1. Some people are also going to reject any show that already has several seasons they need to catch up on.

  2. I didn't watch any either, but my friends did a final episode viewing party thing. I went for the food. Saw some really dark scenes with dragon fires or something. Does that count? The shepherds meat pie was great though

  3. I generally have no interest in fantasy films for the most part and still don’t. Whether it was the rings, Harry Potter, the hobbit, any of them you can name…not a single spark of interest. Something about this one is just different/better

  4. It sounded like my kind of show, but by the time I got interested enough it, everyone was telling me to watch it so I didn't out of spite.

  5. I was in jail when the books were popular, so I gave the first one a try. And then I realized it read like the fucking bible. Snorezville. And the show counterbalanced the boredom, with softcore sex.

  6. Yeah same. I just don’t get into fantasy shows or those set in medieval eras, so it was an easy pass. Even for free I’d have skipped it, because let’s face it, I’m not the target demo. And that’s totally ok, not every show needs to be for every person…

  7. I like grimdark and dark fantasy so it could be my kinda show, but I cba to spend a 100 hours watching a show.

  8. It’s not good… I wouldn’t bother. Got forced into it by my ex during lockdowns and fell asleep though so many episodes lol was so happy when it was finally over… I really thought it would never end, it just kept getting stupider and stupider. He even got mad cause I didn’t think the chick “everyone loves” walked on water and laughed when she died. Like I warned you I didn’t want to watch it, sorry I didn’t fall in love with the right character 🤪

  9. My wife literally bought the first two seasons on dvd when they came out…I’ve watched maybe 20 minutes total of the whole thing, ever.

  10. I watched it up til the execution of Sean Bean and decided that rape and violence for entertainment is just gross and the whole thing seemed a bit pointless. Mean, rotten, meandering, pointless, unentertaining, long-winded, artless shlock with all the grace of Tiger King. You can see what they spent the money on and it wasn't the writing.

  11. By the time I found how to watch it free it was last weeks news. Never saw a single episode.

  12. That’s how I feel about, Stranger Things, I heard so much hype about it I figured it’s not for me. So, I chose not to see it, and still haven’t, 🤘🤘🤘

  13. Same i'm not into all that fantasy stuff, like lord of the rings and game of thrones or narnia or stuff like that it's boring and uninteresting for me

  14. I thought the same when someone recommended it to me during season 2 or so….just looked at the posters for it and thought it was one of those historical shows, so I’m like nah, not for me. Wasn’t until it started gaining some serious media attention etc during season 3 or so that I actually gave it a try and watched an episode. It’s one of those shows where you have to give the entire first season a shot to really get into it. I think most people would be bored/disinterested if episode 1 is the only thing they depend on to grab their attention. But that’s what tv is like these days…the bar has been set so high that people expect to be amazed from the very beginning, and if not they don’t have the attention span/interest to continue to give it a chance. I’m glad I watched the show, regardless of the disaster that was the end. Was a very enjoyable ride to the train wreck, imo.

  15. I know this post is about Game of Thrones, but this is also very true of Friends. I knew somebody who bragged that she has never seen an episode. That surprised me considering it aired for 10 years, re-runs are still aired, and it's been available on a few streaming services. I'm not mad about it though, just surprised that she tries so hard to avoid it, and then brags about that.

  16. No they don’t. 99.9% of the people that have watched GoT probably couldn’t care less. You just remember people that encore negative emotions for a lot longer.

  17. Exactly. Lol. How many times has someone told you that a show or movie is good and then you try it out? Or God forbid, you watch it and like it. It’s not something that is standing up to peer pressure.

  18. You've never been the one dude in the group that didn't watch the show, so everyone else talks about it while you're standing there like an asshole?

  19. I would consider it more of social expectation. Like how people might find you odd if you didn't own a cell phone. They won't directly pressure you, but you might feel pressured to buy one because others find it odd that you haven't.

  20. I don’t think it’s pressure per se but more the constant discussion of such shows from peer groups To the point people are compelled to watch so they can keep up discussion.

  21. I mean, if everyone around you is interested in something you'd have to be pretty lazy or completely closed off to new experiences in order to avoid at least checking it out.

  22. Yep. I watched it because I liked the book series not because of social pressure. Also, fuck george r r martin and his lack of follow through.

  23. I read all but the last published books. Started S1E1 but noped out. I wanted something with the quality of Rome or band of brothers. It just looked like a very cheap and unworthy production.

  24. Yea just hating popular does not make someone a free thinker. Is trying both popular and unpopular things and not being influenced to like or hate based on what others think. I don’t know how just blindly disliking something or disqualifying it as an option is a respected quality, it’s simple— doesn’t make someone interesting. I’d respect someone more for giving a clear argument on why they like something unpopular or dislike something popular.

  25. Who fucking cares, this is the dumbest shit, nobody cares if you watched game of thrones or not. It is so dumb that people go around saying they never watched an episode, who fucking cares, I’ve never put a cucumber up my ass but you don’t hear me telling that to the world.

  26. I specifically avoided it because of all the hype for 4 seasons. Then I watched lived up to the hype. [Not going to argue about the last 2 seasons LOL]

  27. Having not watched any of Game of Thrones and learning I am immune to pressure, I will now leave to explore the depths of the Mariana Trench. Ciao!

  28. Plus, I've heard nothing good about the last season. Even if I were interested, I don't want to watch a show that is guaranteed to have a disappointing ending.

  29. Its the definition of peer pressure lmao. You see a lot of your peers talking about how good something is and you feel compelled to try it.

  30. Never watch a show until it's completed. They never stay good all the way or they get cancel in the middle. A bad season is fine when the end is great enough to save the show.

  31. This is such a dumb stance to take. Checking out a show that people are saying is good does not equate to falling for “any kind of pressure”.

  32. They got me the first time around…the. They drug it Out for 2 years…now they come back with house of dogs or whatever. Naw bruv you got the the first time. Not today Satan.

  33. I wouldn't be too impressed, just another thing I was going to do but just never got around to it.

  34. I read some of the books but didn't enjoy them much (I more or less lost interest after the red wedding, at that point most of the characters I liked were dead or lost some likability, also the show just was at the part where Jon Snow dies).

  35. Wait till they hear. There are people who have never seen a single Starwars movie/show. Not a single clip or moment.

  36. I am the guy who didn't watch Game of thrones, breaking bad & stranger things. I like to read books instead, these shows doesn't excites me enought to watch it.

  37. ThAts me a Mario! Never seen Lost, GOT, madmen, and whatever else people are talking about. I f anyone person mentions a show I can promise I’ll stay away. Give me some classic Dr. Who with Tom Baker and I’m good!

  38. Or probably people who think they’re being “different” by not watching a show purely because other people are

  39. Idk we shouldn’t really be celebrating people who do the very simple thing of doing what they want and not just following the mainstream. It’s not difficult.

  40. I honestly never had time to start a large series such as Game of Thrones so when summer started I made the decision to watch all of Clone Wars.

  41. I'd fit that if I didn't also dive into other "popular" things. Not on GoT level, but I got into Jojo's Bizarre Adventure right around it's revived popularity spike with the part 4 anime.

  42. Not a single person I know who didn't watch game of thrones when it happened has asked me to rewatch it with them, or considers it.

  43. Because it has about 4 seasons of some of the best tv ever put out. But the way it ended left a poor taste in everyone’s mouth which makes it difficult to rewatch knowing how it ends

  44. And people who take others not being interested in something they’re interested in as a personal attack.

  45. Trust me, it wasn't anything special. I just wanted to wait and see. I hoped the books would be finished first, so I could enjoy the show more later on. Obviously the show finished before the books, but by that time everybody hated it, so I didn't bother watching it.

  46. Never saw that or house of dragons. When I heard people years ago talking how it's super interesting and then talk about how it had to a lot of nudity and sex scenes I figured it was just porn with more of a plot and ignored it lol they cashed out big time though, wish I created it

  47. Yeah I've never seen the show and don't plan to ever see it. The same goes for watching The Sopranos as well.

  48. Once a show makes you romanticize incest and run around screaming "hodor" or whatever it gets pretty easy to shut out. What an annoying fandom

  49. Just rather not watch ass holes, killing siblings and fucking under age cousins. If this show was set in current times it would be canceled so quick hahaha

  50. I watched it until there was a gap (a year Or two) between seasons. My interest completely waned during that period. No show gets that much of my attention.

  51. It doesn't require any more attention when they do that. Just a bigger pause between times attention is given. Doesn't seem like a good reason to me when production delays are a thing of the entertainment industry. I'd be dropping about 25 different book series if I quit reading because of release delays. Seems like a poor reason. Having said that idc if you watched game of thrones. Just weird logic to me.

  52. I keep seeing this exact twitter post from different accounts. Twitter and LinkedIn users really just copy and pasting the same shit over and over

  53. I saw part of one episode because I was at a friend's house and he insisted on watching the newest episode. I forget why we stopped Didn't think it was bad but also just didn't feel like watching the entire show

  54. I didn’t watch it until just before the penultimate series was on and someone nagged me so much and then left the dvds on my desk

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