountable!

  9. I'd take a legitimate protest like this over those crybabies who gather around to protest our non-existent lockdown.

  10. Bit hypocritical this when you had the city lit up for the Queen and people were having a laugh at people protesting

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