Finger, Meet Hatchet

  1. I did something similar while cutting a zucchini. Although it’s not nearly as bad as yours, I feel you pain. If I could give any advice, it’d be to go get a finger splint so when you stub the tip (or lack there of), it won’t be excruciating for you!!

  2. I lost then had to regrow the tip of my middle finger. I feel your pain, friend. You going for a thenar flap surgery?

  3. It really wasn't BEFORE the recent surgery to remove the necrotic tip that had died a week ago when it initially got cut... This is fun colors because of revisionary surgery to correct the botched initial "fix".

  4. Not quite. They tried to reattach the tip and it necrotized and got infected. So they did a revisionary surgery to take off the dead skin, clean it, and then make a new flap to cover it from the pad of my finger.

  5. I did something like that with a meat slicer. The only issue is that cutting that fingernail now feels really weird in that messed-up-nerve way, and I've got a tiny numb spot just where I hold a needle to handsew. (So now I sew holding the needle between my thumb and second finger.)

  6. good news is that will all grow back. did something similar to my thumb years ago with a bayonet. 5 years and even by feel i can barely tell which thumb i cut

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