Help with MRI result. Looking for info on the cause/pathology of the “hypertrophic changes”.

  1. If not yet done, consider a rheumatology consultation to see if any inflammatory or genetic issues may be involved and what treatments may be beneficial (steroids, anti-TNF’s, colchicine, etc.)

  2. 30F. BMI ~38. No other comorbidities. I’ve had two previous laminectomy/discectomy surgeries, both a little over a decade ago. This is something I’ve been dealing with as long as I can remember. The first MRI and diagnosis of DDD came at age 14.

  3. Hypertrophic changes are generally related to “wear and tear.” Basically, they’re a result of arthritis and/or inflammation. You can’t undo the changes but they can be prevented from worsening through lifestyle changes, primarily by increasing core strength and weight loss. The lumbar spine is particularly susceptible to osteoarthritis because it carries all of the weight of your upper body while being the main point at which you bend over.

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