1. Yeah literally… I don’t eat ass. So, I don’t want others double dipping cause god knows what they’ve been up to

  2. Yes. Licking a consenting partners asshole is perfectly acceptable. Double dipping a chip in a room of non-consenting people is gross.

  3. I've been known to lick some butthole every now and again and I dont like when people whose buttholes I don't lick double dip.

  4. I don't know, the most germaphobic people I know share this exact kink. An openly sexual but germaphobic guy I used to hang out with because we shared mutual friends once refused to let me drink some of his water when I was dehydrated because "germs" and I was finally like "you won't let me drink your water but what if I was offering to let you lick my asshole?" And his response was just "fair" and handing me the water bottle. In hindsight i should've been more concerned about where HIS mouth had been, but I was desperately thirsty. He won't shake hands with anyone without using hand sanitizer immediately after but in the college class we were both in he once leaned over to me and whispered "this is gonna make you really uncomfortable but I'm gonna show you anyway" and then he pulled a reusable studded condom out of his backpack. I've separated myself from him for obvious reasons but he's not the only individual I know that's like this, just the best example I have of someone who is both types of people.

  5. “My neighbor has sex with her husband all the time, but when I show up at her house naked and say I want to have sex with her, she tells me to go away? What a double standard”

  6. See, and this is why we don't assume things. We talk about it first. You clearly wouldn't lick my asshole. I really don't want to share saliva cheese dip with you.

  7. Thats why people dont want you to double dip... we dont know where your mouth has been! This post is such a contradiction... who makes up this stupid crap? LoL

  8. Yes. Licking a consenting partners asshole is perfectly acceptable. Double dipping a chip in a room of non-consenting people is gross.

  9. I agreed to eat someone's ass. I didn't agree to taste whoever's ass you've been eating on my goddamn ruffles

  10. It really depends upon the asshole, and how horny is the person doing the licking… there’s a lot one will do when one is aroused, than when one is casually snacking in public.

  11. Yeah...because we don’t want the person who just licked an asshole to dip something that was just in their mouth.

  12. people (normal people at least) clean their fucking arse before having it licked. I doubt you clean your mouth nearly as thoroughly before double dipping.

  13. That’s the reason they don’t want mfs double dipping, they know where they’re mouth has been, where was yours? Lol

  14. Listen- I don’t like double dipping even if it is just me alone. However I saw my grandfather do it once and when I called him on it he explained that the part of the French fry that would have his spit on when dipped in the ketchup would be engulfed/enveloped by the “new” “untainted” ketchup and return to his mouth and that the unexposed ketchup would act as a shield 🛡. I could not refute that- but I still don’t like it.

  15. Who wants to be around a double-dipper when we know everyone is eating ass? That’s like dipping an asshole into the dip.

  16. I think the fact that people know that people lick assholes is probably the reason nobody wants to swap saliva in the dip. It's like a chicken and egg deal.

  17. I lick one person's asshole all the time. I will share dip with her when she double dips. I will not share dip with Ted from two doors over at the 4th of July bbq because I don't know how many assholes he licks. I'm discerning.

  18. Yeah because I don't want to dip my chip into the same dip as a double dipper who likes dipping their tongue into assholes.

  19. I did this accidentally at a restaurant the other day and I was mortified. I was eating with people I had just met and I literally had it halfway up to my mouth before I thought ‘damn, I can’t believe I’m eating ass at a TGI Fridays again’

  20. Ok, I look at it this way. There is one person in the world whose ass I would lick, he is welcome to double dip chips with me at any time. Other people, not so much.

  21. It's fine to double dip if the person double dipping is actually someone who's asshole you would lick

  22. I wash my ass or my partners ass before eating but who tf knows what these creeps did with their fingers before touching the chips

  23. People would be surprised by all the germs they encounter on a daily basis. Literally going into a public restroom, a person inhales so much piss and fecal matter that they would puke if they knew.

  24. You see the issue is, I’m eating the ass of a hot girl - I am not gonna eat the double dip chip spit stains from some sweaty redditot

  25. You putting your germs in a communal food source is different to you licking someone's arsehole, especially if you've just been eating ass

  26. I’m thinking that’s the exact reason we get mad at double dipping. Residual ass leftovers seems like the best selling point against the practice of the double dip.

  27. Cause I CHOOSE to lick someone’s asshole. Like if I‘d lick someone’s asshole, I wouldn’t mind them double dipping. So my gf is allowed to double dip, my homies aren’t

  28. This post is why you NEED TO LEARN about consent. People more often than not CHOOSE the asshole to lick. They don't choose your saliva on the dipping sauce.

  29. Remember myth busters? Pretty sure they did an experiment on this and found there to be more bacteria in an unopened jar of salsa than what’s in your mouth anyway? They had to make a sterile gelatin mix to use in place of the salsa, to be able to isolate the bacterial growth from saliva in the test dishes

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