1. Reminds me of my ex-wife. She would get mad if she heard about me having a female co-worker, she would demand I never interact with her. But then I came home early one night, to find her having sex with two teenage boys. Somehow her gang banging two teenage boys was my fault because I had to work with a female co-worker one day.

  2. Or maybe suck her father's dick in front of John Mayer? I'm not sure, but someone definitely needs to suck someone's dick in order to restore balance to this relationship.

  3. Last ex was jealous if I talked to any of my coworkers male and female, both my managers (even the old one), my friends, her sister, and her sister’s boyfriend. She was so freaking nuts idk what her deal was. I asked her why she was so jealous all the time and she just said “I don’t know you just look like the type”. She even admitted to looking through my phone before and didn’t find anything. But that didn’t stop her from thinking I was cheating so.

  4. Red flag bruv. I dated a girl once who would get angry if i even struck up a convo with other girls at parties but damn its okay for her to go on solo trips with her "guy" friends now and then cuz it's her "personal time"

  5. Fuuuuck that. I can respect if the freedom goes both ways , but someone whos scared by others having the same freedom they expect, no one's got time for that.

  6. I know this pain. I always got the “i dont like you hanging out with her” but i could of gave less of a shit when she hung out with her “omg hes like my best friend” 5 guys friends

  7. If you were on a date and your girl referred to a random dude/stranger as an alpha male in her attempt to describe him - what’s she really saying? How did she pick that up just by us walking past him? And should I be ok with it? Asking for a friend

  8. Hahaha, been there done that. Went on a family holiday and there was an argument about me going to the beach because "there are women in bikinis". When she dried her hair once it went all fuzzy and I laughed and said she looked like a witch... Fucking cried from 8pm to 8am because back in kindergarten other kids called her a witch... A 22 year old

  9. Ex got mad I had a girl best friend. She never stopped getting mad. I ended up breaking up with her, and because she kept pushing me away, she ended up pushing me all the way to a relationship with my best friend. My current girlfriend and best friend has been the best relationship ever, going on a year and a half now

  10. I had an ex boyfriend like this…always going on about how much he’d love to have sex with anime ppl or actors and sending me nude pics of ppl he thought were hot complaining about how I’m not as hot as them.

  11. That is nasty. Best way would have been to ditch him... somewhere where nobody finds him until it's too late to identify the remains of his body.

  12. If you keep an eye on the exit you are already half way out and creating a relationship dynamic that just sucks. Get out or stay but half assing it is gonna be torture for both.

  13. I don't know how to ask this in a way that doesn't sound condescending, but know that it's not meant this way.

  14. Yeah my former best friends gf is just like that; fine for her list actors and rugby players to bang but crazy is he ever said some other women looks nice.

  15. Aye my ex was like this but worse, she required 100% of my attention all the time. Even me hanging with friends would drive her nuts, but she never held herself to any of the same standards. It’s a huuuge red flag and I’m sad I didn’t see it sooner lol

  16. My partner at the time said dead pan in front of my face that if she were presented with Lenny Kravitz that she would cheat on me without a seconds hesitation. She got kicked out along with her belongings without hesitation. Good riddance you toxic garbage.

  17. I never understood the appeal of Lenny Kravitz. He's a good-looking musician, sure, but the guy has never made anything original. But people lose their shit over him. He might not even be the best Kravitz

  18. Always good to see someone with self respect and a backbone. Some of these guys be pissing me off. “But I love her”. Weak ass dudes

  19. My ex didn't want me to go to Wal-Mart alone because I might meet a girl and cheat...or go to visit my little brother because I might meet some ra dom girl and cheat...or go to work because I might meet a girl and cheat...or go to (insert anywhere) and cheat. It was so bad that she accused me of trying to fuck my stepsister because I "made WAY too much eye contact!".

  20. I’m reading so many people with my experience it’s somewhat wholesome lol. I’m glad for you dude. Had a girl just like that. I hope to be in your shoes one day 🤘

  21. My ex used to drool over and comment channing tatum this, channing tatum that, but the second i admit an actress was cute, i get hit with the passive agressive “good luck with that” and the cold shoulder.

  22. If she told you that she don’t respect you. And the audacity of her to get mad at you just for calling someone cute. She’s clearly one of those my shit don’t stink yours do type of people.

  23. My ex was like this. I distinctly remember when we were watching the last olympics, she enthusiastically exclaimed how she wanted to bang one of the swimmers, which left me feeling pretty uncomfortable. At a later point, I liked a girls selfie on Twitter and she saw, and started asking questions and getting sulky with me.

  24. I mean social media is a lot more personal than people you see on tv. That's why when our partners ask us who we find attractive we say a celebrity, not "your best friend Jasmine" - because although both may be true, one could happen and the other is basically impossible, and our partners will be far more threatened by the one that could happen

  25. She telling you that you ain't it. Put yourself there and tell her you'd fuck another girl--protect ya neck

  26. Yea if my partner got her opportunity to fuck her celebrity crush, then sweet good for you but that’s not my partner anymore, I want no part in a relationship where the other person is constantly pining after people that aren’t me lol

  27. All these comments on reddit telling the guy what to do not realizing its a tweet and OP is very likely not the guy that tweeted it lmao

  28. The comments here saying "women". Nope, it's that these bitches passive aggression is now condoned in relationships. Respect works both ways. There are keepers out there who give respect and are loved and respected in return. Find one. Never settle just because she has a coochie, that'll get boring way too soon, then you'll be left with a bitch.

  29. Men go to stripclub and they are lowlife pervs, women go to the Chippendales and it is just another night out…

  30. This has literally been a thing with every woman I've been in a relationship with and they always try to argue it's not the same..... You're right it's not the same, you talked about putting another man's penis in your mouth, I said someone was attractive.

  31. People always are extra paranoid about the stuff they themselves are actually doing. Just look at politics to see this writ large with conservatives always worried about pedophiles and vote rigging and liberals always worried about racism, sexism, and using law enforcement for politics. They are both overly worried about the things they themselves are repeatedly engaging in.

  32. I had a discussion with my wife about this. She said her coworker watched the Witcher for Henry cavil (don’t blame her I would too) but she was like I wonder why they don’t put his schlong I mean I would like to see it. Flashback a Few years before during a movie this girl got her pants ripped and only had her panties or something and I just did a face cause the actress was cute and had a nice bum not gonna lie. She walked away and got mad at me and didn’t watch the end of the movie….double standards am I right?

  33. Run from this one dude oversharing is not attractive, jealousy is not attractive, hypocrisy is not attractive. Hell she must be supermodel to have so many unattractive traits and you still around. Looks fade but shitty attitudes multiply with time. Again run!

  34. Hahaha dated a girl who said if she ever met David Bowie she'd totally sleep with him, actively would try to. Then badgered me to know who I'd sleep with no matter what. Resisted becuase you know, 'it's a trap!'. Finally said a name, never again was this woman allowed to be mentioned, no movies watched and any other woman with a similar look garnered, 'you'd fuck her too wouldn't you?' Yo, some girls are just crazy as shit and need to be kicked to the curb.

  35. i’m at the age when people overreact over things like that I immediately assume that they’re projecting their own guilt about similar behaviour they are guilty of

  36. Me and my bf check out guys together and talk about how hot they are. Why be so jealous? The only reason is because she is probably cheating and has a guilty conscience.

  37. I'm going to tell you something my super feminist friend Trisha told me at one point in my life...... Bitches be crazy, yo....😂

  38. It is like Tarantino Movies being not FSK18 but FSK16 in Germany: the brutality is so over the top, nobody will take it serious.

  39. That’s the type of bitch to cheat on you and then accuse you of cheating the whole time. Run far away from her!

  40. Bro don’t feel bad about downvotes. Society is fucked up and many MEN will defend the girl because they are feminized from society. It’s white knight syndrome. The woman can do no wrong and the man should be shamed for calling a spade a spade.

  41. Then why be together at all? You should be with someone you do think is the best and who thinks that of you as well.

  42. How about you DON'T just break up with her in a heartbeat and talk with her about it so you can work on it together and speak about your feelings and what's on your mind??

  43. I tried that with my ex, she told me to work on the relationship myself when there were problems about double standards that would take away benefits from her

  44. Not worth it for a girlfriend. Maybe if you were married with kids. I'm not going to try and "reform" or change a girlfriend. She's jealous and saying stuff like that? How desperate would you need to be to put up with that from a girlfriend?

  45. I don’t know why women think it’s okay to just tell the person they’re with their personal thoughts on another man/women pertaining to sex and etc, some women are honestly just like that though even my girl occasionally asks me which girls I’d be attracted to out of multiple women, I usually don’t answer at all because I don’t see why it matters, curiosity killed the cat and the relationship

  46. Chill fam there’s plenty of toxicity in humanity. No need to generalize every woman based off a tweet that we don’t even know is true or not.

  47. Men have it harder than women. Yes women have allllll the women issues. Menstruation. Pregnancy... blah blah blah... but men still have to put up with women. This is a perfect example.

  48. Being a woman is awesome if you’re attractive and in your 20’s/30’s. An ugly man has it much, much harder than an attractive woman. I would never want to be a man because my partner gets cum everywhere and having to deal with my body needing to shoot goo at least once a day would be so disgusting. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

  49. You have full autonomy of your body do you not? Great for you because women no longer have that my guy. Perfect example you need to hug your mom for dealing with your dumbass.

  50. What the fuck is wrong with her dad?! That’s a sick fetish wanting to watch your daughter do that. Lucky for him she’d do that, because she loves him so much, but what the fuck!

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