1. When I was a kid/teen is was more like an internal bully. Then I went to therapy and now it's like a personal life coach.

  2. Seriously. I have anxiety and feel the need to analyze all possible situations, all possible outcomes, in order to anticipate worst case scenarios. A simple event like taking a drive to the grocery store requires a half days worth of mental preparation. It's astounding to me that there are people just DOING things without a thought in their head.

  3. Yo guys I can read minds. But like so far I can only read my own mind. So I need to practice some more.

  4. My ex-girlfriend and myself, both not wanting to get back together. That’s some internal discussion that nobody needs.

  5. Mine is more the stern parent telling the child how disappointed they are about their decisions. But then a delightful dancing cow enters the picture and all is fine.

  6. I mean, those people absolutely exist, same as aphants (cannot visualize, or have limited visual imagination) but those percentages are way too high.


  8. My biggest flaw is that I literally can not focus. As soon as there is silence around me (nothing in the background, dead of the night for example) my brain goes into overdrive and starts to think about everything it can. Random math equations, fake scenarios, story writing and etc.

  9. One of the biggest symptoms of my adhd was that my brain is never quiet. Ever. I have been saying it since I was a child and no one thought to ever address it. As an adult I was joking with my boyfriend that maybe he had adhd so we pulled up a test and funny enough I ticked every damn box.

  10. This is me, non stop from waking up to falling asleep I have that voice going in my head. Even when I'm talking to other people that voice is still going.

  11. hate that bitch I finally get him to shut up and he's talking to my other mental issues and coming up with a plan to prank me then around 20 seconds after shuting him up riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING in my ears for the next half an hour

  12. The interesting conversation for me is how some people run their conscious thoughts through the vocal center of their brain, while others use their visual cortex more, and still others don't use either.

  13. As someone with Aphantasia (Thanks Reddit, figured this out last month) I still have a hard time believing that people can just visualize shit in their head.

  14. Now that you are rotating the cow in 3d try to zoom in on parts of the anatomy, eyes, knees, ankles, hooves, shoulders, etc. unless you have a lot of exposure to cows, you will notice that you’re knowledge of cows probably isn’t as top notch as you might imagine. Especially if you look at pictures after imagining them without reference.

  15. Do we imagine the butt too, or are we rotating them on the x-axis? Mines dead, since it's space. But that means the udder isn't flapping around after over rotation, just gently resting in it's uttery shape... Cow in space...

  16. Yeah I've never even able to visualize anything in my minds eye. Mind was blown when I learned other people literally could see shit, I always thought it was just a metaphor for thinking about something.

  17. try and imagine yourself being a server, holding a plate out in front of you with one hand. I find it impossible to imagine without wobbling or dropping the plate

  18. I'm reading through these comments and need to clarify something. I am in complete control of my internal voice, it says what I want it to say when I'm in my mind, lost in thought, writing or reading, etc.

  19. Yes. Intrusive thoughts. I will just be sitting at work and out of nowhere my internal voice just says “you suck”… people like me probably have more control than we realize but I think some kind of chemical imbalance inhibits our ability to control it.

  20. Ok finally some1 said how it works. Ive been thinking for like 15 minutes whether I have internal monologue or not. Idk arguing with myself doesnt sound productive. I can still analyze stuff just fine lol

  21. Yeah. There's like a main voice I'm always in complete control of but the rest of my brain will concoct its own characters with which to argue with me. Having a few different voices discuss something is my primary method of emotional processing, I have to come to an internal consensus before I know how I feel about something. Also great for making decisions. Sometimes when I get really stoned all the over voices shut up and music plays instead, sometimes it's entirely original music that sounds really nice and makes me wish I had the musical skill to transcribe it.

  22. I've got three voices in my head... The first one is my thoughts in the form of voice, I think something and hear it saying the thought aloud in my head. The second one seems almost completely on it's own, I often argue with it and sometimes it even loudly interjects in my thought process and I begin being afraid that people around me will hear it, though I quickly remind myself it's in my head. The third one isn't really a voice, but rather a visualisation of thoughts, but I associate this process with a person who shows the pictures of my thoughts, so he is kinda always here, but never talks himself. So my thought process looks like watching a movie: the one shows pictures, the one voiceovers them, and the one is commenting them

  23. I know a chick who does photorealistic art in multiple styles and mediums. We used to burn a few together. I told her i was seeing a 9x9 grid of rubix cubes (no, i can't solve a cube, i'm stupid).

  24. I think these people just don't what an internal dialog is and think it means there's an ongoing conversation and not just like, thoughts.

  25. It might be the word dialog that is messing with results, sometimes I have that back and forth dialog in my head, sometimes I am little man piloting a meat mech trying to find the right lever to pull.

  26. Nice catch, I think they must mean internal monologue. But I guess with dialogue, the stat makes more sense. Because I have a hard time believing up to 70% of people don’t have an internal monologue

  27. That's me, when I think I think in images. I think It allows me to make wrong decisions faster. Also I can't be criticized by the little voice in my head if I don't have one.

  28. Supposedly, some people don't have that either. There's a portion of the population that has no perception of their own abstract thought whatsoever.

  29. I don’t really have an internal monologue. I uhh feel like I’m in two places at once and the internal place is kinda akin to uhh.. the holo room from Star Trek.

  30. I wonder if people who don't think in their voice are happier. Anxiety disorders seem less likely when you don't call yourself a piece of shit every 90 seconds.

  31. I don't have an internal monologue, but do have an anxiety disorder and depression. The ability to hear stuff in your imagination is not required for your brain to feed you the information of how awful you are for any reason.

  32. Imagine you’re standing on a mountain and looking at the view. There’s so much to see, it would take hours to explain everything you can see with words. But your brain can take it all in. You understand what’s there without saying it.

  33. I do this and find it helps me gauge where I’m at in my day or life. If I don’t then I just forget all that happens and let things pass by it seems

  34. Sometimes I go to the bathroom at work and have to really think about whether I've said something that was going through my head out loud 😭

  35. As an introvertive guy (24) that has no social life, talking to myself is about the most consistent socialization I've had in my life. It's really not an exaggeration; just a sad reality. 🥲

  36. Everyone here is misunderstanding and misrepresenting what this phenomenon is about. People who have an internal dialogue do not exclusively think in words, and are not less likely to mentally process things in abstract ways than those who don't. The internal dialogue is also not systematically processed at "speaking pace", it can be a lot faster or instantaneous, or can indeed take the form of a slow, internal monologue. Most of the time, it is a layer superimposed over an underlying abstracted process of thought. This is something that has been shown to be difficult to understand for those who do not have an internal dialogue.

  37. Every time this discussion comes up on reddit, people totally misunderstand what it means and what an internal monologue really is. It’s not a freaking podcast playing in your heard.

  38. That was interesting to read, and please correct me if I’m misinterpreting, but based on your last two paragraphs it seems like most people take in info the same way, or at least in a similar way.

  39. Actually. Last time I checked there was an association between not having inner monologue and being of lower IQ/academic achievement (not sure which of those).

  40. > Criticizes an entire comment thread for not referencing research on a subject while making statements about the subject.

  41. You realise that you are talking about monologue and dialogue as if they were the same thing, right? Even going so far as to use the terms interchangeably..

  42. Wait till you start getting older. The internal dialogue starts going external and you talk to yourself 😂 I was at the grocery store yesterday asking myself what I needed and the lady next to me started laughing and said she had just asked herself that same question.

  43. I don’t have an internal dialogue and it still never shuts down, just because I don’t put my thoughts into words doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on. I probably have one or two songs playing as well as random images too

  44. Have you ever been diagnosed with ADHD? My voice was like that to the point where I couldn’t focus and I couldn’t function the best, like it was like someone was always yelling at me? Do you relate to that at all?

  45. my thoughts are mainly abstract and conceptual. if i'm reading something or making a conscious effort (i.e. talking in my head to myself about an active thought) then i'll have internal dialogue but otherwise i don't have much commentary going on most of the time.

  46. Can someone confirm that this is what the phenomenon being discussed here is? I can't wrap my head around it. For example, any person might look at a clock, see it's 12:15 and think "I'm late", but certain people will say a structured phrase in their heads, like "I've got to get going, where are my keys?" And for others, they think something abstract, like picturing their keys the last time they saw them, but won't think of actual words to describe the scenario?

  47. When you start to over think try forcing your thoughts to ask: "Do any of these thoughts have any use whatsoever?" And if not they get tossed out guilt free. Another one that helps me big time since I realized how little confidence I have and how mean I am to myself is: "Are these thoughts kind to myself or others?" I like to use them both in tandem to get both a logical and emotional consensus

  48. My problem is trying to decide which dialogue to listen to at any given moment, some days it’s like the mall food court up in there

  49. I am so confused by your comment. When I read I don’t “hear” anything. Wouldn’t that be really slow? I just experience what I’m reading as I read it.

  50. Why do you need to “hear” it to understand though? I can read the words on a page and understand them. I don’t need to say them out loud (in my head) to then be able to comprehend them. I can look at a word and understand it without first needing to “say” it.

  51. I have both, if something I read don't make sense to me I can read slow and have the voice read it for me. If I read a book that with characters I usually gives them voices and visuals to follow the book more easily.

  52. Where is this dude getting these "stats" lol, this is demonstrably untrue, reminds me of the type of shit "Iamthemaincharacter" people think

  53. I was thinking about this the other day. Like do deaf people have a voice inside their heads when they read or since they don’t know what anything sounds like it’s just mute. I however find it hard to believe that that anyone who can hear and read in silence do not hear an internal monologue.

  54. I used to have an inner voice. Then I went to a country that didn't speak English. I had to talk in a different language. The inner voice gradually disappeared. I prefer this since my inner voice wasn't inspiring but rather a contributing factor to my anxiety.

  55. That’s interesting. My inner voice switched to the new language. I started dreaming in the new language also. When I came home to the States, I do remember feeling a little off because there was no need to use the new language, but it took a day or two for my inner voice to make the switch.

  56. Wait. So do y’all just…HEAR shit? Like, there’s a voice that you can hear but don’t mistake for an actual voice in your external environment? That’s so whack.

  57. It's a unique phantom voice, somewhere around my normal accent. It happens in the background automatically. I can consciously force it to sound like someone specific, but I must know beforehand how that person sounds. That's how I imagine characters from movies and anime talking inside my head.

  58. Mine sounds like however I want it to sound. Whether that be the Stanley Parable Narrator to Boris Johnson. I can manipulate my internal voice to sound however I like so long as can remember that voice. I could probably mimic yours if I heard you speak too.

  59. When you say dialogue do you have two voices that talk to each other? Because that’s what I do…sometimes they even argue with each other.

  60. My head is like an internet browser. There’s 50 tabs open thinking about different things, and I don’t know where the music’s coming from.

  61. Not really. I don't have, but my mind works by imagery + bits of words of things to do. It's still busy as [email protected] in my head.

  62. ADHD makes you Inner Dialogue Georg, if I’m anything to go by. Feels like I only stop thinking when I’m asleep.

  63. This meme is hilarious, but to be fair I have a friend who told me he thinks primarily in the form of ideas without an internal voice verbalizing it. Non-verbal thought, mostly.

  64. No, it isn't a monologue, I only have one voice in my head, but it's like another person with another personality is talking to me, I can even disagree with it.

  65. I feel like it only actually becomes a voice when you focus on it, like now. Otherwise it's just a background activity that your body does, like breathing. There's actually zero need for it to be in any language because it's coming directly from your own mind and not someone else. If we all thought in clear language all the time, things would probably never get done because it takes a lot longer to form and speak a sentence than it does to think a thought. Imagine laboriously thinking out all the steps when you make a cup of tea instead of just making the cup of tea while your brain does all the processing in the background.

  66. Are you guys ok? People without an internal monologue STILL HAVE A BRAIN. They think, just not in the same way you do. They can also read.

  67. Honestly it is weird to me that today is all about accepting everyone and everything- but also all about calling other people NPCs and being entirely obsessed with yourself….

  68. Oh trust me, we are still judging ourselves hard and feeling just as much shame. It's just processed differently.

  69. My mom thought her internal dialogue was her hearing voices. She thought this for years and finally told a doctor about it and he had to explain what it was. Bless her.

  70. I listen to audiobooks if I do so much as make a cup of tea. No way I’m just walking about listening to what my brain has to say to me. It’s basically like setting a child down in front of an iPad to occupy it.

  71. This guy misunderstood the subject. The other 50%+ do still have thoughts, they just don't translate them into language automatically.

  72. those people who always ask “why are you so quiet” have zero internal dialogue. i am quiet bc i can talk in here 🧠. hush now.

  73. After texting 6 people to ask if they have one and reading the replies in this post’s comment thread I’d say it seems the vast majority do have inner monologues.

  74. I think in images, smells, tastes, sounds, and emotions. You can’t tell me that’s not deep thinking. Well, you could, but you would be wrong.

  75. So I don't have a distinct voice. It's very visual and spatial. So to turn it into words I sort of "pick up" the sculpture in my head, rotate it around and describe it. But natively it's not verbal.

  76. I think in images and abstract concepts. I don’t think in actual words unless I’m remembering what someone said.

  77. My wife and son both say they have an internal narrator. Like someone else is describing their day to day moments. I don’t have that. But I do have constant thoughts all the time. They’re just not like they describe. It’s hard to explain.

  78. Fuck idk if it’s because I’m a stoner, but my ass is having a full on conversation with myself daily in my head.

  79. This isn’t true— the number one person we communicate with is ourselves. It sure sounds like a fun tweet to get some responses/ hits/retweets. But it’s bullshit.

  80. It’s true, though the statistic may be bullshit. By internal dialogue, they don’t mean thinking to yourself, it’s you hearing a literal voice in your head speaking your thoughts to you. I don’t have one, my thoughts are just abstract. Most people with aphantasia also don’t.

  81. I wonder how many people that say they have something like aphantasia are just stupid and think because they can’t see something literally just like it was there, ie an actual object, not an image in the mind’s eye, that they have some kind of thing.

  82. It's equally strange to me that people need to have actual words in their heads to be able to think. If I am not thinking about talking or how something would sound, why? Same with visualizing things. I will do it if I need to figure out how something should/did look, but not otherwise. Saying that someone needs to have an internal dialogue is like saying that they can't read unless you say the words out loud.

  83. Just to be clear. Having an internal dialogue is NOT in any way the same thing as schizophrenia. For one thing, when a schizophrenic hears voices, they believe the voices to exist outside of their mind. They believe the voices to be real, and originating from someone/somewhere else. This is a form of delusion. When a person without schizo hears their own internal dialogue, they understand it is in their own mind and has no external source.

  84. No internal dialogue doesn’t mean nothing happening. Do you think nothing happens in movies when there is no dialogue?

  85. I don't hear my own voice when reading something, I just immediately understand it. I translate the words on the page into a mental abstraction.

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