Daily Coronavirus Megathread - 06 September 2021

  1. Yeah agreed. Dad looked at me on zoom yesterday and goes “you’re bored shitless aren’t you”. Didn’t know it was so noticeable.

  2. I'm going to murder my housemate if he asks me what's up as I sit on the couch watching tv just one more fucking time.

  3. Nothing like watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy during a lockdown. Still one of the greatest speeches and moments in cinematic history...thanks Théoden

  4. Said to myself if shit got extended I’ll buy a running watch. This then eventuated into buying a garmin forerunner 45… YOLO!

  5. Ah Monday again. The days are just blurring together at this point. Does anyone else find the weekends are barely restful?

  6. Yeh wow that's terrible. Last year people definitely got rent reductions, I've lost all my work for most of the year and haven't had a rent reduction, guess I don't need help ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  7. So if you have a landlord that is a dick and won't agree to any kind of reduction, that means you can't apply for this rent relief....

  8. I just ran 5k for the first ever time in my life, at least it isnt all bad! I hope everyone finds something today that makes them happy even though we are all stuck indoors.

  9. Congrats mate, great achievement, it gets easier every time you do it and doesn't become a matter of "can I make it" and becomes "how quick can I make it".

  10. Great another day exactly the same as the last.. seriously feeling irrationally bonkers at this point :/

  11. I have been waking up feeling sluggish and demotivated every day during this lockdown but just had an ice cold shower and I am feeling so invigorated. It feels like torture doing it but boy do I feel better now.

  12. so i’m not sure if anyone remembers this but a few days ago i posted on this thread my song i made through lockdown since i had just lost my job and was living by myself.

  13. Congrats!!!!! It's the best feeling in the world getting recognition for your songs. I'm probably a bit older than you but in about 2005, my band got rotation on Triple J and I'll never forget hopping in the car one arvo and my song coming on.

  14. I'm holding out for the explosion in numbers late this week due to all the extra voluminous cunts that went house hopping yesterday for father's day.

  15. At what vaccination level do people reckon that testing every sign of a cold/flu symptom will be phased out/not as important? Presumably with high vaccination levels there’d be more asymptomatic cases who would never know to get tested anyway right? How are they dealing with this overseas in highly vaccinated areas?

  16. Interesting question especially in the context of schools and childcares etc where the kids won't be vaxxed.

  17. I've realised this weird phenomenon about lockdowns. When they're meant to be 'short and sharp' and yet are continually getting extended by 1-2 week periods - I find my mental health is much worse than when they announce we are going to be locked down for the long haul (1-2 months). There is something about the unknown of the repeat short extentions that fucks me up more than knowing I'm going to be stuck here for the long haul. Since they annouced we are going for the let it rip/vaccination targets method, I've at least been able to stop obsessing on if we will get out on the 'date' lockdown was meant to end. You can sort of refocus that brain energy onto finding routines to pass the days. I remember a similar feeling in the giant lockdown 2.0 last year. And I've also noticed this megathread is getting wayyy less comments too since the annoucement of the long haul lockdown. I guess it makes sense, to know your fate is somehow more comforting, even if the fate is totally fucked.

  18. Yeah I hated when we thought it was one week and the doomers here said November. Now that they’ve come out and said likely October/November I feel soooo much better!

  19. Sorry to hear that mate. By the end of the year the public IVF option will become available. My partner and I conceived through a bulk billing clinic in 2019, only cost $1500 plus drugs. By the end of the year it will be free, don't stress.

  20. Look after yourself and your loved ones the best you can. Money can be re-made. I hope that doesn't sound callous it's not meant to.

  21. Awaiting test results. Sick as 4yo kiddo. Grandfather in an acute ward at Tier 1 site. This is not a good day at all. 8.32am and I'm struggling more than ever.

  22. You know, all the previous lockdowns were tolerable for me but this one has really gotten to me. A combination of a breakup, multiple events I had booked way in advance being cancelled, being unable to see my friends and just general apathy and fatigue have overwhelmed me.

  23. Yeah I'm really feeling this one too... and I think its because we just don't know what's going on? 70% vaxx.. 80%... then what? Will this happen in 4 weeks, 6 weeeks, 8 weeks???

  24. Thank you I get you I’ve been going through a lot more stress this lockdown recently had to put my cat to sleep and I can’t even go get my mind of it I’m just stuck inside all day missing their presence. Knowing this all could have been avoided and is now a political shit show sucks I do hope and try to be positive this all is over soon

  25. Happy birthday! Mine’s tomorrow. Typically I take my birthday off from work but This year I figured why bother.

  26. Today really got to me. Received a knockback email for a job I'd interviewed for...probably got my hopes up too high but still. Sat at my desk feeling like the biggest sack of shit on legs for a while then went for a walk in the sun.

  27. That’s tough mate, sorry to hear that. This internet stranger does not think you are a sack of shit if that helps in any way, shape or form. Good luck for the next one!

  28. Well you got an interview in the first place, which is more than what a lot of applicants got, so that's something!

  29. I just need to check that I am not going crazy- if the 70% first dose threshold is met by Sept 23rd, they’re only talking minor lifts to restrictions, correct? Like the 5km bubble going to 10km and extra exercise time? And not reopening retail?

  30. I suspect it will be just like NSW where you wold be able to meet up for a picnic outside or the sort. I'd be extremely doubtful retail or hospitality to reopen.

  31. You're correct. But many incorrectly think it's going to be opening up day. Those people are going to be very disappointed come that day....

  32. There was an Age article last night that teased “further easing” and I think people are getting their hopes up

  33. Our retail business is going into full 'lockdown mode' and expecting to be in this until 80% double dose. As far as eased restrictions go, he definitely mentioned mainly minor things like the 10k, extra exercise time etc.

  34. Yep. After WFH for the best part of 20 months - and a large portion of that time having the ‘real’ office be outta bounds - it’s really become a struggle to stay focussed. Kids, dogs, housework, errands, anyfuckingthing that isn’t work… it’s not a novelty anymore. It’s Just. Fucking. Work. But in a less controlled environment. No colleagues. No chatter. No lunch break. Just going through the motions from bed to work to bed to work, and hoping for something sparkly in between to break up the day 🙃 So grateful to still have a job! But the mental health stuff can’t be ignored.

  35. My wife just went to a healthfood store in the outer eastern suburbs where none of the staff were wearing masks. They all had little pink pins on their lanyards saying they were exempt. All 12 of them. Seems like a very interesting coincidence.

  36. I've noticed the same thing at our local health foods store. Interestingly, there's a bunch of research showing that alternative medicine/naturopathy enthusiasts are more psychologically vulnerable to getting sucked into conspiracy theories (it's a pathway to q anon bollocks, for instance).

  37. I have, a couple of times! It definitely helped in the sense that I could take a bit of time to clear my head and not think or talk about work even for just a day. It helped me face the next day without overwhelming anxiety which is good.

  38. This lockdown is really getting to me. I feel the most depressed I’ve been in a very long time. The 2nd long, long and horrible as it was, was easier for me. One of my best friends died at the start of that lockdown, yet I feel so much worse in this one than I ever did in the 2nd. I miss my parents, our family dog and the familiar comforts of the family home so much. I miss having a future to look forward to. I feel so reduced by it all and have so little energy. It’s precious of me. I’m financially stable and otherwise have a great life, but I cannot for the life of me see a way through this mess right now. I have no suicidal ideation luckily, but I need hope that one day I can see my friends and family again and live a full life. Anybody else out there feeling this?

  39. This one is definitely the lowest. Last year I got off pretty lightly, it was a time of doing all the self care I never had time for. This year mental health has gone downhill massively. First was just workaholic stuff. "I'm not sad but I'm definitely not happy." I'd been proactive though at managing workload and bounced back. They've gotten progressively worse... 5.0 was pretty bad and I slept all the time... but bounced back although I do always have post lockdown stress of catching up on everything I didn't do in lockdown.

  40. The reality is that we're gonna need like 11 weeks to get any normality back. Try to never think of that , though. Just take it one day at a time and make sure every day includes: good diet, proper sleep, exercise, some sort of text/phone chat, doing a hobby, getting something productive done

  41. Very similar. I made it through last year with no problems at all. I have a stable job and people to talk to, but I have no motivation to do anything, work or otherwise. Supposedly this is how depression starts...

  42. Make a list of your main goals and what to you need to get done and break it down into bite sized pieces, so to speak.

  43. No offence to your wife’s family but I am having more and more trouble convincing myself that we actually require people like this to form a modern, functioning society. If people like this die from Covid it is nothing more than pure Darwinism at work, and our efforts to prevent such deaths are possibly doing us more harm than good.

  44. I lived in the CBD last year and found they were EVERYWHERE, particularly once you could exercise with someone if your 5km overlapped? I'm talking 4x 4 cops plus horsies patrolling Fitzroy Gardens daily, plus the Defense Forces walking to and from where they were stationed each day.

  45. Yeah I haven’t seen one cop in my area (inner north) in previous lockdowns they were out patrolling Princes Park and Brunswick

  46. It’s spill time! Where’s that vid of the two rubbish bins racing down the street in flood waters when you need it?

  47. I’m awake this early for vaccine purposes. I can’t believe my biggest accomplishment latley is waking up before 8am......how lazy I’ve become!

  48. Someone i work with was not planning on getting the vaccine. Not because theyre an anti vaxxer, they just didnt know it was important to get the vaccine... had no idea that the state was planning to open up at 80% double vaxxed, no idea that they wouldnt be able to go to bars/restaurants/sporting events unless vaccinated. Had no idea that everyone else at work has had at least 1 dose.

  49. Amazing people aren’t aware of this given we are all in lockdown and every second person discussing it. They must live under a rock.

  50. I mean, the fixation people in this sub have on the numbers and news is extreme. While you’d think people would stay reasonably informed, the sub isn’t representative.

  51. Scummo got a special border exemption to fly on a RAAF jet in and out of Sydney so he could see his kids for father's Day. What a fucking cunt. We're all in this together still, yeah?

  52. tbh, like I've always been reasonably supportive of lockdowns because I'm a health worker and know the consequences if we don't but the curfew irritates me on top of having a really bad mental health month. Used to be sometimes I'd do my shopping at a late night coles after work or I'd take my doggo for a quickwalk around the surburban block bc it was the only time I could, but now by the time I get home the curfew is in effect.

  53. I get the feeling he doesn’t see it being worth the hassle he gets about it. It’s not like the numbers are indicative of whether lockdown will end next week anymore.

  54. As exhausting as lockdowns are, getting to watch American events live that you'd otherwise be watching after work is one small upshot. Happy Bryan Danielson day!

  55. Do it, it's totally fair game and not worth burning your mental health up when we are no chance of going to zero anyway.

  56. It's not total distance driving it's a 5k radius from you house so it's likely Williamstown is within that radius if its 6.8k driving.

  57. O’Brien is just clueless and is akin to a comedy sketch when he has a press conference. I don’t think I’ve heard him come forth with a single cohesive idea. Is Guy the asshole who let developers do whatever the fuck they wanted and saw the city flooded with horrendously designed and built shoeboxes that are everywhere? Mr 10k developer dinners? The city is fucking freezing with his nonsensical skyscrapers with no step back rules killing off sunlight. He can fuck right off back to wherever he came from

  58. Just got my first jab, anyone who’s put it off because of their fear of needles… I promise you it feels like nothing! Easiest jab ever. Literally felt like a fly landed on my arm and hopped off 1 second later.

  59. Hey mate same here just got my first one, atm is feeling a bit dead however ! I’m the recovery area atm

  60. Quite a few hits on covidqueue.com/Victoria past 10 minutes for anyone having difficulty making a booking lately, some of them quite soon as well

  61. What do people think life will look like once we hit 80% double vax? I still can't quite imagine us not being in some form of lockdown if we're having 1000s of cases (which seems inevitable), despite what Dan is saying...

  62. Down in the thread someone made an interesting point about our population now being risk averse to some degree. The gist being that because we've had such low case numbers and deaths up until this point, people and state government are incredibly sensitive to high case numbers and the inevitable deaths that will occur even at 80% vaxxed.

  63. Not covid related but just read the little boy who went missing in NSW has been found safe and well. I was outside having lockdown-fatigue-cry coz I’m fucking over it all, when I read the news. It was exactly the kind of good news I needed to hear. Hope it brightens all your days a little too.

  64. Why does the government keep insisting on using hotlines? All of us year 12s trying to book our doses and you can't even get put on hold it just hangs up straight away. Seriously what is the point? The person on the other end just plugs your info into another website just cut out the middleman and streamline the process.

  65. I am feeling stuck, like I can’t go anywhere or do anything and my mental health is getting to me really badly right now. I am so bored, I feel like doing something and rebelling to cure my boredom. Usually I’d go for a walk right now (in lockdown without curfew) but im feeling so crap right now. I ate myself silly with chocolate, I am expanding in size and I made 3 burritos for myself tonight, and at this point im willing to eat anything that comes in site. I can’t explain it, but I feel like going for a drive. But I can’t.

  66. I didn't drive for a week and opened my car to a few tiny little spider threads. Have not found the offender. Fingers crossed they stay away.

  67. Oh yeah bc just fuck Victoria right ?? Not like we’re following the same trajectory as NSW or anything.

  68. Yesterday I was out for a walk and a jogger jogged past me. I went 10m around the corner and he jogged past me again. Fucking identical twins wearing the same clothes! I'm sure they did it on purpose. 2021 is confusing enough without those shenanigans.

  69. So I was told my workplace was a tier1 site on Sunday. Still has not been listed on the website. What is up with that. I think it’s a bit suss

  70. These 'extra freedoms' coming late this month are a joke. An extra hour of exercise, 5 extra KM from your home... Exercise needs to be changed to 'recreation'. I got a warning and a move along form the police for photography on the weekend. I was set up for a long exposure, WAAAYYYYY the fuck away from the common thoroughfare at just past 6 on sat morning. Nope. Not exercise, go home or get a fine.

  71. This is the main rule change that would make such a difference and I was really disappointed they won’t be giving us. I just want to sit at the park and eat lunch with my fiancé.. just somewhere other than home :( like seriously just let us sit somewhere even if there’s a time limit, even if it’s just with one other person 😢

  72. This is the one that gets me: Outdoor personal training will be permitted, with up to two people plus the trainer… but I can’t sit with my mum in a park and have a coffee? Or even my husband who I live with

  73. Police force is out strong in our Altona/Newport area, I assume because we were/are the epicenter of this outbreak. Yesterday I saw around 20 cops having a quick huddle before spreading out through Newport Lakes to double down on enforcement. I assume there is a bit more leeway in the less infected suburbs haha

  74. I hear you, man. My entire team is not even located in this country. I haven't seen them for nearly 2 years. To add insult to injury, they are all able to move around freely and can't believe what we're going through here.

  75. "The one-off grant of up to $1,500 will be available to renters paying more than 30 per cent of income in rent."

  76. Interesting that he would admit to them just doing stuff for no reason because the media pushes it.

  77. Rant - I need to renew my passport (international passport and my residency is linked to it) I have been trying to renew it since March. The embassy requires a set of finger prints through the police station. There is only one police station that does that in Melbourne. I booked back in March and it was a 6or 8 week wait. That appointment got canceled because of lockdown. I booked again and it got canceled again because of another lockdown... now my passport is due to expire and the embassy won't renew it because no fingerprints and the police station won't do finger prints because of lockdowns !!!! It's so incredibly frustrating

  78. Fingers crossed this is the turning week, for case numbers to drop ( I know vaccination rates are more important now though).

  79. Sadly too many exposure sites still being discovered, sites days old in places where spread is very likely. Good to hope, and low case numbers are still good when many are unvaccinated... But don't get too discouraged if the number is higher than you might want.

  80. Craig Kelly should be responsible for triggering a change in legislation with regards to political messaging and their exemption from the usual telecommunication spam pieces. That gluttonous fuck is just using it to spread fear to every citizen in the country.

  81. Still 61 days til the 70% DD target... this is insane. It was 58 days yesterday and I know it'll probs drop quicker when the extra pfizer/moderna is delivered, but geez, demoralising.

  82. If you are getting the target info from Covid Live, it calculates the target rate based upon the previous 7 day average.

  83. I admit to not paying too much attention to state politics but has anyone really remembered anything that the Vic Libs have said about this outbreak? I understand the need to get rid of someone as forgetable as O'Brian but is their best fucking option really still Guy again.

  84. Trying to order takeaway but it’s Monday so my options are limited and also the ones that I want to order are not picking up their phone.

  85. To put it another way, about 3,785,300 Victorians need to be fully vaccinated to reach the 70 per cent first-dose target. A total of 3,285,211 have received their first Pfizer or AstraZeneca shot already, which means there are about 500,000 to go.

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