I asked my mom who knows nothing about medicine to rank some specialties based on how much she liked them... these are the results (Don't take this ranking too seriously lol)

  1. What is that? Leukemia docs? I think "hema" means blood and I know an oncologist (not an ER docs, whose an on-call-ologist - yay, I suck at humor) is a cancer doc.

  2. I know right? I asked her why she put it in there and she claims that her family doctor already treats HER infectious diseases so she's not sure what the need is. Little does she know how far things can go... 😂

  3. Derm and plastics, look over with their glorious skin to the vitamin d deficient, caffeine fueled, burnt out masterpiece of em. (cracks another diet coke) 'Welcome to triage'.

  4. I'm guessing her ranking on plastics was based on the cosmetic surgery stereotypes. I don't know why she's got beef with dermatology though 😂

  5. Feel like all my non-medical friends and family that I’ve told about Derm and plastics being the most competitive have been shocked. Lifestyle + money doesn’t always equal positive public perception lol

  6. I clarified it elsewhere why she put infectious diseases there but basically she's clueless as to what they do differently from internal/family medicine doctors.

  7. I'm guessing it has to do with the wait times? We're Belgian and thus, we love to shit talk out own country. Sadly this has unconsciously given the ER a bad wrap for a lot of people. One of her favorite stories to bring up is how we waited 7 hours in the waiting room for my broken wrist. I don't even remember that day 🤣

  8. Tbh, it took me reading the comments to realize what it was. In my country we call it ORL (otorhinolaryngology) which confuses many people until you explain that it means the eye, nose and throat doctor.

  9. The name of the specialty is actually confusing. I’ve had other doctors not know I am a surgeon lmao. The “official” name in the US is “otolaryngology head and neck surgery” but who wants to say all that.

  10. It’s interesting, dermatologists get shit on a lot by other doctors for being only about skin and don’t really know much of else after a while. It’s something I noticed from other Ortho attending’s

  11. Hell yeah I beat dermatologist and plastics. Clearly your mom doesn't know anything about competitiveness or reimbursements.

  12. What is forensic medicine? I rotated with forensic pathologists in med schooling helping with autopsies at the county morgue. Is the same thing or something different?

  13. Interesting, I've also noticed that family and friends outside of the medical field think that: derm and radio get scoffed at/ get called a waste of med school when they're objectively two of THE most sought after specialties, while anything with a "surgeon" attached to it is immediately respected even though most surgical specialties are the last ones to be chosen

  14. Lol literally my mom surprised every time I say that derm and plastic surgeons are tops of their classes and she thinks it’s complete BS 😂😂

  15. I was going to say this lol. I’m a pathology resident on my microbiology rotation and the ID fellow rotating in the lab was like “why are you even here”. Brah we need to know everything and we are everywhere lol.

  16. Allergy is the money maker and way forward.. seen the salary of few Allergy Consultants and it’s Bonkers!!!

  17. How does she know what a pathologist does but she doesn’t know what a pulmonologist is? Where did she obtain this knowledge? Is she a fish?

  18. I get her not knowing endocrinology or hematology, but infectious diseases is pretty self explanatory. She had already given up at that point. Try harder, mom!

  19. As an ENT, not surprised. I’ve had ED doctors ask if they need to call general surgery after i tell them the patient they consulted me on needs surgery. 😂😂😂

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