1. i thought this said "you are cute" and sent this to a friend saying "i think this suits you" now i want to die and ascend to heaven before being slapped back down to hell. this is a memory that'll keep me up

  2. Hitting the space button for similarly typed words until you get the correct word... But then you get to the end and it starts misspelling the word you wanted instead of helping you... 😒

  3. I mean tbf the system was intentionally visually easy to understand. It's not that kids these days are incapable of figuring it out, it's just that they have no need to.

  4. Ain’t no way I’d be spelling out the full words when a letter would do, lol, I memorized way too many texting acronyms off my middle school mall poster for that!

  5. Right before the first iPhone dropped I dated this girl who could type faster like this than i can on a keyboard no shit. It was just ungodly how quick she was on those keys.

  6. The pictures phone is a Nokia 3310, which had T9 input for texting, so the user would not need to press each key multiple times.

  7. lol i just watched that Curb episode last night where Larry gets kicked out of a poker game for calling that guy a cunt.

  8. I was born in ‘07. This was easy still. Anyone who can’t read something like that should be brutally made fun of in a lighthearted way

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