1. If I had lost a shoe and then went home with a guy and saw it hanging above his bed and filled with plant matter I’m not sure that ”love” accurately describes how it would make me feel

  2. The line below the "cheese" one involves fresh blood so it takes a turn pretty quickly it seems (OP's finger is in the way). These love charms seem harmless at first, but it can get messed up real quick if people get desperate enough (e.g animal abuse or hurting oneself). It gets manipulative too, like, the people who genuinely do this stuff really expect to bypass freewill to make someone "love" them. I wouldn't want to be with a person who treated my consent as optional.

  3. I myself know that after I stole my girlfriends heels and filled them with my rue and then hung them over our bed is definitely what made her love me

  4. If they can eat it, it’s fascinating. If they can’t eat it, it most likely will make them fart, which is also fascinating.

  5. I think the second one down from the cheese one recommends sweating heavily on a piece of paper, burning it and feeding the ashes to the one you want to fall in love with.

  6. Idk lets test this theory. I volunteer to receive all the cheeses. Ill let you know if im fascinated. Just.. make a line 🍴🍽🍴🍽🐍yeasssss

  7. put an arrow in the picture, as well as a blur layer around the rest of the text. I dont think u pointing at the sentence with your finger AND putting an orange box around the relevant passage is gonna clue any1 in on what u want us to see

  8. I mean, not wrong. I can’t think of any capacity in which I wouldn’t be fascinated by someone handing me some cheese.

  9. Really? That's the one you highlight and not the part about filling your fucking shoe with rue and hanging it over your bed to make a woman love you??????

  10. This is hot garbage compared to my spell to rid people of anxiety... Mine actually works to rid of your troubles! :^)

  11. Ima be walking around hand out Kraft singles , with my phone number taped to it , with a note. “ There’s more cheese , if you so please , just dial these 123-456-7890”

  12. Less funny note: I remember seeing something once that this was a translation or printing error. Alternative texts used "entice" instead of "fascinate". This version if funnier but doesn't make as much sense...

  13. At the top of the page it says to fill a woman’s shoe with rue. So I guess you talk to the shoe about how much you regret things that you’ve done?

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