Welp been coughing up phlegm like this for a few weeks now after a chest cold. How bad is it still. Coming from lungs.

  1. I have been experiencing similar problems however I also have been dealing with weird teeny white things coming out of scabs in scalp with no clue how or what caused the scabs.

  2. I was diagnosed with ABPA (aspergillosis) after coughing stuff up that looked a lot like this following covid infection in early 2020.

  3. Do you work in a job with a lot of dust/sand? Because that's what that looks like to me. Any shortness of breath with or without exertion (being unable to complete a sentence for example), chest pain, or fevers? Any sinus pressure, nasal congestion, muffled hearing, ear pain, jaw pain, headaches?

  4. I work in a mildly dusty factory. However I do not have much shortness of breath or fever, and occasional chest pain. Sinuses felt clogged a week ago but not so badly now.

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