Melbourne JDM enthusiasts

  1. Ahoy, Wheels Magazine staffer here. Follow folks like @AlexAffat, @Yingbot, @averyclevertitle, @instamatic85, @rupewrecht, on Insta and you’ll start building up a list of follow-worthy accounts from the stuff they post to their stories. I’m at @yomikestevens.

  2. Whoah, @rupewrecht is a name I haven't heard in a while. Then again, I haven't been socially involved with my MPS3 for a long time. Good to see the scene is alive through these times.

  3. Hi there, I'm keen to make new friends too. None of my existing friends don't really get the car thing. I drive an R34 GTT and have an EG Civic runaround.

  4. Plenty of meets happening again now that COVID is over, all organised on FB. Although the bigger meets tend to attract the wrong type of crowds IMO. Join whatever pages relevant to your car and you'll probably find better crowds.

  5. Best bet to get into the scene again is to join a group for your car first, you'll receive news and invites to other events through that group. Facebook is the way to go. I'm part of the Lexus F club

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