1. It's my first time seeing it, and the top comment made me chuckle so I'm happy with my experience today.

  2. I do that all the time and usually people will try to actually come in because they've been trained to do that following "come in" and it takes a second and then they giggle.

  3. You're supposed to fart at them in a rat-a-tat-tat sort of way so they know your still building a log cabin, and they'll have to wait until the roof goes up.

  4. I said occupado when I had this situation in Spain as a tourist and then heard three girls laughing about me :( I still don’t know what I did wrong

  5. I was dropping the duece at work one time and I guess I didnt latch the door all the way and in comes this coworker and before I have time to react he opens the stall door. His eyes went wide and his face went white, he screamed, I screamed, we all screamed. And it was fucking hilarious. I know double triple check my doors

  6. I've seen this like three times this month, which is three more times than anyone has ever knocked on the stall when I'm using it.

  7. Not just that but what do you do when someone sings the happy birthday song to you? Because I just thought of this now. I should post this since it’s probably never been posted before.

  8. Literally just say someone’s in here with a somewhat authoritative tone to indicate you mean business but add in a mild grunt as if to say you’re struggling in there simultaneously.

  9. Then you get the morons who will try and try to open the locked door. If it didn’t open the very first time then there’s a very very high chance that it’s occupied. And yet they will stand there dumbfounded like “why is this stall not opening??” That’s much worse than a knock

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