1. I just cannot believe this is not higher, the sheer lack of internet literacy in 2022 is mindblowing. This shit has been around for multiple generations at this point.

  2. Is it possible that the second Florida man was dreaming about the first guy toes being a lizard?

  3. December 15 - Florida man accused of masturbating in Walmart toy section turns himself in. Dude was caught on cam tossing off in front of a kid at Walmart. Yuuck.

  4. … “Florida Man Arrested For Botched Castration On Another Man He Met On Eunuch Fetish Website”…please tell me this isn’t true

  5. On mine he ‘stole an alligator and attempted to throw it on a roof.’ I can see this branching out into ‘the adventures of Florida man and gator.’ There is Netfilx series in there somewhere.

  6. Happy birthday?? I think?? I don't knlw your timezone but its midnight the seventh for me here!

  7. I got “Florida Man In His Underwear Hits Deputy In Face With Bible, Screams “I CONDEMN YOU,” Poops Himself” my birthday is September 29th

  8. "Florida man claiming to be Alice in Wonderland says 'hookah-smoking caterpillar' told him to destroy liquor store with forklift"

  9. ‘Florida man March 23’ -A Florida Man Was Arrested After Telling A Playground Full Of Kids Where Babies Come From

  10. “Florida man steals alligator from golf course and throws it onto a roof” “Florida man ties himself to weather balloon to fake his own death” “Florida man claims that people were eating his brain, leads police on crazy golf course chase”

  11. Dec. 7. Florida man tries to pay for Mcdonalds with bag of weed. I swear I looked it up last year and it gave me a story about a guy who jerked off on an Olaf doll in a target. Can't see it now.

  12. "George Jolicur, a 38-year-old, 600-pound Florida man arrested for scamming restaurants out of food but then deemed too fat for imprisonment."

  13. A naked Florida man covered in Vaseline was caught running through a mall in the Southern Florida area this afternoon. The Florida man was screaming profanities and how Elizabeth Warren was going to tax him to death. The man proceeded to take a dump in a cash register before passing out in a store that sells mattresses.

  14. “A naked Florida man in a public parking lot kicked trash cans and jumped on and punched cars while screaming ‘I only had one beer!’”

  15. No expertise here but it seems to me that the guy with drugs up his butt smuggling them into a jail is unlikely to be the owner of said drugs.

  16. Wonder if he knew my “Florida Man Causes Thousands of Dollars Worth of Property Damage Trying to Kill “Demons”.

  17. July 27- A Florida man is facing several charges after authorities said he used COVID-relief funds to buy a Lamborghini and bank millions

  18. A Florida man was arrested and charged with abuse of a corpse after he unknowingly supplied police with home surveillance footage that showed him dragging the lifeless body of a 38-year-old woman through his house. - NYPost

  19. Then type in “Florida man” followed by your social security number and tell me the results. Mine was “Florida man has his identity stolen.”

  20. "Naked Florida Man Performs 'Strange Dance' at McDonald's Before 'Trying to Have Relations With a Railing'" June 12

  21. Florida man accused of handing out marijuana to passersby “because it was Christmas”. Wow, my Florida man seems like a nice guy!

  22. Florida Man who was high on drugs as usual. However, on this day he decided that it would be a great idea to eat another man’s face off. He had gnawed off half of a homeless man’s face before anyone tried to intervene. The police found him and shot him. Florida Man died from the shooting.

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