Best Aussie Slang?

  1. When I worked in the pubs a pokie machine was a bongo and the people who went from pub to pub slapping their pineapples away were the travelling bongo players.

  2. I've never been a fan of this one! Are we expecting to see entrails on the floor or something? It grosses me out, but maybe that's cos my mum uses it

  3. I was up the top of Mt. Macedon when a bunch of modded Hyundai i30s showed up for a meet, some guy in the carpark called them “fart wagons”.

  4. 'Sounds like a wet fart in an empty Milo tin' to describe 'hot hatches' and V6 commodores with exhaust modifications.

  5. Cooking with gas always got me, mostly because the town I grew up in didn’t have mains gas so it was a completely foreign concept

  6. From England and loved learning "she's giving you the greezies (or a greezy)" - which roughly translates to a dirty look

  7. I hate to be that person….but I was told that this is best left to our First Nations People’s to use. As is “you don’t have to make a song and dance about it. I’m interested to hear of others have been told this?

  8. She'll be right has always been one of my the country, it's got this solid feel....may be patch up of gaffer tape and chewing gum, but she really will be right mate......

  9. I always loved the intro to the first Mad Max where the cop tells his Sargent to "rip the guts out of it!! Give it the bejesus!". I still yell that whenever I need to speed up to merge on the freeway.

  10. I was thinking about this today. I think Aussies are very sensitive to inauthenticity, and I think Rudd’s delivery of this was super awkward. If you can’t bring yourself to say it properly, pick a different metaphor

  11. We used to have a savoury mince on toast & after reading too many books about life in the army I used to refer to it as shit on a shingle. Very plain, anglo food, but now I’ve got a strange craving for it

  12. (Work related) Sexy fingers : Fcuks anything they touch. Glass BBQ : meth pipe. Gatorade saxophone : bong Brick layer’s piano : pokie machine

  13. "coming in hot" is one I use frequently, generally towards people who are a bit late on the brakes or heavy on the accelerator or both.

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