Which opinion on Melbourne do you have that’ll end you up in this situation

  1. Every big city in the western world has a gentrified arsty area that acts progressive but wouldn’t step foot into the rough genuinely multi cultural areas of that city

  2. can confirm. very weird being an unemployed single mum in the inner north. play date convos can get uncomfortably ignorant

  3. I think Footscray is definitely a really culturally diverse suburb. Although it’s quite revealing how the Inner North dubs it ‘unsafe’ and ‘sketchy’ due to having those features that the inner north claims to have.

  4. So true. We were renting in North Fitzroy when we had our first kid. When we moved to Coburg, parents in our parents group would ask if I was worried about being stabbed. They vote Green, work evil corporate jobs but purchase only organic, preach inclusion but surround themselves with privileged white people. Such a weird bunch. I’ve never looked back.

  5. Haha yeah this is true. I moved to Clifton Hill about 2 years ago, previously lived a little further North. While it has been a fantastic place to live and anyone I've spoken to has been more than friendly, it definitely is full to the brim with rich white folk with way too much time on their hands.

  6. On this, while I love the Queen Vic Market, the lines are too long and the prices are too high for simple street food.

  7. Gotta sell the kids and remortgage the house first before eating at Grazeland or Queen Vic night market

  8. It’s actually harder to find a coffee shop (that isn’t a chain or shitty place) in the CBD than expected. Don’t get me wrong, there are places, but the way people describe it - they make it sound like there’s one on every single block

  9. I think it depends on parts of the CBD. A lot of stuff is also hidden in laneways or within buildings. I don’t drink coffee myself, but I notice the coffee shops.

  10. Burgers need to be WIDE not TALL. Tall burgers fucking suck, I don't wanna have to go all The Mask just to get a good cross section of ingredients

  11. Correct, and also (I say this as a leftie artist from a marginalised group) this is also a controversial opinion that many of my close friends would be offended by- the narrative among many Melbourne lefties that people from marginalised groups are automatically going to have progressive politics/ideals is naive and laughable. Humanity in general is largely self-serving no matter what demographic people are in. They're not guaranteed to be less so just because they experience prejudice.

  12. Melbourne rain is 99% of the time not a big issue, yet most people down here are terrified of it and avoid it like it's covid

  13. In spite of regular rain, no one native to Melbourne knows how to drive in rain. I’m tempted to say something about the driving here in general, but I’m feeling reserved today.

  14. I’ll say it for you. Drivers in Melbourne are terrible and make it dangerous for everyone else on the road.

  15. I have a friend who got mugged in sunshine, he only had $2 on him and the man mugging him was so disgusted he gave it back and walked off

  16. Hear hear. My grandparents migrated to Sunshine in 1954 and won’t live anywhere else. My Pappou says, “I live in Sunshine until it’s time to go to East Keilor” (aka the cemetery).

  17. Same goes for most suburbs in Melbourne that have a bad reputation to be honest. Meanwhile a lot of wealthy areas have huge crime problems.

  18. Inner north and inner South are two sides of the same coin. All privately educated, just some are ok with saying that and some aren't.

  19. Having all our transport run through the CBD except buses sucks, if I don’t want to get a bus that runs once an hour from moonee ponds to fitzroy or northcote I have to go via the city which is so stupid.

  20. I haaaate that there is no west/east trams. My mate lives 5kms to the west of me and it takes an hour on PTV, which means it’s faster to just walk.

  21. My GP is barely two suburbs away from my house — one time I missed the bus that would take me relatively close to home, so my options were to 1) wait for an HOUR for the next bus 2) call an uber or 3) take the train all the way into the city and back to be able to get on my own dang train line. Ridiculous.

  22. All sporting venues should be in the outer suburbs. Every weekend the roads are packed and the number of drunken idiots and families crowding up the place is annoying as hell.

  23. Sometimes in the afternoon, I make myself an instant coffee at work. I go full zero fucks given. I don’t use a spoon to scoop the coffee from the jar to the cup. Instead I lightly shake the coffee into the cup. I then pour the hot water in 1/3 full swirling (mixing) the coffee and water together. I then add the rest of the water and a drop of milk. To watch this ceremony is eye bleach for my colleagues who have just returned from the lardyda cafe with their $6m latte. I then take sips in my office as if I am sipping a strong scotch like a character from Peaky Blinders. And as I’m drinking my coffee, I think to myself ‘gawd this coffee is crap’! And do the same thing the next day.

  24. Our Burger culture is cringe and needs to hurry up and die. I don’t care about your massively oversized, over cheesed lump of meat named after a shitty rapper.

  25. Too much brioche. Too much sauce. That's every burger place now. When I'm in the mood for a burger I want to be able to taste the meat, not half a cup of sugar. If the balance is right then it doesn't need a stack of inch thick patties.

  26. I enjoy a burger every now and then, but I find it hard to justify spending nearly 20 dollars on a burger (with no sides). I don’t think that’s unique to Melbourne though - seems to be expensive most places.

  27. Shhh, don't tell anyone they don't actually need to be afraid of the black people or my rents going to keep going up

  28. Fucking oath. Love sitting on an uncomfortable chair on a table with a 2inch gap the the people sitting next to you with ear shattering music and overprices food

  29. The local beer scene is admirable, but every brewery's beers all taste the fucking same. We have nothing on Belgian or Italian brewers who can actually make pale ales that taste different between brewers. Everything here just tastes like the same overhopped piss.

  30. Crap fish and chips - the vast majority of fish and chip shops need a lesson in how to give their fish a crispy batter.

  31. Compared to any other Australian city Melbourne is wayyyy later. Good luck finding anything open in Brisbane or Sydney past 5/6 pm

  32. Worst part about AFL is how we have to endure those fucking Sportsbet gamebling ads everywhere, it’s the worst. AFL culture is infested with ads and gambling and I hate it.

  33. I get more leftist seemingingly progressive (white) people treating me like a racial stereotype the closer I am to the city.

  34. Oh I love this one. I'm a left wing labour voter but I can't stand some of these race obsessed hardcore progressives always speaking of identity politics and wanting to categorise everyone.

  35. Arrived here in my mid-twenties from Ireland ten years ago. I went to maybe 3 night clubs in my time here. Awful experience. I'll stick to bars and pubs.

  36. Out of every other place in Australia its 10/10. Also depends where you go because different clubs different scenes and different people

  37. I don’t watch AFL, follow AFL, or attend AFL, but if someone tells me my team won yesterday I’m like “Hell yeah we did it”

  38. Have lived there for many years now. Hard agree. Every single cafe in Northcote sucks for varying reasons, and the the Northcote Social Club is a soul-less shell of its former self. Most of the people who live here are corporate families who came for the brief “edginess” which they did a seamless job of destroying with their very presence.

  39. Id say the gig scene is the worst it's ever been. Covid was the nail in the coffin, but prior to that venues were constantly shutting down making live music harder and harder to find.

  40. Literally 2 max nobody needs more than 2 houses, most people can't even afford 1 but if you're rich af, fine, good for you but you still don't need more than 2.

  41. All the city train stations should just be named after the/one of the major streets they're on (Flinders St, Spencer St, William St, La Trobe St, Spring St, for example) to get a better indication of location, or failing that, Flagstaff could at least be called 'Law Precinct' or something of that nature

  42. I said hello to him in the Bourke St Priceline earlier this year and he just angrily muttered something under his breath. He was just there talking to himself & holding the carrot. That’s fine if he wants to do that - I was just shocked because it was a very different vibe to the stories told on here & that famous Humans in Melbourne video. I really hope he is okay.

  43. I got down voted to oblivion for asking if he might be unwell (not in a mean way). I got told to basically f off and he just does it to bring joy to people' lives...

  44. This is the lamest sub on Reddit. Full of average photos. Please stop with the sunset and sunrise photos. Also, any photo taken on the princess bridge or of the trams.

  45. We need to expand the tram network toward the outer suburbs and decrease the car space in the CBD

  46. Our city for the most part is not that exciting or good looking. It's mostly dull, boring, poorly built apartments and massive urban sprawl.

  47. As someone from Ireland the winters aren't that cold comparatively, however; your houses are absolutely freezing. Northern European homes are insulated, triple-glazed, and held to increasingly high energy standards; with government grants to retro fit older homes. I feel like most Melbourne homes are held together with wet papier-mâché and a collective amnesia of previous winters so nothing ever improves.

  48. It is indoors due to the shoddy build quality of units, half-assed extremely expensive central heating (if you're lucky) - that's an Aus-wide issue tho

  49. Melbournians food snobbery created an exploitation crisis, made possible by underpaid foreign labour. Essentially our two most prominent cultural identities contradict each other - antiracism and shit hot food.

  50. I don’t agree but Melbourne is hardly unique for having changeable weather. Having lived somewhere where the weather doesn’t change much I prefer Melbourne- samey weather gets so boring.

  51. I find that over the last 10+ years, inner suburban residents, in particular Brunswick, Collingwood, etc. have become insufferable twats. I just feel many are so out of touch with the rest of Melbourne, let alone Victoria.

  52. The intended audience for those "most livable" ratings are wealthy expats on high incomes. It doesn't represent the experience of the average person at all.

  53. I've only been here for 3 weeks, but damn do y'all dress like it's a funeral 24/7. Seriously, how can you say 'no worries' and 'cheers' so much and literally everyone is in black, brown, or gray.

  54. Most people treat footy players like they're some kind of divine beings and let them get away with things that any ordinary person would lose their job or go to prison for.

  55. Lunch in the CBD is broken. Can't eat for less than $20 unless you're relying on Asian restaurants-owners paid less than minimum wage or some corporation of which neither pay any tax.

  56. Crossways! I do appreciate the good quality (and gonna sound wanky here) real food. I’d put my life on the line for their halva puddings. Whenever I’m in the CBD it’s the only place I eat. Convenient, because it’s all I can fucking afford.

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